sabato 22 luglio 2017

Panini Champions League 2006/2007

After the album Champions of Europe 1955-2005, Panini is back with the official sticker collection of the Champions League in the season 2006/2007.
The album opens with four introductory stickers in the roll of honour and fixture sections: Champions league trophy and logo, 2006 league winner, and the poster of the final Athens 2007.

Not all participating clubs are included in the album (only 20 out of 32), but two extra non-participating clubs (Ajax and Juventus) are also included as Champions League legends.
The teams in the album are grouped  by nations, starting from Spanish clubs (Barcelona and Valencia). Each club is displaced over two pages with a total of 17 stickers: the club badge (metallic sticker) and 16 players.

AC Milan: Champions League winner 2006/2007 after defeating Liverpool (2-1) in the final

German clubs do not include the official badges and shirts

Ajax and Juventus are included in the album in the section "Champions League Legends" as they did not participate to the edition 2006/2007. In this section also six stickers of the last winners find place in the last page of the album.

Back cover of the album

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in the season 2006/2007

Stickers of Arjen Robben and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Album details
Full name: UEFA Champions League 2006/2007 Stars and Legends
Publisher: Panini
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Season: 2006/2007
Number of clubs: 20
Stickers per club: 17
Other sections:
  • Introduction (4 stickers)
  • Ajax and Juventus (34 stickers)
  • Champions League legends (6 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 384

venerdì 14 luglio 2017

Panini Fussball 2016-2017 (Austria)

The album Panini Fussball 2016/17 dedicated to the Austrian Football has a layout very similar to the previous edition 2015/16. The player stickers are again divided in two parts, one with the player photo and the other with the player details. 
The introduction includes five stickers: the Bundesliga logo  and trophy (metallic stickers), two stickers of the winner 2016 (RB Salzburg), and one sticker with the top player 2016 (Jonatan Soriano). The ten Bundesliga clubs are then shown following the standing order of the previous season. Each club is displaced over four pages. The first two include the club badge (metallic sticker), the coach and 11 player stickers displaced according to the tactics of the team. In the second two pages there are six stickers of substitutes, the team photo composed by four stickers, and the club stadium composed by two stickers.

In the middle of the Bundesliga clubs there are four pages to collect all the mini-stickers with the player details. 

The second division (Erste Liga) is also included with an introduction of four stickers (logo, trophy, winner 2016, best player 2016) and four stickers per club (club badge and three stickers with the team photo)

The last section of the album is dedicated to the Austrian National Team on the way to the World Cup Russia 2018. In this section there are 23 stickers of players and team photos of the National Team.

Two young promises of RB Salzburg: Valentino Lazaro (29 appearances and 3 goals this season; he was already included in the previous album) and Konrad Laimer (31 appearances and 3 goals)

Rookie sticker of the French player Dayot Upamecano (1998). He played 15 matches for RB Salzburg before his transfer to Leipzig during the winter market

The sticker of David Alaba in the section Road to Russia 2018

Young prospects included (born 1996 or younger)
Duje Caleta-Car (1996), Valentino Lazaro (1996), Konrad Laimer (1997), Dayot Upamecano (1998), and Diadie Samassekou (1996, RB Salzburg), Joelinton (1996, Rapid Wien), Osman Hadzikic and Dominik Prokop (1996 and 1997, Austria Wien), Sascha Horvath (1996, Sturm Graz), Christoph Rabitsch (1996, Pellets WAC), Mathias Hosnak (1996, Guntamatic), Dimitri Oberlin (1997, SCR Altach), Daniel Segovia (1996, St Polten)

Album details
Full name: Fussball 16-17
Publisher: Panini
League: Austria (Bundesliga and Erste Liga)
Season: 2016/2017
Release: October 2016
Number of clubs: 10 of Bundesliga and 10 of Erste Liga
Stickers per club: 27 for Bundesliga and 4 for Erste Liga
Other sections:
      -Introduction Bundesliga (5 stickers)
      -Introduction Erste Liga (4 stickers)
      -Der Weg Naar Russland 2018 (23 stickers)
      -Player details overview (mini-stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 342

domenica 9 luglio 2017

Panini Corinthians - O Campeão dos Campeões

Panini Brazil released in 2016 a sticker collection dedicated to an historical Brazilian club: Corinthians Paulista. This album continues the line of albums dedicated to Brazilian clubs. The previous collections were released for Santos (2012), Santa Cruz (2014), and Palmeiras (2015). All these albums have some similarities in design and structure.
O Campeão dos Campeões runs through the history of more than 100 years of Corinthians. The collection includes 416 stickers out of which 136 special stickers: 100 metallic stickers (M01 to M100) and 36 fabric stickers (T01 to T36). A special hardcover album was also released. In the following we present all the sections of this album.

