lunedì 28 settembre 2015

Panini Copa Cable Magico 2009 (Peru)

Copa Cable Magico 2009 is the sticker album of the Peruvian League released by Panini. 
It includes the 16 teams of Primera Division. The album opens with the calendar of the competition, then the teams are shown with the following order: Universitario Lima, Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal, Universidad de San Martin, Cienciano, Total Calaco, Cesar Vallejo, Alianza Atletico, Jose Galvez, Juan Aurich, CNI, Melgar, Sport Huancayo, Bolognesi, and Inti Gas. Each team is displayed over two pages and includes 17 stickers: the shirt printed on fabric material and 16 players. There are details of the club on the upper left corner of the page and details of the players are printed on the stickers.

The back cover of the album

Fabric sticker of the club José Galvez

Player stickers include details of weight, height and date of birth

Album details
Full name: Copa Cable Magico 2009
Publisher: Panini
League: Peru
Season: 2009
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 17
Special sections: No

Total number of stickers: 272

sabato 19 settembre 2015

Panini Brasil de Todas as Copas

Panini released in November 2013 a sticker album about the history of the Brazilian National team in the official competitions: Copa America, World Cup and Confederations Cup. This album has a great design and it follows a similar format of the previously released Panini Santos 100 anos. The cover has a big logo of Brazil in relief and in hard material. There are a total of 300 stickers, out of which about 20 in fabric material and about 20 transparent stickers. The collection starts with a foreword and the team photo (2 stickers) of the first match in the history of Brazil. Then an extendable page shows the table of contents on three pages. The first part is about the World Cup from its first edition in Uruguay in 1930 to its last event in 2010. The second part of the album shows the history of Brazil in the Copa America and in the Confederations Cup. 

Past and present legends of Brazil: 
Pelé (2 stickers photo) and Neymar (transparent sticker)

Album details
Full name: Brasil de Todas as Copas 1919-2014
Publisher: Panini
Team: Brazil national team
Release date: November 2013
-Brasil de todas as taças
-Table of contents
-Somos unicos (Uruguai 1930)
-Adeus precoce (Italia 1934)
-Primeiro Podio (França 1938)
-A taça era nossa (Brasil 1950)
-Nasce a Amarelinha (Suiça 1954)
-O Mundo è verde e amarelo (Suecia 1958)
-So da Brasil (Chile 1962)
-Os deus se separam (Inglaterra 1966)
-Pelé sobrenatural
-Para sempre nossa (Mexico 1970)
-Batendo na trave (Alemanha 1974)
-Campeao moral (Argentina 1978)
-Seleçao inesquecivel (Espanha 1982)
-Adeus sem titulo (Mexico 1986)
-Gigante adormecido (Italia 1990)
-Zagallo è do Brasil
-Voltando a ser o maior (EUA 1994)
-Com uma mao na taça (França 1998)
-Monstros sagrados
-Penta incontestavel (Coreia Japao 2002)
-Fin dos sonhos nas quartas (Alemanha 2006)
-Eliminaçao nos detalhes (Africa do Sul 2010)
-Que venha o hexa (2014)
-A conquista da America (Copa America)
-Supremacia (Confederations Cup)

Total number of stickers: 300

mercoledì 16 settembre 2015

Panini Ekstraklasa 2015 (Poland)

Panini Ekstraklasa of the Polish league for the season 2014/2015 is a renovated album that includes a big poster to glue mini-stickers of all players and club badges. The concept is the same of the latest Panini Champions League album, where each player sticker is composed by a portrait and a separate mini-sticker with details.
The album opens with the table of contents, the list of winners of the Polish league since 1920 and the first three stickers: the Panini logo, the Trophy, and the Ekstraklasa logo.
The album continues with a double page that summarizes the previous season (2013/2014). Here there are 8 stickers with best moments/players of the championship.

All the 16 club badges are collected in two pages. These stickers are shining and also composed by two parts (badge + mini-sticker), in which the mini-sticker can be glued on the maxi-poster. 

The 16 teams are then showed in alphabetical order. For each team there are 19 stickers over two pages: the team photo, 11 regular players displayed with the tactics of the team (for example 3-5-2 for Cracovia), and 7 substitutes displayed on the right page. The sticker of the star player of each team is silver shining.

At the end of the album, after the teams are shown, there are still two sections. The first concerns the best young prospects of the league: 16 action stickers displayed over two pages. The second includes the calendar of the competition and the last sticker of the album: the official ball.

The maxi-poster to glue all the mini-stickers is stapled in the middle of the album. It is a useful overview of all the players included in the album and it can also be used as a missing list (except the stickers of the special sections).

The maxi-poster (size of eight A4 pages) where all the mini-stickers of badges and players of the 16 teams can be glued

A detail of the mini-stickers

Two young promosing stars of Polish football, both born in 1997: Kowacki (forward of Lech Poznan) and Dragowski (goalkeeper of Jagellonia).

