venerdì 29 luglio 2016

Panini Fifa 365 2015/2016 - Hardcover Album

Following the loss of the Champions League rights, Panini decided to launch a superb collection with the name FIFA 365 that includes 26 of the most famous football clubs around the world.
These are the 26 clubs included:

Egypt: AL AHLY
Nederland: AJAX
Portugal: PORTO
Russia: ZENIT

The collection has been released around the world with the same 26 standard clubs, but some countries have extra teams. The list of all extra teams that can be found in the respective countries is the following: 

Bulgaria - Levski Sofia
Chile - Universidad de Chile
Costa Rica - Alajuelense and Saprissa
Czech Republic Victoria Plzen
Slovakia - Slovan Bratislava
France - Olympique Lyonnais
Germany/Austria - Schalke 04
Greece - Panathinaikos
Italy - Internazionale, Lazio and Roma
Romania - Steaua Bucarest
Russia - Cska Moskva and Spartak Moskva
Serbia - FK Partizan
Slovenia - NK Maribor
Spain/Portugal - Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Sporting
Switzerland - Basel
Turkey - Fenerbahce

Stickers of this collection are big size and many stickers are double numbered as they are composed by two half stickers (including the ones of player portraits). Therefore the album is numbered from 1 to 856, but it actually includes 472 big size stickers. 
The albums begins with some sections about the FIFA competitions, including the Club World Cup 2014, the Under 20 World Cup New Zealand 2015, and the Women's World Cup Canada 2015

Then the football clubs are presented in alphabetical order of the countries, starting with Argentina until Uruguay. The first club is then Boca Jrs from Buenos Aires. Each club is displaced over two pages with 16 stickers: the club badge (gold sticker), the team photo (two stickers), six mini stickers of players in action (total of two stickers), the star player (gold sticker), and 20 player portraits (total of 10 stickers)

The album closes with the FIFA World Ranking and six stickers of the top 10: Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, and England.

 the back cover of the album

A special hardcover edition of the album was released in Brazil

Album details
Full name: FIFA 365
Publisher: Panini
Season: 2015/2016
Hardcover: Yes (Brazil)
Number of teams: 26 (Standard edition)
Stickers per team: 16
Special sections: 
-The Golden World of Football (10 stickers)
-FIFA Club World Cup (14 stickers)
-FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015 (14 stickers)
-FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 (12 stickers)
-FIFA World Ranking (6 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 472

venerdì 22 luglio 2016

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Sealed packets

giovedì 21 luglio 2016

Panini Voetbal 79

Voetbal 79 is the second album of the Dutch League from Panini. The collection includes stickers of players of both the Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie. The album opens with the table of contents and the calendar of the season. Then the Eredivisie teams are shown in alphabetical order. Each team displaced over two pages includes 18 stickers: the club badge, the coach, the team photo (composed by four stickers), and 12 players.

The section of the Eerste Divisie starts with the team photo of the 19 participating teams (half sticker per team photo). Then the teams are displaced each on half page with the club badge (half sticker), coach and players (every player is 1/4 of a sticker, there are thus four players on one sticker). The album does not include other sections, like Dutch players abroad, as in the previous or in following albums.

The back cover of Panini Voetbal 79

 Club badges of Panini Voetbal 79

Tahamata (Ajax) and Hiddink (NEC)

Album details
Full name: Voetbal 79
Publisher: Panini
League: Dutch Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie
Season: 1978-1979
Number of teams: 18 (Eredivisie) and 19 (Eerste Divisie)
Stickers per team: 18 for Eredivisie and 4 for Eerste Divisie
Other sections: No

Total number of stickers: 400

lunedì 18 luglio 2016

Panini Foot 2007

Panini Foot 2007 is the official collection of the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. The album includes all the teams of the two leagues and some special sections. It opens with a foreword and two stickers of Raymond Domenech, coach of the French National team. Then a look back on the previous season is given with four stickers: L1 winner (Lyon), best scorer (Pauleta), French Cup winner (PSG), and League Cup winner (Nancy). Then there is a section with the 20 best players of the previous 10 years. There are two stickers per year from the season 1996/1997 to 2005/2006.
After these introductory sections and the calendar of the season, it is time to show the Ligue 1 teams. Each team is displaced over three pages with a total of 22 stickers: the club badge (shining sticker), the team photo (two stickers), the coach, and 17 players. 

Along the section with L1 teams, there are three non-consecutive pages with quizzes. Each of these pages includes four games and relative stickers.

The album continues with the Ligue 2 teams. Each page includes two teams and there are three stickers per team: club badge (shining sticker) and team photo (two stickers).

The last part of the album focuses on the World Cup 2006, where the French team reached the final. There are in total 22 stickers on four pages with actions of the French games during the World cup, from the first match against Switzerland to the final against Italy.
The last section is dedicated to the just retired French legend Zinedine Zidane. Ten stickers over two pages go through his history with the National team.  

Three young players that recently played the Euro Cup 2016 with France: Hugo Lloris (Nice), Blaise Matuidi (Troyes), Dimitri Payet (Nantes)

Three emerging football stars: Yaya Touré (Monaco), Karim Benzema (Lyon), Franck Ribéry (Marseille)

There is  also an update set of this collection, but no place on the album to stick these stickers (unless replacing existing players). 

Extra update set Foot 2007 (source Ebay)

Album details
Full name: Foot 2007
Publisher: Panini
League: French L1 and L2
Season: 2006/2007
Number of teams: 20 of L1 and 20 of L2
Stickers per team: 22 for L1 and 3 for L2
Special sections:
             -Foreword Domenech (2 stickers)
             -Retrospective on season 2006 (4 stickers)
             -Best 20 players of last 10 years (20 stickers)
             -Games (12 stickers)
             -World Cup 2006 French games (22 stickers)
             -Zinedine Zidane, history of a legend (10 stickers)
Extra stickers: update set Foot 2007

Total number of sticker: 570 (+ extra update)