sabato 14 dicembre 2019

Panini World Cup 2018 - Gold Edition

The official sticker collection of the World Cup 2018 was released worldwide by Panini. The collection has little variations from country to country, mainly concerning some additional McDonald's or Coca-Cola stickers. Only in Switzerland, a special Gold Edition was released with gold framed stickers. The hardcover album of this version was released in a limited edition boxset including 100 sealed packets. 
The collection opens with two introductory pages with metallic stickers of the panini logo, the FIFA logo, the trophy, the competion logos and the official ball. In the following four pages we find stickers of the 12 stadiums of the competition and 12 stickers of the posters of the host cities.

The 32 competing teams are then shown following the group order. For each team there are 20 stickers displaced over two pages: the badge (gold metallic sticker), the team photo, and 18 players.

Group A: Russia, Saudi Araia, Egypt, Uruguay

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

At the end of the album there are two sections dedicated to the World Cup legends. The first one celebrates the previous winners (8 stickers) and the history makers Pelé (most wins) and Klose (most goals scored) with one sticker each. The second one is specific for the Gold Edition and it includes 12 stickers of legends that could be found with Coca-Cola bottles. There is one legend sticker for each World Cup edition from 1970 to 2014. Among them Maradona, Maldini and Valderrama. 

The limited edition boxset including one hardcover album and 100 packets Gold Edition

The hardcover album Gold Edition

Also for the Gold Edition there is a specific update set (92 stickers) with stickers of players that were not included in the original album but took part in the World Cup. Each sticker replaces one original sticker of the album.

Update set Gold Edition

Sticker sheets op the update set Gold Edition

Gold badge stickers

Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Two of the best players of this edition: Mbappé won the title with France and Modric reached the final with Croatia

Lewandowski and Mané

Harry Kane (4th place with England) and Kevin de Bruyne (3rd place with Belgium)

Two of the most promising young talent of this World Cup: Gabriel Jesus (Brazil) and Leroy Sané (Germany)

Special Gold metallic stickers of Pelé (legends) and the trophy (in the introduction)

Two World Cup winners included in the update set: Corentin Tolisso and Lucas Hernandez

Sealed packet Gold Edition

Album details:
Full name: FIFA World Cup - Russia 2018
Edition: Gold 
Publisher: Panini
Release: March 2018
Country of release: Switzerland
Competition: World Cup
Number of teams: 32
Stickers per team: 20
Other sections:
  • Introduction (8 stickers)
  • Stadiums (12 stickers)
  • Host cities' posters (12 stickers)
  • FIFA World Cup Legends (10 stickers)
  • Coca-Cola Legends (C1-C12)
Update: Yes (92 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 694 + 92 update set

lunedì 9 dicembre 2019

Panini Calciatori 2005/2006

In Italy, the football season 2005/2006 is known for the scandal Calciopoli, in which Juventus was relegated in Serie B at the end of the season after being accused of selecting and influencing referees. Juventus and Milan lost their first and second position due to points deductions and Inter was declared champion by the Italian Football Federation in July 2006. Luca Toni (Fiorentina) finished as topscorer with 31 goals. 
The official sticker album of the season includes stickers of all the professional Italian clubs, from Serie A to Serie C2. Also the women league is included with the team photo of each club. The only extra section is dedicated to the best Italian players that at the end of the season will win the World Cup in Germany. As usual the collection includes update stickers released in the spring with the winter transfers.
The album begins with the Serie A clubs in alphabetical order. The 24 stickers of each club are the team photo, the club badge (metallic), a celebration, the coach, and 20 players. In addition, there is space for up to six update player stickers. 

The section of the Serie B starts with the calendar of the season. Then for each of the 22 clubs there are the team photo sticker, the metallic badge (half sticker), and 7 stickers with a total of 14 players (two players per sticker).

Serie C1 is divided in two groups (A and B) and it includes 1.5 sticker per club: the team photo and half sticker with the metallic badge. Serie C2 has three groups (A, B and C) and for these teams only the metallic badge (half sticker) is included. In the Women league section there is the team photo sticker of each club.


The last section of the album is "Azzurri nel mito" dedicated to the most representative Italian players. Among them, the Italian coach Marcello Lippi will choose the selection for the World Cup 2006. Here we find 20 stickers of players in action. We can mention Buffon, Cannavaro, Nesta, Totti, Pirlo, Del Piero, Toni, and Vieri. 

The shiny club badge stickers of Inter and Milan

Great scorers: the young Fabio Quagliarella (Ascoli) and Enrico Chiesa (Siena)

Amazing technical players of AC Milan: Pirlo and Kakà

Stickers of Buffon and Chiellini, a long career at Juventus

First and second best scorers of the season: Luca Toni (31 goals) and Trezeguet (23 goals)

Del Piero and Ibrahimovic 

Two legends of Roma in the section "Azzurri nel mito": Totti and De Rossi

Sealed packet Panini Calciatori 2005/06

Album details
Full name: Calciatori 2005-06
Publisher: Panini
Release: December 2005
League: Italian (Serie A, B, C1, C2 and Women)
Season: 2005/2006
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Serie A: 20 clubs, 24 stickers 
  • Serie B: 22 clubs, 8.5 stickers
  • Serie C1: 36 clubs, 1.5 stickers
  • Serie C2: 54 clubs, 0.5 stickers
  • Women league: 12 clubs, 1 sticker
Other sections:
  • Azzurri nel mito (20 stickers)
Update: Set of 106 stickers (A01-A106)

Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 886