venerdì 7 agosto 2020

Panini Voetbal 97

PSV won the Dutch league 1996/1997 with 77 points, four more than Feyenoord. Ajax got only the fourth place with 61 points. The top scorer of the season was Luc Nilis (PSV) with 21 goals. 
The official sticker collection of the season, Voetbal 97, is the 20th Panini Voetbal album since the first edition (Voetbal 78). The album begins with the contents and an introductory page including three stickers: the league logo, the title winners 1996 (Ajax, shiny sticker) and the cup winners 1996 (PSV, shiny sticker). The clubs are then shown following the classification order of the previous season. Hence, Ajax is the first club, followed by PSV and Feyenoord. For the first 10 clubs there are 25 stickers displaced over 6 pages. In the first page there are the shiny badge sticker and the team photo stickers. In the following three pages the squad is presented with 18 player stickers. In the remaining two pages there are statistics and five shiny stickers of top players in action. The last eight clubs of the league have got only 17 stickers over four pages: the shiny badge, the team photo, and 15 players.

In the last part of the album the International players of the Eredivisie 1996/1997 are presented with 7 stickers of players in action: Dani, Degryse, McKinnon, Tobiasen, Larsson, Tomasson, Korneev, and Babangida. In the last page of the album, the list with the 300 best Eredivisie topscorers of all times is included, together with the shiny action stickers of Litmanen and Nilis. 

Club badge stickers of Voetbal 97

Ajax star players Kluivert and Litmanen

Top scorers of the Eredivisie 1996/97: Luc Nilis (1st with 21 goals) and Roy Makaay (3rd with 19 goals)

The Scandinavian players Larsson and Tomasson

Album details:
Full name: Voetbal 97
Publisher: Panini
League: Dutch Eredivisie
Season: 1996/1997
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 25 for 10 clubs and 17 for the other 8 clubs
Other sections:
  • Introduction (3 stickers)
  • International player of the Eredivisie (7 stickers)
  • Top scorers of all times (2 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 398

mercoledì 5 agosto 2020

Merlin's Premier League 2001

The Premier League 2000/2001 ended with Manchester United as champions and Arsenal as runners-up. Jimmy Hasselbaink (Chelsea) was the topscorer of the league with 23 goals. Second place for Marcus Stewart (Ipswich Town, 19 goals) and third for the couple Henry (Arsenal) and Viduka (Leeds United) with 17 goals. 
Merlin published the official sticker collection of the Premier League 2000/2001, being the eight album since 1994. The collection opens with the contents and an introductory page including two large size stickers: the Premier League logo and trophy. Then the 20 competing clubs are shown in alphabetical order from Arsenal to West Ham. Each club has got four pages with a total of 20 stickers. In the first two pages there are details and results of the club with four stickers: the club badge (shiny), the team photo (large size), the home kit, and the superstar (large size). The superstar stickers were released in two versions, a regular one and an ultrafoil sticker. Both versions could be found inside the packets, with a proportion 1:12. In the last two pages of each club the squad is presented with 16 player stickers.

In the center of the album, the section "McDonald's New Generation" includes six stickers: the logo and five young talents in action: Barry, Gerrard, Cole, Wright, and Brown. 

Back cover of the album Merlin's Premier League 2001

The poster "Extreme Team": with the album there is also a poster to be filled with 20 stickers of players in action (one per club).

The top goalscorer of the league Hasselbaink (23 goals) and Thierry Henry (3rd place with 17 goals)

The shiny badge and the home kit stickers

Paul Gascoingne's regular and superstar stickers

Young English midfielders: Gerrard and Carrick

David Beckham stickers: regular and superstar

The strikers Alen Boksic and Alan Shearer

Album details:
Full name: Premier League 2001
Publisher: Merlin
League: English Premier League
Season: 2000/2001
Number of clubs: 20
Stickers per club: 20
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • McDonald's New Generation (6 stickers)
Extra: Poster "Merlin's Extreme Team" (20 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 428