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Panini Calciatori 2009

In the season 2008/09, Inter led by Mourinho dominated the league with 84 points, second place for Juventus and Milan together with 74 points. Ibrahimovic (Inter) was the top scorer of the season with 25 goals, just one more than Milito (Genoa) and Di Vaio (Bologna).

Calciatori 2008-09 is the 48th album of the Panini series about the Italian football started in 1961-62. It is a large collection of more than 800 stickers, including the three professional divisions (Serie A, Serie B, and Lega Pro) and the Women league. In addition, there are some special sections (Top Team Panini, road to South Africa 2010, International players of the Italian league, and the movie of the season) and an update set including six new players for each Serie A club.

The album starts with the Serie A clubs, with no introductory stickers. For each club there 24 base stickers and 6 additional update stickers. These pages include the stickers of the club badge (shiny), the team photo (two stickers) and the coach. 

After the Serie A clubs, there are two pages with the movie of the season (Il film del campionato), which includes 12 stickers issued by an Italian sport newspaper with two sticker packets (one in February and one in June). These stickers celebrate Inter victory and other relevant actions and players of the season (like the best goal of Julio Baptista or the top scorer Ibrahimovic). 

The album continues with the Serie B clubs. Stickers included are the club badge (half metallic sticker), the team photo, and five stickers of players (with four players per sticker).

Panini celebrates the International players of the Italian league with the section "We are the world", which includes 8 stickers of players coming from 5 different continents.

Lega Pro is the league below the Serie B. It is divided in two divisions one above the other. Clubs of first division are divided in two groups (A and B) and they include the team photo (half sticker) and the club badge (1/4 of a metallic sticker), whereas for the three groups of second division only the metallic badge is included (1/4 of a sticker).

The section about the amateur league (Serie D) includes the list of competing team and the metallic stickers of the two logos (1/4 of a sticker each). The Women league shows the 12 competing team with team photo stickers (half sticker each).

Verso il Sudafrica (Road to South Africa) is a two page section about the Italian team that will defend the World Cup title won in 2006 at the 2010 World Cup. Here there are six stickers of action taken during the qualifiers to the World Cup South Africa 2010.

The last section of the album is the Top Team Panini, which puts together the most voted players of the season. Panini distributed for free these 11 stickers and the update set to all collectors that placed an order of missing stickers for this collection.

back cover of the album

Italian legends "Bobo" Vieri (Atalanta) and Francesco Totti (Roma)

Thiago Motta and Diego Milito made an impressive season with Genoa (5th final place for Genoa and 24 goals scored by Diego Milito) and they moved to Inter at the end of the season.

Young Italian players, the rookie El Shaarawi (16 years old) and Marchision (22 years old, Juventus)

The detailed club badge stickers of Calciatori 2009: Inter (1st place) and Milan (2nd place)

The collection includes also stickers of the managers: Mourinho (Inter) and Ancelotti (Milan)

Inter key players from Argentina: Zanetti and Cambiasso

International strikers: Ibrahimovic (25 goals for Inter) and the "matador" Cavani (14 goals for Palermo)

AC Milan football stars Ronaldinho and Beckham

The section with the movie of the season celebrates the top scorer Ibrahimovic and Inter (title winner 2008/2009)

Panini Top Team stickers of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Gigi Buffon

Album details
Full name: Calciatori 2008-09
Publisher: Panini
League: Italian (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Women)
Season: 2008-2009
Release: December 2008
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Serie A: 20 clubs, 24 stickers
  • Serie B: 22 clubs, 6.5 stickers
  • Lega Pro Division One: 36 clubs, 0.75 stickers
  • Lega Pro Division Two: 56 clubs, 0.25 stickers
Other sections:
  • Il Film del Campionato (12 stickers)
  • Serie D (0.5 stickers)
  • Women's Serie A (6 stickers)
  • We are the World (8 stickers)
  • Verso il Sudafrica (6 stickers)
  • Top Team Panini (11 stickers)
Update set: 120 stickers (A1-A120)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 827