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Panini FIFA Women's World Cup 2023


The official sticker collection of the Women's World Cup 2023 has 580 stickers featuring 32 competing teams. The album begins with four shiny stickers about the tournament (logo, trophy, mascot, and official ball). Then, the teams are shown following the group order. For each team there are 17 stickers: the federation logo (shiny sticker) and 16 player portrait stickers. In the middle of the album, we find the special section Beyond Greatness, including 32 shiny stickers of players in action (one per team).

Spain won the tournament defeating England in the final (1-0). And Spain is also the only country that released updates for this collection, with a total of 15 stickers (J1-J15) released in two batches with the magazine Jugon. The second part was specifically released to celebrate the world champions.

In addition to the official sticker album, Panini released also a set of stickers and posters distributed with McDonald's. There are in total 12 different McDonald's boxes, each including a poster with a sealed packet of five stickers. The total set is composed by 45 different players, for which two sticker versions exist (the regular and the shiny sticker). In Germany, it was possible to buy a card set dedicated to the National team, including 22 different players and one limited parallel card of a random player; moreover, an update set of five cards was added in a second time. 

The official sticker album was released also in the hardcover version in Germany (with a limited edition) and in Brazil. In the following, we present the hardcover album that was released in Germany (limited to 333 samples) with the complete set of stickers, the updates and the extra material (McDonalds stickers and Germany card set).

The first page of the German limited hardcover album with the serial number (114/333 for my album)

Back cover of the album

The Spain updates are divided in two parts: J1 to J9 (new players) and J10 to J15 (world champions)
The first update (J1-J9)

The Jugon magazine with the second update (J10-J15)

The Panini Family collection (McDonald's) is composed by 12 different boxes with posters and stickers of 45 players (in two versions: regular and shiny)

The complete set of 45 players 

The regular and shiny sticker of Lena Oberdorf from the Panini Family set

The trading card set of Germany includes 22 cards and one parallel card. There is also an update with 5 extra cards

The complete set of 22 cards

The parallel and regular cards of Lena Oberdorf

Megan Rapinoe stickers from this collection: the portrait and the shint in action

Spain won the tournament and became World champions. Here the stickers of Marta Carmona and Esther Gonzalez

The legendary Brazilian player Marta and the sticker of Alexia Putellas from the update set of Spain

Album details:
Full name: FIFA Women's World Cup AU NZ 2023
Publisher: Panini
Tournament: FIFA Women's World Cup
Year: 2023
Location: Australia and New Zealand
Release: Spring 2023
Number of teams: 32
Stickers per team: 17
Other sections:
  • Introduction (4 stickers)
  • Beyond Greatness (32 stickers)
Hardover album: 
  • Brazilian edition
  • German limited edition (333 copies)
  • Spain (15 stickers, J1-J15)
  • Panini Family McDonald's (posters + 45 player stickers, checklist)
  • DFB Germany trading cards (22 cards + 5 update cards)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers (album): 580

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Panini Ciclismo 89 (Colombia)


Ciclismo 89 is the third Colombian album published by Panini, following the 1985 and 1987 editions. This time the collection focuses mostly on the Colombian teams and riders, with the rest of the world grouped in one section at the end of the album.

The album begins with an introductory page including six stickers: the podium of the 1988 Tour de France (4 stickers), the logo of the Colombian Federation (metallic sticker), and the president Miguel Angel Bermudez.

Before showing the Colombian teams and riders, there is one page dedicated to the regional cycling leagues, with a total of 10 metallic stickers. There are then 14 Colombian teams included, with a variable number of stickers, from the minimum of 10 stickers (Loteria de Boyacà) to a maximum of 29 stickers (Café de Colombia). In addition to the riders, the team pages include also the stickers of the director and the team photo. As a tradition for this series, the album features also the route of the main competitions, with details about the Colombian participation. In addition, the Giro d'Italia page includes two stickers of Martin Emilio Rodriguez (during the Giro 1973 and 1975, when he won stage 19), and the Tour de Dauphiné includes four stickers with Colombian riders that got relevant results in the competition (Martin Ramirez, Henri Cardenas, Luis Alberto Herrera, and Francisco Rodriguez). To complete the celebration of the Colombian cycling, in the centre of the album there is a poster "Arriba Colombia - la meta es Europa" (Colombia is coming, Europe is the goal) with 15 stickers of Colombian riders aiming to get good results in Europe.

After completing the presentation of the Colombian teams, Ciclismo 89 features for the first time one section dedicated to the women of cycling, with a total of 9 stickers. Among them also Jeannie Longo, three times winner of the Tour de France. Then the champions of the Colombian Vuelta are shown (20 stickers), and finally the best riders from the rest of the world are included with 72 stickers displaced over 8 pages. Here we find the big names, like Fignon, Lemond, Argentin, Roche, Delgado, and Indurain. The album ends grouping in one page 9 metallic stickers of the camisetas (jersey) from the main cycling competitions. 

Back cover of the album

The Italians Mario Scirea, in his first professional year with the team Café Colombia, and Moreno Argentin (world champion in 1986)

The women's section includes the stickers of two legends: the French Jeannie Longo and the Italian Maria Canins

Greg Lemond and Laurent Fignon, 1st and 2nd in the Tour de France 1989, divided by only 8 seconds

Stephen Roche (winner of Giro and Tour de France in 1987) and Eric Breukink (on the podium of both Giro and Tour de France in his career)

Two Spanish riders that won the Tour de France: Pedro Delgado (1988) and Miguel Indurain (from 1991 to 1995)

Album details
Full name: Ciclismo 89 
Publisher: Panini
Country: Colombia
Year: 1989
Sport: Cycling
  • Introduction (6 stickers)
  • Ligas Departamentales (10 stickers)
  • Colombian Teams:
    • CAFE' DE COLOMBIA (29 stickers)
    • MANZANA POSTOBON (20 stickers)
    • PONY MALTA PROFESIONAL (20 stickers)
    • VARTA KELME (20 stickers)
    • CASTALIA (20 stickers)
    • CLUB CAFE DE COLOMBIA (19 stickers)
    • PONY MALTA AFICIONADO (19 stickers)
    • CAFAM (11 stickers)
    • CIE INGENIEROS (11 stickers)
    • FRUTICOL (11 stickers)
    • IBADROGAS (11 stickers)
    • LOTERIA DE BOYACA (10 stickers)
    • LOTERIA DE CAUCA (11 stickers)
    • PINTURAS PHILAAC (11 stickers)
  • Giro d'Italia (2 stickers)
  • Arriva Colombia! (15 stickers)
  • Dauphiné Libéré (4 stickers)
  • Las Mujeres en el ciclismo - Women (9 stickers)
  • Campeones de la Vuelta a Colombia (20 stickers)
  • Los mejores del resto del mundo - the best of the rest of the world (72 stickers)
  • Camisetas - Jerseys (9 stickers)
Total number of stickers: 370