venerdì 30 settembre 2016

Panini Voetbal 85

Voetbal 85 is the official collection of the Dutch football that includes all the 18 teams of Eredivisie and 18 teams of Eerste Divisie. The album opens with the table of contents and the calendar of the season. Then the Eredivisie teams are shown in alphabetical order. Each team is displaced over two pages and includes 19 stickers: the metallic club badge, the team photo (2 stickers), the coach, and 15 players.

Eerste Divisie teams have 5 stickers each on half page: the metallic club badge, the team photo and three stickers on which four players appear for a total of 11 players and a coach included.

At the end of the album there is a section about the European competitions. Here we find four stickers of teams participating to the UEFA Cup: Hamburger, Inter, Real Madrid, and Tottenham.

the back cover of Voetbal 85

Rijkaard-Gullit-Van Basten magic trio 

Club badges of Voetbal 85

Album details
Full name: Voetbal 85
Publisher: Panini
League: Dutch Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie
Season: 1984/1985
Number of teams: 18 of Eredivisie and 18 Eerste Divisie
Stickers per team: 19 for Eredivisie and 5 for Eerste Divisie
Special sections: UEFA Cup (4 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 436

venerdì 23 settembre 2016

Panini Brasileiro 2005

Panini Brasileiro 2005 includes all the Brazilian clubs of Serie A and Serie B shown in alphabetical order. There are no extra sections in the album. First Serie A teams are shown, each displayed on two pages with a total of 17 stickers: the club logo (metallic sticker), the mascot (transparent sticker), 12 stickers with single player and 3 stickers with two players on each sticker. There are thus 18 players per club included. 

In Serie B there are 22 teams. Each team on one page with 8 stickers: the metallic club badge, the transparent mascot (or flag for teams without a mascot) and six stickers to compose a team photo. The stickers of the team photo are very irregular and therefore it is challenging to compose a precise picture. 

Two great strikers before coming to Europe: Carlitos Tevez and Fred

Two young prospects of 2005: Fernandinho (now at Manchester City) and Miranda (Atletico Madrid and Internazionale)

Mascots of Panini Brasileiro 2005

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2005
Publisher: Panini
Season: 2005
League: Brazilian Serie A and Serie B
Number of teams: 22 of Serie A and 22 of Serie B
Stickers per team: 17 for Serie A and 8 for Serie B
Special sections: No

Total number of stickers: 550

giovedì 15 settembre 2016

Panini Fussball Bundesliga 2015-2016 (Austria)

The official sticker collection of the Austrian Bundesliga for the season 2015-2016 includes all the teams of both the Bundesliga and the Erste Liga. The new feature of this collection is that each player sticker is composed by two separate parts, the player profile and the player details. The same type of stickers was first used by Panini in the Champions league album 2015 and then for the albums Campeonato Chileno 2015 and Ekstraklasa 2015. In those cases the mini stickers with the player details were to be glued on a big poster included with the album. In this Bundesliga 2016 collection, the mini-sticker must be glued on four pages in the center of the album.
The collection starts with the table of contents on the left and the introductory page of the Bundesliga on the right. In this page there are the first 5 stickers: the trophy (Meister), the Bundesliga logo, the winners of the Meister 2015 (RB Salzburg), the winners of the cup 2015 (RB Salzburg), and the best player 2015 (Jonatan Soriano).
Then the 10 Bundesliga teams are shown following the order of classification of the previous season, starting from Red Bull Salzburg until the newly promoted Mattersburg. For each team there are four pages. The first two pages include the club badge (metallic sticker) and the starting eleven displaced on the page according to the team tactics (11 player stickers). The third page includes 8 stickers of reserve players and the fourth page the stadium (2 stickers), the sticker of the coach and the team photo composed by four stickers. There thus are in total 27 stickers per team.

In the middle of the Bundesliga section there are four pages to glue the mini stickers of the players.

The Erste Liga section starts with an introduction of 4 stickers: Erste Liga Meister 2015 (Mattersburg), Erste Liga Trophy, Best player 2015 (Markus Pink), and the logo of the Erste Liga.
Each of the 10 teams is displaced on one page with a total of 6 stickers: the club badge (metallic sticker), the captain, and the team photo (composed by 4 stickers). 

Club badges of Bundesliga 2016: Admira Wacker and Austria Klagenfurt

Club stadiums (each composed by two stickers) are a nice feature of Bundesliga 2016

Two young prospects of Red Bull Salzburg: Valentino Lazaro (25 appearances and 4 goals in the season 2015/2016) and Naby Keita (29 app., 12 goals)

Young players included (born 1995 or younger)
Naby Keita, Valentino Lazaro, and Takumi Minamino (1995, 1996, and 1995, Red Bull Salzburg), Donis Avdijaj and Andreas Gruber (1996 and 1995, Sturm Graz), Osman Hadzikic (1996, Austria Wien), Alexander Schlager, Lucas Venuto, Martin Rasner, and Bernd Gschweidl (1996, 1995, 1995, and 1995, Grodig), Philipp Malicsek and Markus Blutsch (1997 and 1995, Admira Wacker), Sven Sprangler (1995, Mattersburg)

Album details
Full name:
Publisher: Panini
Release: September 2015
League: Austrian Bundesliga and Erste Liga
Season: 2015/2016
Number of teams: 10 of Bundesliga and 10 of Erste Liga
Stickers per team: 27 for Bundesliga and 6 for Erste Liga
Special sections:
     -Introduction Bundesliga (5 stickers)
     -Introduction Erste Liga (4 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 339