mercoledì 30 ottobre 2013

Panini Football 2001 Maroc (Morocco)

We present here an album published in Morocco by Panini. It includes the local Moroccan premier league and also some stickers of the best football stars of the Italian league, which is the most followed in Morocco. The album opens from left to right, as usual in arabic books, and all the contents (index, team and players details, etc...) are in arabic language. The 16 teams included appear in the following order (with initials): RCA, WAC, RAC, TSC, FAR, FUS, MAS, CODM, KACM, OCK, RSS, SCCM, HUSA, IZK, RBM, and JSM. Each team (except IZK, RBM and JSM) are placed on two pages and include 17 stickers: 16 players and 1 teams squad sticker. The three last teams have 9 stickers: 8 for double players (total of 16 players) and 1 team squad sticker.
Winner of the 2001 league is Raja Casablanca (RCA).

The last part of the album is dedicated to International Stars ("Etoiles Internationales") and includes 16 stickers of the best players of the Italian League. These stickers are: Rui Costa, Baggio, Del Piero, Davids, Vieri, Nesta, Crespo, Zidane, Maldini, Veron, Cannavaro, Amoroso, Shevchenko, Totti, Batistuta, Thuram.

This album has also a poster with 18 stickers of the National Maroc Team 2001. The most famous player is Mustapha Hadji, who at that time was playing for Coventry in the English Premier League. In his career he played also for Nancy, Sporting Lisbon, Deportivo, Aston Villa, and Espanyol.

Album Details
Full Name: Football 2001 Maroc
Publisher: Panini
League: Moroccan
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 17 stickers for 13 teams 
                                9 stickers for 3 teams
Special sections: 16 stickers "Etoiles Internationales"
Extra stickers: 18 stickers of the poster Maroc 2001

Total Number of stickers: 282

sabato 26 ottobre 2013

Panini Fussball Bundesliga 2010/2011 - Austria

We present here the official sticker collection of the Austrian Bundesliga and Erste Liga for the season 2010/2011. On the first page there are 4 introductory stickers: 1 shining sticker logo of Bundesglia, 2 stickers for the winners of the previous season and 1 for the best player. The Bundesliga season 2010/2011 was won by Sturm Graz; Roland Linz (Austria Wien) was the top goalscorer with 21 goals. The 10 participating teams appear in the album with the following order: Red Bull Salzburg, Austria Wien, Rapid Wien, Sturm Graz, Magna Neustadt, Mattersburg, LASK Linz, Josko Ried, KSV Superfund, Wacker Innsbruck.
Each team is distributed on four pages for a total of 27 stickers. Six stickers are printed on a shining silver foil: team logo, stadium (2 stickers), and the three best players in action. There are also normal stickers of the team squad (2 stickers), the supporters, and the coach. In the other two pages there are 17 stickers of the players (portrait pictures).

In this album there are some well-known players, like the Dutch Vennegor of Hesselink (Rapid Wien), who previously played for Twente, PSV and Celtic. Two emerging players of Austria Wien are the goalkeeper Heinz Lindner and the defender Aleksandar Dragovic (who moved to Basel and now to Dynamo Kyev).
Another young prospect to mention is the KSV player Michael Gregoritsch (1994), who moved to Hoffenheim and then St Pauli.

After the Bundesliga team, one page with four stickers celebrates the winners of the cup 2010 (Sturm Graz) and one page shows the Young Star Team of the season 2010. In this page there are three real stickers (Schutz, Dibon and Gruberbauer).
The 10 Erste Liga teams are: SCR Altach, Gratkorn, SV Grodig, TSV Hartberg, SC Lustenau, Austria Lustenau, St Polten, Admira, First Vienna, WAC St Andra.
For each team there are three stickers: two for the team squad and one silver shining logo. There is also one shining sticker of the Erste Liga Logo.

