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Panini Campeonato Chileno 2015

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2015 is the official sticker album of the Chilean League. Panini is publishing this collection since 2011. This album is therefore the 5th edition and it includes a special section dedicated to the National team of Chile that won the Copa America 2015. The format of the album has changed: stickers of badges and players are composed by two parts, one to be glued in the album and the other on a separate poster that includes the overview of all the teams. The same format has been previously used by Panini for the album Ekstraklasa 2015. The tournament Apertura 2015 has been won by Colo Colo (33 points) with just one point more than Universidad Catolica.
The album begins with the calendar of the road to the World Cup 2018 and the first celebrating page "Chile Campeon Copa America 2015", which includes a big photo of the team raising the cup. The photo is composed by six shining stickers. Then the squad is shown with 23 shining stickers of the players displaced over three pages. Each sticker has both an action and portrait image of the player. The last page of this section is the road to the final. It includes 7 shining action stickers of the Copa America Tournament that saw Chile winning in the final against Argentina at penalties.

The album continues with the "Records of the Season 2014-2015": 18 action stickers over two pages with the most remarkable players of the season. Here we find for example the top scorer Esteban Paredes (23 goals) or Christian Vilches with the most number of passes in the season (1945).  

The section about the Tournament Apertura 2015 starts with the calendar of the season, one big photo of the title owner Cobresal (6 stickers), the trophy (one shining sticker), and the acrobatic player symbol of Panini (one shining sticker). Then the club badges of the 16 teams of Primera Division are included on two pages (16 shining stickers) together with details about the club.

Each team of Primera division is displaced over two pages with a total of 18 player stickers. The main 11 players are displaced following the tactics of the team (for example 4-3-3 for Cobresal or 4-4-2 for U. de Concepcion), whereas the 7 substitutes are placed on the right side. As mention before, each player sticker has two parts: the player potrait to stick in the album and the player details to be glue on the poster.

The section of the second league (Primera B) includes only the club badges of the 16 teams. It is a nice overview with 16 shining stickers displaced over two pages. 

With the album there is also a large poster (the size of 8 pages) to glue all the mini-stickers of badges and player details (right click on it and open the picture in a new tab to enlarge it)

The maxi poster with all the mini-stickers of badges and player details

A detail of the poster, mini stickers of badges are shining 

The stickers of Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez in the special section to celebrate the victory of Chile in the Copa America 2015

David Pizarro (ex Inter and Roma) is back to Chile,
defending the colors of Santiago Wanderers

Young prospects included (1995 or younger)
Israel Poblete (1995, Cobresal), Vejar, Hidalgo, Castro, and Pontoni (all 95, Huachipato), Diego Rojas (95, U.Catolica), Ignacio Jeraldino (95, U. La Calera), Orellana and Olivares (both 95, San Marcos), Osorio, Fuentes, and Hormazabal (95, 95, and 96, O'Higgins), Galdames (96, Union Espanola), Sebastian Vegas (96, Audax Italiano), Cortes, Munoz, Cabezas, and Cubillos (95, 95, 95,and 96, Iquique), Mario Lopez (95, Santiago Wanderers)

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank
Publisher: Panini
League: Chile (Primera Division and Primera B)
Season: 2015
Number of teams: 16 Primera Division and 16 Primera B
Stickers per team: 18 for Primera Division
Special sections: 
       -Chile Campeon Copa America 2015 (36 stickers)
       -Records of the season 2014/15 (18 stickers)
       -Cobresal Campeon and Primera 2015 (8 stickers)
       -Club badges Primera Division (16 stickers)
       -Club badges Primera B (16 stickers)
Extra: Maxi Poster to glue the mini-stickers of badges and players

Total number of stickers: 382

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