lunedì 15 luglio 2019

Panini World Cup - USA 94

The 15th edition of the FIFA World Cup was hosted for the first time in USA. The competition was played at nine venues, with 24 teams divided in six group. Brazil and Italy reached the final, with the Seleçao winning the game at penalties. 
Panini released a sticker collection of 444 stickers (International version), which starts with the usual section of cities and venues. Here we find six stickers of cities and the nine stadium stickers with the program of the competition. The 24 teams are divided following the group order. Each team has 19 stickers (metallic badge, team photo, and 17 players) on two pages, except three teams (Nigeria, Bolivia, and Saudi Arabia) that have only 10 stickers (metallic badge, team photo, and 8 stickers including a total of 16 players).
There are no other sections or updates in this collection. There is, however, a Dutch version of the album with less stickers and the back of the stickers printed in red. 

Group A: USA, Switzerland, Colombia, Romania

Group B: Brazil, Russia, Camerun, Sweden

Group C: Germany, Spain, South Korea, Bolivia

Group D: Nigeria, Argentina, Greece, Bulgaria

Group E: Italy, Ireland, Norway, Mexico

Group F: Belgium, Morocco, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia

Stickers of iconic football players of Colombia and Romania: Valderrama and Hagi

Romario (Brazil) and Roberto Baggio (Italy) were face to face in the big final of USA 94

Football stars of USA '94: Diego Maradona and Pep Guardiola

Bulgaria and Sweden were the surprises of the competition, with the fourth and third final place, respectively. Hristo Stoichov (Bulgaria) scored 6 goals and became top scorer of the competition with Oleg Salenko. Henrik Larsson scored in the third place game when Sweden won 4-0 against Bulgaria

Club badge stickers of the final: Brazil vs. Italy

Album details
Full name: USA '94 - World Cup
Publisher: Panini
Competition: FIFA World Cup
Year: 1994
Version: International
Number of teams: 24
Stickers per team: 19 (except Bolivia, Nigeria and Saudia Arabia with 10 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Cities (6 stickers)
  • Stadiums (9 stickers)

Update: No
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(Dutch version: click here)

Total number of stickers: 444

mercoledì 10 luglio 2019

Panini Voetbal 99

In the season 1998/1999, Feyenoord won the Eredivisie title after six years. They had no rivals and they closed the season with 80 points, leaving Willem II far behind (65 points). PSV was third (61 points), despite the top scorers of the league: Van Nistelrooy (31 goals) and Luc Nilis (24 goals).
The official sticker collection of the Eredivisie 1999 is similar to the previous season (Voetbal 98), with large size stickers and shinies for club badges and players in action. The first page of the album is an introduction with a throwback to the previous season, with shiny stickers of Jari Litmanen (Ajax), Kalou (Feyenoord) and Mols (Utrecht). Clubs are then shown in the classification order of the season 1997/98 starting thus from the title owner Ajax. The first six clubs have a total of 28 stickers displaced on six pages. The first three pages include the team photo (two stickers) and eight shiny stickers: the club badge and seven players in action. In the other three pages there are 18 portrait stickers of players. The clubs with 18 stickers have only one shiny sticker (the club badge), the team photo (two stickers), and 15 players. 

The last part of the album includes two special sections with shiny stickers of players in action. The first one is the Panini's birthday calendar with six stickers and the second is about the 300 top scorers of the century, with three stickers. 

Regular and shiny sticker of Edwin van der Sar (Ajax)

Top scorer of the season: Ruud van Nistelrooy (PSV, 31 goals)

Title winner Feyenoord could count on two great assets: Julio Cruz and Jon Tomasson

Strikers of Eredivisie 1999: Vennegoor of Hesselink (Twente) and Arveladze (NAC)

Shiny club badge stickers of Panini Voetbal 99

Album details
Full name: Voetbal 99
Publisher: Panini
League: Dutch Eredivisie
Season: 1998/1999
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 
  • 28 for Ajax, PSV, Vitesse, Feyenoord, Willem II and Heerenveen
  • 18 for the other clubs
Other sections:
  • Introduction (3 stickers)
  • Panini's birthday calendar (6 stickers)
  • Top 300 goalscorers (3 stickers)
Checklist: Click here

Total number of stickers: 396

martedì 2 luglio 2019

Sealed packets - Brazilian league

Image result for brazilian flag

Panini has been releasing albums of the Brazilian championship for now already 30 years. The first albums from 1990 to 1995 were a sinergy with the publisher Abril and we find on the packets the signature "Editora Abril Panini S/A". Before, Abril alone released the albums Copa Uniao 87, Copa Unio 88 and Campeonato Brasileiro 1989.
The list of sticker collection Abril and Panini since 1987:
  • Abril Copa Uniao 1987 and 1988
  • Abril Campeonato Brasileiro 1989
  • Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro from 1990 to 1995
  • Panini Campeonato Brasileiro from 1996 to 2019

And here below pictures of all the sealed packets 1987-2018 from my collection:

Abril Copa Uniao 87

Abril Copa Uniao 88

Abril Campeonato Brasileiro 1989

Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1990

Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1991

Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1992

Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1993 

Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1994 

Abril/Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1995

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1996

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1997

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1998 

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 1999 

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2000 

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2001 

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2002

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2003

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2004 

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2005 

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2006

Panini Show do Brasileirao 2007

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2008

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2009

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2010

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2011

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2012

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2013

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2014

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2015

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2016 - Fase 1

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2016 - Fase 2

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2016 - Fase 3

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2017

Panini Brasileirao 2018 

Panini Brasileirao 2019