sabato 26 novembre 2016

Panini Carrefour - Tous en France (Belgium)

After the album Panini Red Devils for the World Cup 2014, Panini issued another collection for Euro 2016 totally dedicated to the Belgian National Team, in collaboration with the supermarket Carrefour. The album is again hardcover and the collection has many more stickers, including also an update of 20 stickers about the Euro 2016 Tournament of Belgium.
The album starts with an introductory section of the Belgian Red Devils ("Family Day"), with 16 stickers over 3 pages. Then the qualification and preparation matches are shown. For each match there are stickers of the game and a special metallic sticker with the team photo.

Then each Red Devil player has his own page, starting with the captain Vincent Kompany, with a total of six stickers: the shining portrait, two action stickers, a photo composed by two stickers, and the face of the player to be glued on the player photo on the album. The 23 Belgian players included are: Kompany, Courtois, Mignolet, Denayer, Alderweireld, Lombaerts, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Meunier, Witsel, Fellaini, Hazard, Mirallas, Mertens, Dembélé, Nainggolan, Carrasco, Chadli, De Bruyne, Benteke, Batshuayi, Origi, Lukaku.

"Numbers" is a four page section with statistics and 18 stickers, out of which 5 shining. Then the calendar of the tournament is presented, including two stickers. The album continues with "Family Album" (10 stickers) and "Belgian Pride" (9 stickers of which 3 special).

"Rookies" is an interesting section that includes five young Belgian prospects: Tielemans, Bakkali, Praet, Dendoncker, and Musonda. They all have two action stickers, out of which one is a special metallic sticker.

The album continues with "Play like a Devil" (12 stickers of which 3 special), "My Dream Team" (in which it is possible to decide who are the 11 regular players of the team, sticking the stickers in the desired position), "We love our fans" (12 stickers, 2 special), and "Selfies" (6 stickers, 1 special).

The last section of the album is "Tournament Update", with 20 stickers about the games played by Belgium at Euro 2016. These stickers were released in an update set in September 2016.

Back cover of the hardcover album "Samen naar Frankrijk / Tous en France"

The special metallic "Rookie" stickers of Bakkali and  Musonda 

Shining stickers of Courtois, Hazard, and De Bruyne

The Update packet with 20 new stickers

Album details
Full name: Samen naar Frankrijk / Tous en France
Publisher: Panini and Carrefour
Team: Belgian National Team:
Year: 2016
Hardcover album: Yes
Update: Yes (20 stickers)
      -Family Day (16 stickers, 3 special)
      -Wedstrijden/Matches (75 stickers, 15 special)
      -Red Devil Players (138 stickers, 23 special)
      -Numbers (18 stickers, 4 special)
      -Calendar of the games (2 stickers)
      -Family album (10 stickers)
      -Belgian Pride (9 stickers, 2 special)
      -Rookies (10 stickers, 5 special)
      -Play like a devil (12 stickers, 3 special)
      -My Dream Team (12 stickers)
      -We love our fans (12 stickers, 2 special)
      -Selfies (6 stickers, 1 special)
      -Tournament update (20 stickers)

Total number of sticker: 340

sabato 19 novembre 2016

Panini Futebol 2014

Panini Futebol 2013-14 is the official sticker collection of the Portuguese Premier League (Liga Zon Sagres) for the season 2013-14. The album opens with the foreword, table of contents, and the first sticker: the trophy of the competition.
Then the 16 clubs are shown in alphabetical order. For each team there are 21 stickers over two pages: the club badge, the team photo, the coach, and 18 players. The sticker of the club badge is a regular sticker and not a special sticker (metallic/shining) like in the previous album. Details about each player are printed on the album under the sticker space. 

The last part of the album includes some special sections with stickers of players in action. The first section is "Panini Generation" with 9 regular stickers of young raising players: Cedric, Paulo Oliveira, Luis Martins, André Gomes (now a player of Barcelona), Jota, Josué, Rafa, Sturgeon, and Tomane. Then the three main Portuguese clubs (Benfica, Porto, Sporting Lisbon) have 9 sticker each of their stars. These are special metallic stickers of the players in action. Star players of the other clubs appear in the section "Liga Zon Sagres Stars". In this section there are 18 regular stickers of players in action. The last section of the album is "Portugal Stars" with 27 special metallic stickers displaced over three pages. These are action stickers of the best Portuguese players playing abroad (Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Moutinho, etc...).

