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Panini Boca Juniors - Xentenario 1905-2005

Club Atletico Boca Juniors is the most successful team of Argentina, with 68 official titles won on to date. In Argentina, they won 33 Primera Division Championship and 13 domestic cups. Internationally, they count a total of 22 titles, including six Copa Libertadores, two Copa Sudamericana and three Intercontinental Cups (1977, 2000, 2003).
The club, which is based in La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, was founded on 3 April 1905 by a group of Greek and Italian people from Genoa. Boca Juniors consolidated quickly among the best clubs of Argentina, with the promotion to Primera Division in 1913 and the first title in 1919.
In the occasion of the centenary in 2005, Panini published a commemorative sticker album called "Xentenario Boca 1905-2005" with 191 stickers about the history and the legendary players of the club. The complete album is a rare piece that we can present with all the sections in the following.

Nuestra casa - La Bombonera (6 stickers)
The album begins with a page dedicated to the club home stadium, the famous "Bombonera". The stadium was opened in 1940 and it has an actual capacity of 49.000. In this section there are four stickers of the stadium in different years and two stickers of the stadium map. 

Para llevar en el corazon - El Escudo (6 stickers)
The evolution of the club badge is included with 6 metallic stickers on one page, from the first badge in 1920 to the logo designed for the centenary. 

La gloriosa - Nuestra Camiseta (18 stickers)
18 stickers over three pages describe the evolution of the glorious shirt of Boca Juniors along the years. The original jersey colour in 1905 was a white shirt with thin black vertical stripes, replaced later by a light blue shirt, before adopting the definitive blue and gold. Legend says that Boca decided to adopt the colours of the flag of the first boat to sail into the port at La Boca. A Swedish boat arrived and its yellow and blue flag was adopted as the official colours of the kit. In this section we find also some special kits, like the white and blue used only for the Copa Libertadores final in 1977 or the jersey designed especially for the centenary. 

Grandes de Ayer y de Hoy (60 stickers)
A large section of 10 pages is dedicated to the biggest players of the club. Here we find 60 stickers of players in action. Among them, legendary names: Maradona, Riquelme, Martin Palermo, Tevez, Batistuta, Samuel, Caniggia, Burdisso and Palacio.

Para revivir los grandes logros (24 stickers)
The big achievements of Boca Juniors are included in this four pages section. The first two pages show the main club trophies with 12 metallic stickers. Here we find among the others the first cup in 1908, the Copa Libertadores, the International Cups, and the Copa Sudamericana. The other two pages show celebrations of Boca players with the trophies. Among these stickers, Martin Palermo with the Intercontinental Cup 2000, Tevez with the Copa Libertadores 2003, and Guillermo Barros Schelotto with the Copa Sudamericana 2004.

Equipos gloriosos (29 stickers)
Some of the most memorable Boca Juniors teams from 1931 to 2005 are celebrated in this section of 29 stickers over 5 pages. The last sticker is dedicated to the best team ever, the supporters! They are known as "la 12".

Invencibles (6 stickers)
This section is for the goalkeepers that made the history of Boca Juniors. The invincible are Musimessi, Roma, Gatti, Montoya, Cordoba, and Abbondanzieri.

A puro Gol (18 stickers)
This section is dedicated to the top scorers of the club history. The best 18 are shown in order of goals scored for the club, starting from Roberto Cherro (210 goals), Domingo Tarasconi (192 goals) and Francisco Varallo (181 goals). Famous "goleadores" here included are Martin Palermo (104 goals) and Guillermo Barros Schelotto (81 goals).

Diego Armando Maradona (18 stickers)
The most iconic player of Boca Juniors is certainly Diego Maradona, who played for the club in 1981/1982 with 28 goals in 40 appearances and again in 1995/1996 with 7 goals in 30 games. 
The album includes 6 stickers of Maradona in his first season with Boca and 12 stickers of his comeback. 

Para no parar de festejar (6 stickers)
The last section is about celebrations. This page includes six stickers and the anthem of the club printed on the album.