Album Details
Full Name: Bundesliga Fussball 2010/2011
Publisher: Panini
League: Austrian Bundesliga and Erste Liga
Number of teams: 10 Bundesglia
                              10 Erste Liga
Stickers per team: 27 Bundesliga
                                3 Erste Liga
Special sections: Introduction and league logos (5 stickers)
                            Cup Finale 2010 (4 stickers)
                            Young Star Team 2010 (3 stickers)                       
Extra stickers: No

Total number of stickers: 312

mercoledì 23 ottobre 2013

Panini Colombiano FPC 2012

Futbol Profesional Colombiano (FPC) 2012 is the 7th Panini album dedicated to the Colombian League, since the first edition dated 2005. The album starts with the table of content, the calendar of the season and then all the 18 Primera A teams are showed. For each team 18 stickers are included: 16 players, the team squad and a shining team logo sticker.The first team presented is Deportivo Calì, in which the young prospect Brayan Perea is playing. Perea (born 1993) moved to Lazio at the beginning of the 2013/14 season and he scored his first goal on October 20 against Atalanta.
The tournament is based on two championships, Apertura and Finalizacion, with identical format. Santa Fe won the Apertura, whereas Millonarios the Finalizacion.

After the premier league teams there is a section "Colecciones Panini" of two pages dedicated to the previous six Panini Fùbtol Colombiano albums. We find 12 stickers: 6 album covers and 6 winners of the corresponding seasons.

Primera B teams are also included, with one sticker per team (the team squad). The 18 teams are showed on 4 pages (pictures below).

Album Details
Full Name: Fùtbol Profesional Colombiano FPC 2012
Publisher: Panini
League: Colombia
Number of teams: 18 Primera A
                              18 Primera B
Stickers per team:  18 stickers for Primera A
                                 1 sticker for Primera B 
Special section: 12 stickers "Colecciones Panini"

Total number of stickers: 354

Panini Futbol Colombiano 2005
Now we show you a little gem. In the first Panini Colombiano edition we found some young prospects who later became famous in the Italian Serie A. They are Pablo Armero (America) and Juan Camilo Zuniga (Nacional) now at Napoli. And also Cristian Zapata (Deportivo Calì) now at AC Milan, after playing many seasons for Udinese and Villarreal.

sabato 12 ottobre 2013

Panini Foot 2013 - France

We present here the official collection of the French Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 for the season 2012-13. The album begins with the Ligue 1 teams appearing in alphabetical order. Each team is distributed on 4 pages for a total of 24 stickers, plus the possible update stickers (winter transfers). Three stickers are silver shining: the team logo and the two top players. One sticker is dedicated to the coach and two to the team squad, whereas other 18 players have their personal portrait sticker. The first two teams in the album are both from Corsica: Ajaccio (with Mutu and goalkeeper Ochoa) and Bastia (with Thauvin and new transfer Landreau).

Some interesting stickers are Debuchy and Digne, two defenders of Lille, now playing for Newcastle and PSG, respectively. In particular Lucas Digne (1993) was a rookie that made a very good impression.

Another interesting prospect is Yassine Benzia (1994), who has is personal sticker in the Lyon team. Special sticker of Montpellier is Belhanda, who signed for Dynamo Kiev at the end of the season.

In the middle of the album there is an insert to celebrate the 80 years of the Ligue 1. The four pages are in thicker paper and can be detached from the album. They present 20 stickers of recordmen of the Ligue 1 history, like the best scorer Delio Onnis with 299 goals. 

Paris Saint-Germain won the 2012-13 season, after a big investment to bring top players to Paris. 
Here we find the two silver stickers of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, and other important players (Lavezzi, Pastore, Menez, Thiago Motta, Van der Wiel and the young Verratti). 
New entries from the winter transfers are the Brazililan Lucas and David Beckham.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Saint-Etienne rising stars Zouma and Aubameyang, the latter is a new player of Borussia Dormund.

Winter Transfers update stickers include a total of 51 stickers. Among them Landreau (Bastia), Diego Rolan (Bordeaux), Lucas and Beckham (PSG), and Adrien Rabiot (Toulouse on loan from PSG).

The young Rabiot on loan to Toulouse from PSG

Ligue 2 teams are also included in the album, but without personal player stickers. Each team is placed in half page and has only two stickers, one for the team squad and one silver shining team logo.
Among the Ligue 2 teams we find Monaco, which won the season and now it is a competitor of PSG for the Ligue 1 leadership.

Album Details

Name: Foot 2012-13 - La collection officielle de stickers
Publisher: Panini
League: Ligue 1, Ligue 2
Number of teams: 20 teams Ligue 1
                              20 teams Ligue 2
Stickers per team: 24+updates Ligue 1
                              2 stickers for Ligue 2
Special section:  20 stickers "80 ans de Ligue 1" (80 years Ligue1) 
Extra stickers: 51 stickers update "Mercato Hivernal"

Total Number of stickers: 540 + 51 (update)