The back cover of the album

Update set
This collection has a special update set composed by a short album (8 pages) and 54 update stickers of players that were not included in the regular album or they were transferred during the winter session of the market. The update album has the same size and cover picture of the regular album. The 54 update stickers have a larger size to include also details of the players. They are displaced over six pages following the alphabetical order of the teams, starting with the players not included in the regular album (Atualizaçao) and continuing with the players transferred in January (Aquisiçoes de Janeiro). In this update set we find some rookie stickers of well-known players (like Oblak and Joao Mario).

Rookie stickers of Jan Oblak (Benfica) and Joao Mario (Vitoria Setubal) included in the update set

Action stickers of André Gomes (now at Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) from Futebol 2013-14

Young players of this collection (born 1993 or younger)
Tiago Silva and Sturgeon (1993 and 1994, Belenenses), André Gomes and Markovic (1993 and 1994, Benfica), Rafa (1993, Braga), Peck's (1993, Gil Vicente), José Sà (1993, Marìtimo), Miguel Rodrigues, Jota, and Lucas Joao (all 1993, Nacional Madeira), Diego Gonçalves, Daniel Bessa, and Vojtus (1994, 1993, and 1993, Olhanense), Quintero and Kelvin (both 1993, Porto), Hassan, Diego Lopes, and Ederson (1993, 1994, and 1993, Rio Ave), Eric Dier (1994, Sporting), Luis Rocha (1993, V. Guimaraes), Frederico Venancio, Ruben Vezo, and Ricardo Horta (1993, 1994, and 1994, V.Setubal)
Panini Generation: André Gomes, Jota, Rafa, and Sturgeon
Benfica Stars: Markovic
Porto Stars: Quintero
Sporting Stars: Dier
Liga Zon Sagres Stars: Hassan
Update Set: Oblak and Ivan Cavaleiro (both 1993, Benfica), Ricardo (1993, Porto), Mané (1994, Sporting), Luiz Phelyppe (1993, Estoril), Gomaa (1993, Nacional), Joao Mario and Betinho (both 1993, Vitoria Setubal)

Album details
Full name: Futebol 2013-14
Publisher: Panini
League: Portuguese (Liga Zon Sagres)
Season: 2013-2014
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 21
Special sections:
      -Introduction (1 sticker)
      -Panini Generation (9 stickers)
      -Benfica stars (9 stickers)
      -Porto stars (9 stickers)
      -Sporting stars (9 stickers)
      -Liga Zon Sagres stars (18 stickers)
      -Portugal stars (27 stickers)
Update set: Album + 54 stickers

Total number of stickers: 418 + 54 (update)

giovedì 10 novembre 2016

BH Premijer Liga 2015/2016 - Bosnia

After a first edition 2014-2015, SkyMedia released a second album of the Bosnian Premier League for the season 2015-2016. The album is high quality with thick paper cover and pages. The album opens with an introduction of 7 stickers: the BH Premijer Liga logo (four stickers), the Trophy, the Bosnian Federation logo, and the BH sponsor. Teams are then shown in alphabetical order. Each team includes 22 stickers covering the club badge, the team photo (two stickers), the stadium, and 18 players.

Back cover of the album

Two of the youngest players of this album: Advan Kadusic (13 appearances in the season 2015-16 with Sarajevo) and Amar Alikadic (9 appearances with Velez)

Young players in this album (born 1996 or younger)
Ajdin Redzic (1997, Borac), Anes Durakovic (Celik), Stefan Pecenica, Mladen Atic, and Mico Kuzmanovic (all 1996, FK Drina), Mark Varesanovic, Nemanja Andusic, and Rijad Kobiljar (1998, 1996, and 1996, FK Olimpic), Demir Jakupovic and Nebojsa Mrkic (both 1996, Rudar), Advan Kadusic and Samir Radovac (1997 and 1996, FK Sarajevo), Marko Simovic (1996, FK Slavija), Luka Menalo (1996, FK Siroki Brijeg), Hrustan Kadric (1997, NK Travnik), Haris Voloder (96), Amar Alikadic (98), Taik Isic (96), Hamza Mesanovic (97), Demir Peco (96), and Petar Vidovic (97; all FK Velez), Goran Karacic (HSK Zrinjski), Kerim Memija and Dzenis Beganovic (both 1996, FK Zeljeznicar)

Club badges of Bosnia Premier League 2015-16

Album details
Full name: BH Premijer Liga Bosna Hercegovina 2015-2016
Publisher: SkyMedia
League: Bosnia Premier League
Season: 2015-2016
Release: March 2016
Number of teams: 16
Stickers per team: 22
Hardcover album: Yes
Update stickers: No
Special Sections: Introduction (7 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 359