Young prospects (1994 or younger) included in the album:
Jaroszynski (1994, Cracovia), Zymanski and Wronski (1995 and 1994, GKS), Sadzawicki and Cerimagic (both 1994, Gornik Zabrze), Dragowski, Frankowski, and Mystkowski (1997, 1995, and 1998, Jagiellonia), V. Markovic and Cebula (1994 and 1995, Korona Kielce), Kedziora, Linetty, and Kownacki (94, 95, and 97, Lech Poznan), Friesenbichler (94, Lechia), Duda (94, Legia Warszawa), Murawski (94, Piast Gliwice), Matynia and Rudol (both 95, Pogon), Helik (95, Ruch Chorzow), Dankowski (96, Slask), Uryga, Guedes, Zajac, and Stepinski (94, 96, 95, and 95, Wisla)

Album details
Full name: Ekstraklasa 2015
Publisher: Panini
League: Polish Ekstraklasa
Season: 2014/2015
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 19
Special sections: - Introduction (3 stickers)
                            - Best of season 2013/2014 (8 stickers)
                            - Club badges (16 stickers)
                            - Rising stars Ekstraklasa (16 stickers)
                            - Calendar (1 sticker official ball)
Extra: Poster with all the mini-stickers of badges and players

Total number of stickers:  348

martedì 8 settembre 2015

Panini Calciatori 2015

Panini Calciatori, the most complete football sticker collection, presents for the season 2014-2015 an album which focuses on the young players of the league. The cover shows the most promising young talent of each team (Kovacic for Inter, Pogba for Juventus, Anderson for Lazio, etc...) and at the end of the album there is a section about the future of the Italian national team, with stickers of young prospects. The album opens with the calendar of the competition on the back of the cover and the first stickers, the official balls of the competition (two shining half-stickers). The right page includes the trophies and logos of the competition; this year there are only two stickers in this section, the trophy and logo of Serie A (both shining stickers).

The album continues showing the Serie A teams in alphabetical order. Each team is displaced over four pages and includes 26 stickers: the shining club badge, the coach, 20 players, the three official team kits (home/away jerseys, all fabric stickers), and one player in action related to one quiz question. 

This year there are no update stickers in each team page, but there is a special section dedicated to the winter transfers (Calciomercato) just after the Serie A teams. On four pages there are 44 stickers of players transferred during the season. This stickers can be obtained separately in a dedicated update transfer set. With the update set there are also mini stickers of new players that can be glued on each team page.

The young teams that take part in the young Italian championship (Campionato Primavera) find their space in a double page with the trophy and logo of the competition (both half sticker) and 42 half stickers of team photos.

The usual section with the highlights of the season (Il Film del Campionato) includes also this year 16 extra stickers that can be found in two separate packets released in a newspaper, one in January and the other in June 2015. The first packet includes the highlights of the first half of the season; here we have stickers like the top scorer Carlos Tevez (il Cannoniere), the shutter Buffon (la Saracinesca) and the high performer Dybala (alto rendimento). The second packet includes 8 stickers with the final verdicts: the man of the year (Tevez), the top scorers (Toni and Icardi), the high performer (Anderson), the champions (Juventus, 2 stickers), the winner, the second and the third team of Serie B (Carpi, Frosinone and Bologna, respectively).

The Serie B section starts with the calendar and the first stickers: the logo and the official ball (both half stickers). Then the 22 teams are shown in alphabetical order. Each team has 8 stickers on one page: the club badge (half sticker), the coach (half sticker), the team photo, and 18 players (three players per sticker).

The third division (Lega Pro) is divided in three groups. There is a sticker with the logo and official ball of the competition (both half stickers) and for each team a team photo (half sticker) and a club badge (1/4 of a sticker).

The amateur league (Serie D) is also included with the list of participating teams and stickers of the logos of the competition (both 1/4 of a sticker). The Women's league is also included with the calendar, the team photos (no stickers) and the two logos of the competition (both 1/4 of a sticker). Before the last section there is still one shining sticker with the logo of the National Italian Federation (FIGC).

The last section of the album is dedicated to the rising stars of Italian football (L'Italia che verrà). In this section there are 12 action stickers of 12 players. These stickers are special stickers in relief.

The update set released in April 2015:
it includes 44 stickers.

The packet Il Film del Campionato:
released in June 2015 it includes 8 stickers

Front and retro of one of the best players of the season: Paulo Dybala.
The retro of each player sticker includes a quiz question with answer provided at the bottom.

Two strong players both born on 1993: Felipe Anderson was leading Lazio to the third place and Paul Pogba was a leader of Juventus, the winners of the season 2014/15.

Two rising stars included in the album: Mateo Kovacic (Internazionale) was transferred to Real Madrid at the end of the season for around 40 millions of euros and Kingsley Coman (Juventus, rookie sticker) to Bayer Munchen for 25 millions

Young Prospects included Serie A (1994 or younger):
Cragno, Murru, Donsah (1994, 1994, and 1996, Cagliari), Rugani, Hysaj, Zielinski (all 1994, Empoli), Bernardeschi (1994, Fiorentina), Kovacic (1994, Inter), Coman (1996, Juventus), Keita (1995, Lazio), Romagnoli (1995, Sampdoria), Berardi (1994, Sassuolo), Benassi (1994, Torino), Scuffet and Bruno Fernandes (1996 and 1994, Udinese)
Update Set: Niang (1994, Genoa), Rodrigo Aguirre (1994, Udinese)

Album details
Full name: Calciatori 2014/2015
Publisher: Panini
League: Italian (Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro, Primavera)
Total number of teams: 20 Serie A
                                       22 Serie B
                                       60 Lega Pro
                                       42 Primavera
Stickers per team: 26 for Serie A teams
                                8 for Serie B teams
                                0.75 for Lega Pro teams
                                0.5 for Primavera
Special sections: Introduction Serie A (3 stickers)
                            Introduction Primavera (1 sticker)
                            Introduction Serie B (1 sticker)
                            Serie D (half sticker)
                            Women's league (half sticker)
                            Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio (1 sticker)
                             L'Italia che verrà  (12 stickers)
Update stickers: Calciomercato (44 stickers)
Extra stickers: Il Film del campionato (16 stickers V1-V16)

Total number of stickers: 842 (782 + V1-V16 + update set)