Back cover of the album

Album and loose set

Metallic stickers of the badge

Metallic stickers of the International Cups won in 1977 and 2000

Boca Juniors Legends: Diego Armando Maradona and Claudio Caniggia

Two of the most loved Boca Juniors players: Gabriel Batistuta and Juan Riquelme

Sealed packet Panini Xentenario Boca 1905-2005

Album details:
Full name: Boca Juniors - Xentenario Boca 1905-2005
Publisher: Panini
Year: 2005
Club: Boca Juniors (Argentina)
Sections of the album:
  • Nuestra casa - La Bombonera (6 stickers)
  • Para llevar en el corazon - El Escudo (6 stickers)
  • La gloriosa - Nuestra Camiseta (18 stickers)
  • Grandes de Ayer y de Hoy (60 stickers)
  • Para revivir los grandes logros (24 stickers)
  • Equipos gloriosos (29 stickers)
  • Invencibles (6 stickers)
  • A puro Gol (18 stickers)
  • Diego Armando Maradona (18 stickers)
  • Para no parar de festejar (6 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 191

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Sturm Graz 110 Jahre

Sportklub Sturm Graz is an Austrian football club founded in the city of Graz in 1909. The club won three times the Austrian Bundesliga title (1998, 1999,  2011) and five times the Austrian Cup. In Europe, they took part in the Champions League three times and in the Uefa Cup 11 times, reaching the quarter-finals in  1983-84 as the best result. To celebrate 110 years of history, in the fall 2019 the club produced a sticker collection. Album and packets could be bought on the club website. This album is not a proper Panini publication, as there is no sign of Panini on the album. However, the stickers were printed in Modena by Panini, as written on the back of the packets. Behind the cover, the album has a pocket to store the photo of the Sturm Graz squad 2019/2020. The album tells the history of the club and it includes a large section of the season 2019/2020. In the following we present all the sections of this album. 

Wiel alles begann (How it all started) - 4 stickers.
Stickers of the history of the club, the flag and the first players.

Was ist eigentlich die Gruabn? (What is Gruabn?) - 4 stickers. Sturm Graz played for several years in the stadium called Gruabn. Here we find stickers of photos taken from old games. 

Die Tribune (The Grandstand) - 5 stickers.
More stickers of old games and the history of the grandstand in the Gruabn stadium.

Damals and heute (Then and now) - 6 stickers.
A comparison of old times and nowadays shoes, balls and games.

Auf nach Liebanau (on to Liebenau) - 6 stickers.
The Liebenauer stadium is the Sturm Graz home since the opening game on 9 July 1997. In this section some history of this stadium with 6 stickers.  

Wir sind Meister! 1997/1998, 1998/1999 und 2010/2011 - 7 stickers.
Sturm graz won three times the "Meister", which is the trophy of the Austrian Bundesliga. In these two pages there are 7 stickers with those magic moments for the club.

Saison 2019/2020 (Season 2019/2020) - 56 stickers.
The large section of 12 pages dedicated to the season 2019/2020 shows in different pages the trainers, the goalkeepers, the defenders, the midfielders, the attackers, and the women team.
For each group of the men team there are portrait stickers of all the players and some stickers of players in action. For the women team there are two stickers of the team photo and several stickers of players in action.

Die Jahrhundert 11 (The 11 of the century) - 12 stickers.
This sections shows the best Sturm Graz players and manager of their history. The best coach selected is Ivica Osim and among the best players we can name Markus Schopp, Ivica Vastic and Mario Haas. 

Training - 6 stickers on six pages to describe the world of exercises, training and sport. 

Werte (Values) - 4 stickers. Four important values of sport (Fair play, respect, cohesion and discipline) are discussed in this two pages section.

12 Mann, 12 Frau (12 Men, 12 Women) - 3 stickers.
The last section of this album celebrates the importance of the Sturm Graz supporters for the club.

Back cover of the album

The photo of the squad 2019/2020 can be found in the pocket of the album

The Sturm graz club badge and stadium stickers of this collection

The first Sturm Graz players

Sealed packet 110 Jahre SK Sturm "made in Italy by Panini"

Album details
Full name: 110 Jahre SK Sturm
Publisher: SK Sturm/Panini
Release: October 2019
Club: Sturm Graz (Austria)
Type of album: Club history
Sections: see description in the post

Total number of stickers: 113