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Topps Bundesliga 2012

Topps Bundesliga 2012

This album is very similar to the previous Topps editions both in the graphics and the style. The signature on each player sticker disappeared and the special sections are different. There are still four pages with uniforms and there is a section dedicated to the legends of the Bundesliga teams (one per team), like Lothar Mattheus and Joachim Low.

Album Details
Name: Fussball Bundesliga 2012
Editor: Topps
League: German League (Bundesliga) 
Number of Teams: 18 
Stickers per Team: 21 (logo, team, star player, 18 players)
Special stickers: Bundesliga logo (x1), ball (x1), meister winner (x1), sky commentator (x1), Legends (x18), Uniforms (x18)
Extra stickers: No

Remarkable Stickers

Kagawa, Lewandowski, Goetze (Borussia Dortmund), Ballack, Schurrle (Leverkusen), Reus (Moenchengladbach), Boateng, Robben, Ribery, Schweinsteiger, Muller (Bayern Munchen), Draxler, Raul, Huntelaar (Schalke), Hleb (Wolfsburg).

Topps Bundesliga 2011

This album produced by Topps is dedicated to the German Bundesliga. One characteristic of Topps is that includes also big stickers (one per package) for logos, teams and special players. In the first page of the album there are 3 stickers: the Bundesliga logo, the Meister and the ball used in the competition.

Each team is distributed on four pages with a total of 21 stickers: on the first page we have the logo, team and star player stickers. Then we have 6 players per page for a total of 18 players: each sticker is enriched by the signature of the player.

Special sections of the album are dedicated to the Team uniforms (18 big stickers) and the Rookies (one player per each Bundesliga team), plus 5 stickers "Tricks with Diego", which present some special actions and movements of the Brazilian Wolfsburg midfielder Diego.

Album Details
Full name: Fussball Bundesliga 2010/2011
Publisher: ToppsLeague:
German Bundesliga
Season: 2010/2011
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 21
Other sections:
  • Introduction (4 stickers)
  • Alle trikots - Kits (18 stickers)
  • Tricks mit Diego (5 stickers)
  • Rookies (18 stickers)
Updates: No
Poster: No
Hardcover album: No
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Total number of stickers: 423

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Calciatori Panini 2011-2012

Calciatori 2011/2012 is the 50th chapter of the series that started in 1961-1962 with the first Panini album dedicated to the Italian football. All the leagues are included from the main division (Serie A) to the amateur league, with a section also for the Women's Serie A.

First, the clubs of Serie A are shown in alphabetical order with 24 stickers displaced on two pages: the club badge (shiny sticker), the team photo (2 stickers), the coach and 20 players. In addition, there is space for six update player stickers per team. These stickers are included in the "Calciomercato" update set released in the spring 2012.

The section "Film del campionato" shows the best moments of the Serie A 2011/12 with 16 stickers that were released during the season in two special packets to be found in the newspapers (Tuttosport and Corriere dello Sport)

Serie B clubs are displaced on one page with the club badge (half shiny sticker), the team photo, and six stickers of players (three players per sticker). 

The Lega Pro is divided in two divisions, being the third and fourth level of the Italian professional football. For the 36 clubs of Division 1 there are the stickers of the badge (four badges on one sticker) and the team photo (half sticker), whereas for Division 2 only the small club badge sticker. The Serie D, which is the amateur league, is also included with the list of participating team, but only three small stickers about the logo of the championship and the federation. Women's football has a section with the clubs of Serie A. Here there are the team photo stickers of the 14 competing clubs.

In the last part of the album there are some special sections. First, La squadra degli arbitri (the referee team) shows with 18 stickers the referees of the championship. Then Calciatori Plus features 16 stickers with some of the most remarkable Serie A players and Calciatori Show concludes the album with 20 stickers of actions taken from the games of the 2011/12 Serie A.

Back cover of the album

Italian stars: Andrea Pirlo and Francesco Totti

Super stirkers: Ibrahimovic (top scorer with 28 goals) and Cavani (3rd place with 23 goals)

What a team Pescara had in Serie B: Verratti, Insigne, and Immobile together!

Album details:
Full name: Calciatori 2011-2012
Publisher: Panini
Release: December 2011
League: Italian (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro I, Lega Pro II, Serie A Femminile)
Season: 2011/2012
Number of clubs and stickers for each club
  • Serie A (20 clubs, 24 stickers)
  • Serie B (22 clubs, 7.5 stickers)
  • Lega Pro I (36 clubs, 0.75 stickers)
  • Lega Pro II (41 clubs, 0.25 stickers)
  • Serie A Femminile (14 clubs, 0.5 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Serie D (0.75 stickers)
  • La squadra degli arbitri (18 stickers)
  • Calciatori Plus (16 stickers)
  • Calciatori Show (20 stickers)
  • Film del campionato (16 stickers)
Updates: Yes (Calciomercato - 120 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 880