sabato 24 luglio 2021

Panini Foot 96

Foot '96 is the 21st Panini album of the French football. It includes all the French clubs of Division 1 and Division 2. As usual for the period, stickers are large size, but they are rather basic and simple.

The cover shows two players in action and it states that a poster with the Division 1 club badges will be found inside. After the contents, the Division 1 is presented with the team photo sticker and the photo (not a sticker) of the coach for each club. This section is followed by the club pages of Division 1. For each club there are two pages with a total of 16 player stickers. Club badge stickers are not included in the club pages, but they find space in a poster attached to the center of the album. The Division 2 section starts right after, with all the 22 clubs included. For each club there are four stickers: the shiny club badge and three stickers with players (four players on each sticker). The album ends with no extra sections.

In the season 1995/1996, Auxerre had a strong team (with Silvestre, Lamouchi, Laurent Blanc,...) and they won the Division 1. Second place for Paris-Saint-Germain, who won the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup defeating Rapid Wien 1-0.

Back cover of the album

Sticker packet Foot 96

Zinedine Zidane and Robert Pirès at the beginning of their careers

Fabien Barthez and Lilian Thuram together in Monaco and in the National Team

Brazilian talents: Sonny Anderson (top scorer of the league with 21 goals) and Raì

Album details
Full name: Foot 96
Publisher: Panini
League: French (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2)
Season: 1995/1996
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Ligue 1 (20 clubs, 16 stickers)
  • Ligue 2 (22 clubs, 4 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Ligue 1 teams (20 stickers)
  • Ligue 1 club badges (20 stickers, poster)
Updates: No
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Total number of stickers: 448

giovedì 15 luglio 2021

Panini Calciatori 1995


In the 1994 World Cup, Italy lost the final at penalties against Brazil, a disappointing ending for the Italian supporters. However, it was a memorable game that finds a place also on the cover of the Calciatori 1994/95, with a photo of Baresi and Romario during the game. This is the only reference to the World Cup in the album, which does not include other sections than the Serie A, Serie B and Serie C1 leagues.
After the schedule of the season, the 18 Serie A clubs are shown in alphabetical order. For each club there are 20 stickers over two pages: the shiny metallic club badge, the mascot (transparent PVC sticker), the team photo (two stickers), and 16 players. All player careers are printed on the album. The Serie B section starts right after with one club per page including the stickers of the club badge (shiny metallic), the team photo, the mascot (half sticker), and 7 stickers of players (with two players per sticker). The album continues with the Serie C1, composed by two groups of 18 clubs. For each club there is the team photo sticker and the club badge sticker (half shiny sticker).
In the last part of the album there is a brief presentation of the 1994/1995 European Cups. AC Milan reached the Champions League final, but they were defeated by Ajax, whereas Parma won the UEFA Cup final against Juventus. In the 1994/1995 Serie A, Juventus won the title and Batistuta (Fiorentina) was the top goalscorer with 26 goals.

Back cover of the album

Future managers: Max Allegri (Cagliari) and Antonio Conte (Juventus)

The shiny metallic club badge sticker and the transparent PVC mascot sticker from this collection

Italian class: Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti

Tino Asprilla and Gianfranco Zola; Fantastic duo in Parma

Serie B stickers with Filippo Inzaghi (Piacenza) and "Bobo" Vieri (Venezia)

Album details
Full name: Calciatori 1994-95
Publisher: Panini
Release: December 1994
League: Italian (Serie A, Serie B, Serie C1)
Season: 1994/1995
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Serie A: 18 clubs, 20 stickers
  • Serie B: 20 clubs, 9.5 stickers
  • Serie C1: 36 clubs, 1.5 stickers
Other sections: No
Updates: No
Extra: Stick&Stack (11 PVC stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 604