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Panini Futebol 2005

Panini Futebol 2004-05 is the official sticker collection of the Portuguese Superliga for the season 2004/2005. After an introduction with the table of contents, the 18 clubs are shown in alphabetical order, each displayed on four pages with a total of 22 stickers: the shining club badge, the team photo, two players in action (new acquisitions of the season), and 18 players. Printed on the album there are details of the club and the players. This album shows an improvement in the Futebol series, with better graphics and stickers of higher quality, especially the club badges.

Porto had a fantastic squad that won the Champions League the season before with the coach José Mourinho, but in the season 2004/2005 they only got the second place in the Portuguese league (with 62 points), behind Benfica (65 points). They featured, among the others, Pepe, Diego and Quaresma.


In the last part of the album we find three more sections with action stickers. The first includes the idols (Idolos) of the Portuguese league with 18 stickers of players in action. The second one is dedicated to the Portuguese national team that got the second place in the Euro Cup 2004. Here we find 18 stickers including players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Rui Costa. The last two pages of the album are about the new acquisitions (Ultimas Aquisiçoes) of the league, with 36 stickers published later during the season. The collection includes also 6 extra stickers (Cromos-bis) with updated players (see checklist).

Club Badges of Futebol 2004-05 

Action stickers of Quaresma and Diego 

Superstars of Porto: Pepe, Diego and Quaresma

Action stickers of Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo of the section Seleçao 2004

Album details
Full name: Futebol 2004-05
Publisher: Panini
League: Portuguese
Season: 2004-2005
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 22
Other sections:
  • Idolos (18 stickers)
  • Seleçao 2004 (18 stickers)
  • Ultimas Aquisiçoes (36 stickers)

Extra stickers: Stickers "bis" (6 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 468

sabato 10 febbraio 2018

Panini Futebol 2000

Panini Futebol 1999-2000 is the official sticker collection of the Portuguese league. The album includes all the clubs of Primeira Liga, with only one extra section dedicated to the stars of the league. The design of the player stickers is poor, but the collection includes at least shining stickers of the club badges and the star players. Clubs are shown following the classification order of the previous season. Therefore, the list begins with Porto, followed by Boavista and Benfica. Each club is displaced over two pages with a total of 17 stickers: the shining club badge and 16 players.

In the center of the album, there are two pages with 18 shining stickers of the star players of the league in action. Among them, important players like the Danish keeper Schmeichel (ex Manchester United), Karel Poborsky, Nuno Gomes, Vitor Baia, and Jardel.
Sporting Lisboa won the title 1999/2000 with 77 points. Second place for Porto (73 points) and third for Benfica (69 points). Top scorer was the Brazilian Jardel with 38 goals!

Shining club badge stickers of Panini Futebol 2000

The stickers of two stars of Porto: Jardel and Deco. Jardel scored the impressive amount of 38 goals in the Primeira Liga 1999/2000.

Two Internationals of Futebol 2000: the Danish goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and the Czech Karel Poborsky

Album details
Full name: Futebol 1999-2000
Publisher: Panini
League: Portuguese
Season: 1999/2000
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 17
Other sections: As Estrelas do Record (18 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 324

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Panini Football 82 (France)

Panini Football 82 includes the French clubs of Division 1 and 2 for the season 1981-82. The album opens with the foreword and a two sticker photo of Michel Hidalgo, the coach of the French National Team.

The 20 clubs of Division 1 are shown in alphabetical order. Each club is displaced over two pages with a total of 16 stickers: the club badge (metallic), an action photo (two stickers) the coach, and 12 players. These pages include also details about the club and each player. 

After the Division 1 clubs, there are two pages with 14 stickers dedicated to the lions of Sochaux (Ces "lionceaux" qui venaient du froid). This club "that comes from the cold" was the best French club in Europe the previous season reaching the semifinal of the UEFA Cup. The stickers of these pages represent actions of the Sochaux games in the UEFA Cup.

Division 2 clubs are divided in two groups of 18 clubs each. Each group starts with a calendar and the stickers of club badges (total of 9 stickers with 18 badges per group). Then three clubs per page are displaced. There are three stickers per club, each sticker including four players.

The last section of the album is called "When the apprentices become pros" (Quand les apprentis deviennent des pros). These pages describe how football is becoming more and more professional, requiring more time and money for clubs and players. These three pages include 26 stickers of players in action (among them Giresse and Platini).

Club badge stickers of Football 82

Three personalities of Football 82: Roger Milla, Raymond Domenech and Michel Platini

Album details
Full name: Football 82 en images
Publisher: Panini
League: French (Division 1 and 2)
Season: 1981/1982
Number of clubs: 20 of Division 1 and 36 of Division 2
Stickers per club: 16 for D1 and 3.5 for Division 2
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • Ces lionceaux qui venaient du froid (14 stickers)
  • Quand les apprentis deviennent pros (26 stickers)

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Total number of stickers: 488