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Panini Football 80

The album Panini Football 80 includes all the clubs of First and Second division of the English Football League and the clubs of the Scottish Premier Division of the season 1979/1980. It is the third album of the Series started in 1978. The album begins with the table of contents and the foreword of Ron Greenwood. No introduction stickers are present. First Division teams are shown in alphabetical order starting from Arsenal. Each club is displaced on two pages with a total of 17 stickers: the metallic club badge, the team photo, the coach, and 14 players. Under each player sticker there is a brief description of his characteristics and his career. 

The Football League Second Division starts with a section of the 22 club badges on two pages. Each badge is half of a metallic sticker, for a total of 11 metallic stickers to complete this section. For each club there are six stickers with players for a total of 11 players and one coach (two players per stickers).

The Scottish Premier League is relegated at the end of the album, with a very similar layout of the Second Division. The first page includes all the badges (half metallic sticker each), then the 10 clubs are shown in alphabetical order with six stickers of players per club (total of 11 players and one coach).

Going back to the history of the season, Liverpool won the title with 60 points, second place for Manchester United (58 points) and third position for Ipswich Town (53 points). Top scorer with 23 goals was Phil Boyer (Southampton). In Second Division, Leicester won the title and got promoted together with Sunderland and Birmingham. The Scottish Premier League showed a tight fight between Aberdeen and Celtic, with the first one prevailing to conquer the title.

Club badges of Football 80

"Big Sam" Allardyce (now manager of Crystal Palace) and Bryan Robson (ex player of Manchester United and England)

Album details
Full name: Football 80
Publisher: Panini
Leagues: English (First and Second Division) and Scottish (Premier Division)
Number of clubs: 
      - 22 of First Division
      - 22 of Second Division
      - 10 of  Scottish Premier League
Stickers per team: 
      -17 for First Division teams (including one metallic club badge)
      -6 for Second Division teams
      -6 for Scottish Premier League teams
Special sections: 
      -Second Division club badges (11 metallic stickers)
      -Scottish Premier League club badges (5 metallic stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 582

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