giovedì 25 novembre 2021

Panini Football 99 (Belgium)


Football 99 is the official sticker collection of the Belgian league for the season 1998/1999. This year the collection includes only the 1st Division. The album begins with the calendar of the season and one page dedicated to the revelations of the previous season, with six stickers of the best performing players. Before showing the competing teams, there is an overview of all the club stadiums, with a two-page including 18 stadium stickers. The 18 clubs of 1st Division are then shown in alphabetical order with 19 stickers over two pages: the team photo (two stickers), the club badge (shiny sticker), the coach, and 15 players. After the clubs, the album ends with one last section called Oogwenk aan de voetbalsterren (wink to the football stars). Here we find 12 stickers of player caricatures of the main stars of the league (Enzo Scifo, Mbo Mpenza, etc.).

Racing Genk became champions of the 1998/1999 Belgian league with 73 points. Second place for Club Brugge (71 points) and third for Anderlecht (70 points). The top goalscorer of the league was Jan Koller (24 goals), who played later on for Borussia Dortmund from 2001 to 2006. In the following, we show pictures of the empty album and complete loose set of stickers coming from a sealed factory album.

Album and complete set of stickers

International players from Football 99: Fadiga (39 caps and 4 goals with Senegal) and the Czech striker Jan Koller (top scorer of the league with 24 goals)

The Croatian goalkeeper Vedran Runje and the striker Mbo Mpenza

The caricature stickers of Enzo Scifo and Mbo Mpenza

Album details:
Full name: Football 99
Publisher: Panini
League: Belgian (I Division)
Season: 1998/1999
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 19
Other sections:
  • Panini-Revelations (6 stickers)
  • Stadiums (18 stickers)
  • Player caricatures (12 stickers)
Updates: No
Poster: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 378

mercoledì 24 novembre 2021

Panini Foot 90


Olympique Marseille won Division 1 in the season 1989/90 with 53 points, two more than Bordeaux. They had a great team with Tigana, Francescoli and the top scorer of the league Jean-Pierre Papin (30 goals). It was a competitive tournament with big French players (Eric Cantona, Didier Deschamps, Laurent Blanc) and International players (Weah, Ramon Diaz, Jorge Burruchaga).

The official sticker collection of the French football for the season 1989/90 is the 15th album of the Foot series and it includes both Division 1 and Division 2. The cover shows the main French star of the period, Jean-Pierre Papin in action with his club (Ol.Marseille). The album begins with an introductory part with no stickers, but including the schedule of the season, the contents of the album and the foreword. Then, the clubs of Division 1 are shown in alphabetical order with 18 stickers over two pages: the metallic club badge, the team photo (two stickers), the coach, and 14 players. Among the coach stickers we can mention some famous names like Raymond Domenech, Arsène Wenger, and Aimé Jacquet. 

The section with the clubs of Division 2 starts right after with the calendar of the season. The 36 competing clubs are divided in two groups (A and B) and included in the album with the club badge (half metallic sticker) and the team photo sticker. There are no other sections in this collection, which does not include updates or a poster. Overall, it is a classic, but stylish collection with excellent quality of the paper of the album and the resolution of the stickers.  

Back cover of the album

Metallic club badge stickers from Foot 90

Jean Pierre Papin (top scorer of the league with 30 goals) and Eric Cantona

South American players of Division 1: Enzo Francescoli (73 caps and 17 goals with Uruguay) and Jorge Burruchaga (59 caps and 13 goals with Argentina)

The manager stickers of Arsène Wenger (Monaco) and Aimé Jacquet (Montpellier)

International players in Monaco: Glenn Hoddle and Ramon Diaz

The iconic French players Laurent Blanc and Didier Deschamps

Album details:
Full name: Foot 90 en images
Publisher: Panini
League: French (Division 1 and Division 2)
Season: 1989-1990
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Division 1 (20 clubs, 18 stickers)
  • Division 2 (36 clubs, 1.5 stickers)
Other sections: No
Poster: No
Updates: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 414

giovedì 18 novembre 2021

Panini Euro 2020 - Pearl Edition

Euro 2020 was postponed to the summer 2021 but it kept its original name and the same was for the official sticker collection released by Panini. There are three versions of the album and stickers, depending on the country of release: the Blue version (654 stickers + updates), the Orange version (678 stickers + updates) and the Pearl Edition that we present here. 

The Pearl Edition was released only in Switzerland and it is of higher quality than the others, continuing the tradition of the recent Euro and World Cup albums, when for example the Gold Edition 2018 or the Silver edition 2014 were produced only for Switzerland. The Pearl edition includes a base set of 678 stickers, with other 15 stickers released by Coca-Cola that find space in the album. Compared to the Blue and Orange edition there is not a general update set with new players for all the teams. Instead, the special set "Making History" dedicated to the Swiss team was released. It includes 24 stickers with new players, the coach Petkovic, and actions of the games played by Switzerland during the tournament, where they reached the quarterfinals.

The Pearl edition album was released also in the hardcover version with a collector box including the hardcover album and 100 packets. The introductory pages of the album include six metallic stickers: the logo, the mascot, the trophy (two stickers), the poster "Sign for an equal game", and the Panini symbol. The 24 competing teams are shown divided in the six groups from A to F.  The first two pages introduce the four teams in the group with four celebratory stickers. Then for each team there are the team badge sticker and 20 player stickers over two pages. As for the Euro 2016 album, there are also the stickers of players in action, with two teams per page and 12 players per team (two players on each sticker). At the end of the album, after all the teams, there is the two-page section Rivals United, including 15 stickers. These stickers cannot be found in regular packets, but with Coca-Cola product. There are in total 14 players and one shiny stickers called "Impossible stickers". However, also the Coca-cola stickers could be ordered at Panini International for a regular price. 

Euro 2020 was played in several European country, with the final games (semifinals and final) host by Wembley, in England. After a thrilling final, Italy defeated England at penalties and won the Euro 2020.

Group A: Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Wales

Group B: Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Russia

Group C: Austria, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Ukraine

Group D: Croatia, England, Czech Republic, Scotland

Group E: Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden

Group F: France, Hungary, Germany, Portugal

Back cover of the album

The collector's box including the hardcover album and 100 packets

The tin including the extra set "Switzerland Making History"

The 24 stickers included in the extra set "Switzerland Making History"

England-Italy was the final of the Euro 2020

Harry Kane (England) and Federico Chiesa (Italy), two major protagonists of Euro 2020

Pearl edition stickers of Mbappé and C.Ronaldo

Album details:
Full name: UEFA Euro 2020 - Pearl Edition
Publisher: Panini
Release: Switzerland 
Tournament: Euro 2020
Number of teams: 24
Stickers per team: 28
Other sections:
  • Introduction (6 stickers)
  • Rivals United (15 stickers, C1-C14 + IS )
Extra: Switzerland set "Making History" (24 stickers)
Update set: No
Hardcover album: Yes
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 693