giovedì 27 maggio 2021

Euro Publishing - Inter 2020-2021


FC Inter Milano won the 2020/21 Serie A with a fantastic season. They dominated the league with 91 points, winning their 19th Serie A title. Secrets of this success are the strong defence (Skriniar-De Vrij-Bastoni), a balance midfiled (Barella and Eriksen), a fast arrow on the right lane (Hakimi), and a great forward duo (Lukaku and Lautaro). The team was magnificently directed by the coach Antonio Conte. 

The Italian editor Euro Publishing released the Inter 2020/21 official sticker collection for the fourth consecutive year. The album includes a total of 216 stickers and 32 cards. Each sticker packet contains 5 stickers out of which one can be a card. 

The album begins with the calendar of the season and the shiny sticker of the club badge. Then the team is shown with a puzzle of eight stickers. In the following two pages the squad is presented, with portrait stickers of all the players and the coach. The album focuses then on the four new signings of the season (Hakimi, Kolarov, Vidal, Darmian), dedicating one page to each of them with stickers in actions. The album continues with three stickers of the official team shirts and one page dedicated to the coach Antonio Conte. In the following pages, there are the player sections with stickers in action, a brief introduction, and a table with the career of each player. In the last part of the album there is space for some specific sections with stickers about the Women's club, the young teams, and the Inter Campus.

Overall, Inter 2020/21 is a good collection that will be more memorable for the success of the team rather than the quality itself. However, there are certainly some highlights that make it worth collecting: the shiny stickers (badge, shirts, and players in action) and the set of cards that are really well designed.

Back cover of the album

The complete set of 32 cards that are part of this collection

Inter fantastic duo Lukaku-Lautaro: they scored together 41 goals in the Serie A 2020/2021

The shiny club badge (sticker number one) and the coach Antonio Conte

Two shiny stickers of this collection: Hakimi and the home shirt

Stars in the middle: Eriksen and Barella

The special cards of Lukaku and Lautaro 

Album details:
Full name: Inter 2020-2021
Publisher: Euro Publishing
Club: FC Inter Milano
Country: Italy
Season: 2020/2021
  • Introduction (1 sticker)
  • Team (8 stickers)
  • La Rosa (27 stickers)
  • I Nuovi Nerazzurri (21 stickers)
  • Le maglie (3 stickers)
  • The coach Antonio Conte (5 stickers)
  • The players (130 stickers)
  • Women's team (4 stickers)
  • La primavera (5 stickers)
  • Le giovanili (9 stickers)
  • Inter Campus (3 stickers)
Extra: 32 cards
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 216 (+32 cards)

venerdì 21 maggio 2021

Topps Champions League 2019/2020


The official sticker collection of the Champions League 2019/2020 is the fifth consecutive album released by Topps. The style of the album and stickers is similar to the previous editions. After an introductory page with the contents of the collection and three stickers (Champions League logo, trophy and the 2019 winners), all the 32 participating clubs are shown one after the other. Due to the early release of the collection in September 2019, the clubs are not shown following the group division. Instead, the 26 teams directly qualified to the group stage are shown first in alphabetical order. For these clubs there are 19 stickers over two pages: the club badge (large size shiny sticker), the stadium (shiny sticker), the top scorer (shiny sticker) and 16 players out of which one is a shiny sticker. The last six clubs that joined the group stage after the play-offs are at the end of the album with only 16 stickers on one page: the shiny club badge and 15 players. The album ends with two sections dedicated to the UEFA Youth League and the Women's Champions League. For both pages there is one large size shiny stickers with the winners of the previous season (Porto in the Youth League and Olympique Lyonnais in the Women's Champions League). This collection includes the rookie sticker of Erling Haaland.

The 2019/20 Champions League was affected by the pandemic and it resumed in August 2020 after being suspended in March 2020. In the final, Bayern Munchen defeated Paris Saint-Germain with a goal scored by Coman (1-0).

Back cover of the album

Champions League rookies: Jason Sancho and Erling Haaland

Messi has two stickers in this collection (both shiny)

Young talents: Achraf Hakimi and Mason Mount

Shiny and regular Ronaldo's stickers

Young strikers: Werner and Osimhen. At the end of the season, the first moved to Chelsea and the latter to Napoli.

French strikers: Mbappé and Benzema

Album details:
Full name: UEFA Champions League 2019/20
Publisher: Topps
Release: September 2019
Competition: UEFA Champions League
Season: 2019/2020
Number of clubs: 32
Stickers per club: 19 or 16
Other sections:
  • Introduction (1 sticker)
  • Youth League (1 sticker)
  • Women's Champions League (1 sticker)
Updates: No
Hardcover: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 595