Introduction (17 stickers)
The album begins with an introductory page about the album and the first sticker: the celebratory club badge of 2010 in fabric material. Then the evolution of the club badges from 1913 to 2012 is included with 9 stickers on one page.

The table of contents of this albums is shown on a triple page, with the same structure of previous Panini albums of Brazilian clubs. Here we find 7 metallic stickers about the current club badge, the mascot, the uniform and the flag.

Sob a luz do lampiao (16 stickers)
The history of the club begins the first September 1910, when five workers of the neighborhood Bom Retiro got together under a street light with the aim of founding a football club called Club Corinthians Paulista. Two pages and 16 stickers tell this story. 

Casas Corinthianas (10 stickers)
The evolution of the stadiums from the beginning to the new Arena of 2016.

1977. O ano que nao acabou (14 stickers)
This is an important year for Corinthians, with the victory of the Campeonato Paulista. Two pages celebrate this victory obtained 22 years after last trophy of 1954

Inicio das glorias (19 stickers)
The first years of the club in the Campeonato Paulista

Tres vezes tri (13 stickers)
Corinthians becomes for three times Tricampeon of the Liga Paulista between 1922 and 1939

O Campeaos dos centenarios (15 stickers)

3 titulos paulistas e outras conquistas (16 stickers)

Os 5 homens dos 103 gols (10 stickers)
Five players of Corinthians (Claudio, Luizinho, Baltazar, Carbone and Mario) scored 103 goals during the championship 1951

Anos dourados (6 stickers)

Invencivel (12 stickers)

Corinthians foi Brasil (11 stickers)

O rei do Rio-Sao Paulo (10 stickers)
The five Corinthians teams that won the tournament Rio-Sao Paulo in 1950, 1953, 1954, 1966, and 2002

A invasao da fiel (12 stickers)

A volta da alegria (15 stickers)

Futebol com ideologia (10 stickers)
This sections shows the political engagement of Corinthians players in the 80's, with a movement called Democracia Corinthiana

Os primeiros brasileiros (15 stickers)

Campeao Brasileiro dos pontos corridos (14 stickers)

Tri-Campeao do Copa do Brasil (12 stickers)
Corinthians won three times the Copa do Brasil, in 1995, 2002, and 2009

Enfim a Libertadores (17 stickers)
Finally, Corinthians won the Copa Libertadores in 2012

Bi-Mundial (13 stickers)
Two times World Champion, in 2000 and 2012

Recopa Sul-Americana (15 stickers)

Glorias Internacionais (14 stickers)
The other internacional trophies conquered by Corinthians

Titulos Paulistas (17 stickers)

Inesqueciveis (6 stickers)

Time que nao para (8 stickers)

A segunda pele. Os mantos historicos (20 stickers)
A wonderful gallery with the history of the club shirt presented with 20 fabric stickers

Grandes artilheiros (12 stickers)

Timao dos sonhos (17 stickers)
The Dream Team of all times

Arena Corinthians (14 stickers)
This section is dedicated to the new stadium of Corinthians 

Mosqueteiro (10 stickers)
The evolution of the mascot of the club with 10 metallic stickers

Historias curiosas (6 stickers)
The last section of the album includes some facts of the club and the last six stickers

The stylish back cover of the album

The hardcover album

Album details
Full name: O campeão dos campeões - A historia, os idolos e mais de 100 anos de conquistas
Publisher: Panini
Country: Brazil
Release: August 2016
Club: S.C. Corinthians Paulista 1910
Hardcover album: Yes
Metallic stickers: M01 to M100
Fabric sticers: T01 to T36
Sections: see description above

Total number of stickers: 416