martedì 26 febbraio 2019

AH Eredivisie 2019

A sticker collection of the Dutch Eredivisie has been released again in January 2019 after three years of absence. The last album was produced by the supermarket Plus in 2015/2016. This year its competitor Albert Heijn released the collection with a comeback after three albums published between 2009 and 2011.

The result is a successful album including all the 18 clubs of the Eredivisie with a special section dedicated to the Dutch Women National Team. The particular horizontal layout is inspired by the last Albert Heijn collection released in 2011. Graphics of stickers and team pages are excellent. The album include facts, quotes, photos of stadiums and home/away kits of each club. A dedicated app allows for accessing special contents of the Eredivisie teams.

Clubs are shown in alphabetical order, with 15 stickers each displaced over four pages: club badge (shiny sticker), team photo (two stickers), the coach and 11 players. Pages of Feyenoord and PSV include two special stickers: the KNVB Cup and the Championship trophy won in the season 2017/2018 by Feyenoord and PSV, respectively.  

The last part of the album goes under the title "Hunt like the Orange lionesses" (Jaag zoals de Oranje leeuwinnen) and it is all about the Dutch Women National Team. These five pages are completed by 20 stickers: the National badge (shiny sticker), the team photo (two stickers), the coach and 16 players.

back cover of the album

club badge stickers have a special shiny effect

Ajax young talents Matthijs de Ligt and Frenkie de Jong

Dutch strikers: the legendary Robin van Persie and the top-scorer Luuk de Jong

Young PSV wings: Hirving Lozano and Steven Bergwijn

The lionesses Lieke Martens and Kika van Es

For several stickers there are facts or quotes printed on the album. Under the KNVB Beker sticker it is written "on April 22 2018, Feyenoord won the 100th edition of the KNVB Cup (3-0 against AZ). This is a special edition because the cup is gold". 
Fran Sol is a Spanish striker who moved in January 2019 from Willem II to Dynamo Kiyv. He declared "I felt like a king after my hat trick in the home game against PSV. We won 5-0"

Album details:
Full name: Het Eredivisie Voetbalplaatjesalbum 2018-2019
Publisher: Albert Heijn
Release: January 2019
League: Dutch Eredivisie
Season: 2018/2019
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 15 (except Feyenoord and PSV with 16)
Other sections:
  • Women National Team "De leeuwinnen" (20 stickers)
Extra stickers/Update: No
Checklist:click here

Total number of stickers: 292

sabato 9 febbraio 2019

Panini Liga Este 2018

The first league album of the season 2017-18, which was released the first days of August 2017, has a major failure on the cover: Neymar on action with Barcelona few days before his transfer to his new club PSG! The early release is the main weakness of this collection. In order to update the collection with new players, Panini released new stickers during the season. These are the Ultimos Fichajes ("Last transfers", the players that moved during the summer market), Cromos Bis (to replace players that left the club at the beginning of the season) and the update set Mercado hivernal, which includes an album and 42 stickers released with 6 sheets during the season inside the magazine Jugon.
The first section of the album regroups all the badges (metallic stickers) and managers of the LaLiga clubs. In this section there are thus 40 stickers over 6 pages.

Clubs are shown in alphabetical order on two pages each. Club details like titles, results in the last seasons and the stadium are printed on the album. There is space for 16 player stickers per club. Some numbers have one space for two stickers (ex. 5A/5B). It is possible to choose one of the two players or stick one sticker partially on top of the other in a way that it is possible to lift the sticker on top and see the one below (like suggested by Panini and shown in a picture below). In addition, the new released stickers (Cromos bis) find place in these pages replacing the players that left the club. Therefore, the number of player stickers in these pages is variable, with more than 16 stickers per club.

The special section with LaLiga Stars is included again this season. Here we find 26 fancy shining stickers of players in action over three pages.

The second league (LaLiga 2) is also included, but again with just a club badge section. In these pages there are 11 stickers of badges (two per sticker).

As usual for this collection the last transfers are included in the section Ultimos Fichajes. Here we find 64 stickers over 8 pages.

Puzzle is the last section, with 7 stickers of players in a cartoon version. Here we find Williams, Griezmann, Piqué, Joaquin, Igo Aspas, Isco, and Parejo.

Update Set (Mercado de invierno)

The update set of Liga Este 2017/18 is composed by a thin album and 42 stickers. Those were released in sheets with the magazine Jugon. Three stickers are dedicated to the new coaches.

Replacing stickers can be placed on the album as below. The sticker on top is partially stuck on the album to allow the sticker below to be seen. I suggest on the right side so that the name of the player below can be seen.

The sticker of Deulofeu replaces Neymar who left for PSG

Stickers of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid stars Bale and Modric

Ultimos Fichajes at Barcelona: Dembélé and Paulinho

Winter transfers: Coutinho and Diego Costa

Album details
Full name: LaLiga Santander 2017-18
Publisher: Este - Panini
Release: August 2017
League: Spanish (LaLiga, LaLiga 2)
Number of clubs: 20 from LaLiga and 22 from LaLiga 2
Stickers per club: variable
Other sections:
  • Escudos/Entrenadores (40 stickers)
  • LaLiga stars (26 stickers)
  • LaLiga 2 (11 stickers)
  • Ultimos Fichajes (64 stickers)
  • LaLiga puzzle (7 stickers)
Update set: Mercado de Invierno (album + 42 stickers)
Extra: Cromos conmemorativos (2 stickers) and Chicles
Checklist: Click here

Total number of stickers: 809