giovedì 16 maggio 2019

Panini Campeonato Chileno 2018

For the season 2018, the format of the Chilean championship changed from the Apertura/Clausura system to a single tournament from February to December 2018. Universidad Catolica won their 13th title of Primera Division with 61 points. Universidad de Concepcion got the second place (58 points) and Universidad de Chile the third (57 points). The top goalscorer of the season is Esteban Paredes (Colo Colo) with 19 goals.
The Panini album of the league was released after the end of the first round, in August 2018. It is the 8th consecutive album of the Chilean league produced by Panini and it includes all the clubs of Primera Division (Campeonato Scotiabank) and Primera B. The first page of the album shows the calendar of the second round (from July to December) and the shining sticker of the Panini icon, whereas the second page is dedicated to the winners of the championship 2017 (Colo-Colo) and it includes a special sticker about their 32th title. Before the clubs are shown, there is a section with data and statistics about the first round of the season 2018. In this section we find 8 stickers of players in action. 

The 16 clubs of Primera Division are displaced on two pages with a total of 17 stickers: the team photo (two stickers), the club badge (shining sticker) and 14 players. Two of the player stickers have a special frame on the album: the "Supercrack" is the best performing player of the team and the "Sub 20" is the player under 20 with most minutes in the first round. 

The section of Primera B starts with the calendar of the second round 2018 and the celebratory sticker of the winners 2017 (Union la Calera). For each club there are 8 stickers: the shiny badge, the team photo and 12 players from 6 stickers (two players per sticker). 

Three known faces of the Primera Division 2018: Lucas Barrios (ex Borussia Dortmund), Mauricio Pinilla (7 seasons in Serie A) and Diego Buonanotte (ex River, Malaga and Granada)

Three stickers of "Sub 20" players: Nicolas Guerra (9/1/1999, 24 appearances and 4 goals in 2018), Benjamin Berrios (9/3/1998, 9 appearances with Colo Colo in 2018) and Victor Retamal (6/3/1998, 23 appearances and 1 goal in 2018).

The fabulous club badge stickers of this album

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Scotiabank 2018
Publisher: Panini
Release: August 2018
League: Chile (Primera Division and Primera B)
Season: 2018
Number of clubs and stickers:
  • Primera Division (16 clubs, 17 stickers)
  • Primera B (16 clubs, 8 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Introduction (1 sticker)
  • Champions Primera Division 2017 (1 sticker)
  • Data first round 2018 (8 stickers)
  • Champions Primera B 2017 (1 sticker)
Total number of stickers: 411

lunedì 13 maggio 2019

Merlin's Premier League 2019

Manchester City won the premier league title after a long and exciting battle against Liverpool. However, the official sticker collection of the league is not at the level of its contenders. The last Merlin's album of the Premier League before the Panini comeback expected in 2020 is a too thin collection for the richest league in the world, including only 10 player stickers per club and a total of 310 stickers with no extra stickers (limited editions or updates). However,  there are some good features, like the shining stickers for badges and star players and the well-designed club pages.
As usual the album opens with the contents, a foreword (this year signed by Aguero) and two big size stickers: the trophy and the logo of the Premier League 2018/19.

Each club is displaced over two pages with a total of 14 stickers of regular size: the shining badge, the team photo (two stickers), the star player in action (shining), and 10 players of the squad.

In the center of the album there are two special sections. "Derbies" explores the biggest derbies in the Premier League with 8 big size stickers of players in action. Among them Gerrard (Liverpool), Rooney (Manchester United) and Balotelli (Manchester City). "Kits" shows the 40 home and away kits from the season 2018/19 with 20 big size stickers. 

The fancy club badge stickers of Merlin's PL 2018/19

Sticker of two great scorers of the league: Aguero and Kane

Star player stickers : Salah, Vardy and Hazard

Album details
Full name: Merlin's Premier League 2019
Publisher: Topps
Release: December 2018
League: English Premier League
Season: 2018/2019
Number of clubs: 20
Stickers per club: 14
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 big size stickers)
  • Derbies (8 big size stickers)
  • Kits (20 big size stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 310

martedì 7 maggio 2019

Panini Campeonato Nacional 2014/15 (Chile)

In the season 2014/15, the Chilean league was divided in two tournaments (Apertura and Clausura). In the Apertura 2014, Universidad de Chile won the title with 44 points and in the Clausura 2015 Cobresal was the surprising winner with 34 points. Esteban Paredes (Colo-Colo) was the top-scorer in both tournaments (12 and 11 goals) with the same amount of goals of Jean Paul Pineda (Union La Calera) in the Clausura Tournament.
The Panini album of the league was released in 2014 and it covers both tournaments of Primera Division and Primera B. The album opens with the calendar of the season and the first two metallic stickers: the Panini logo and the Panini icon. The clubs of Primera Division are shown in alphabetical order including 17 stickers each: the metallic club badge and 16 players.

Clubs of Primera B are displaced on one page with 7 stickers each: the club badge (metallic) and 6 stickers of players for a total of 18 players (three players per sticker).

The last section of the album is a double page dedicated to the National team of Chile during the World Cup 2014. Here we find 11 stickers of players in action (Medel, Vargas, Vidal, Sanchez) during the tournament in which Chile was eliminated by Brazil at penalties.

The last page of the album is a checklist for the 417 stickers of this collection

Stickers of players with previous experiences in Europe: Jaime Valdes (Fiorentina, Atalanta, Parma), Mark Gonzalez (Liverpool, Betis, CSKA Moscow) and Sixto Peralta (Torino, Cluj)

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2014/2015
Publisher: Panini
League: Chile (Primera Division and Primera B)
Tournaments: Apertura 2014 and Clausura 2015
Number of clubs and stickers:
  • Primera Division (18 clubs, 17 stickers each)
  • Primera B (14 clubs, 7 stickers each)
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • Seleccion Nacional de Chile 2014 (11 stickers)
Total number of stickers: 417