giovedì 29 dicembre 2022

Topps Bundesliga 2022


The official sticker collection of the Bundesliga is published by Topps since 2010. The 2021/2022 edition was released in December 2021, including all the clubs of the Bundesliga and the 2.Bundesliga.

The album begins with an introduction of seven pages about the German Bundesliga. The stickers included in these pages are the Topps logo, the Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga trophies (two shiny stickers each), the official ball, the German map of football (two stickers), the highlights of the previous season with six stickers (Lewandowski, Haaland, Mvumpa, Lazaro, St.Juste, and One Football), and the Bundesliga stadiums with 18 stickers. The record stickers of Lewandowski and Haaland (number 9 and 10 in the album) were released also as limited edition shiny stickers.

The 18 clubs of Bundesliga are then shown in alphabetical order. For each club there are 22 stickers displaced over four pages. On the first two pages the club is introduced with facts, statistics, and five stickers: the metallic badge (large sticker), the home and away shirts, the young prospect (metallic sticker) and the "duo" (large metallic sticker).

After the Bundesliga clubs, there are two special sections. "Kids-clubs" includes 16 stickers of drawings realized by young supporters, whereas "Ruckblick 2.Bundesliga 2020/21" shows the highlights of the 2.Bundesliga 2020/21 with 6 stickers.

The last part of the album is dedicated to the second division (2.Bundesliga). For each club there are only two stickers: the metallic badge and the portrait of the star player. There are no updates for this collection.

Back cover of the album

Promising rookies Jude Bellingham and Jamal Musiala

Leipzig rising star Gvardiol and star player Dani Olmo

Haaland and Lewandowski stickers from the Borussia and Bayern's club pages

The limited edition stickers of Lewandowski and Haaland (nr. 9 and 10; in the standard version these stickers are not shiny)
Album details:
Full name: Bundesliga 2021/2022
Publisher: Topps
Release: December 2021
League: German (Bundesliga and 2.Bundesliga)
Season: 2021/2022
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Bundesliga (18 clubs, 22 stickers)
  • 2.Bundesliga (18 clubs, 2 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Introduction (8 stickers)
  • Bundesliga 2020/2021 (6 stickers)
  • Stadiums (18 stickers)
  • Kids-clubs in Deutschland (16 stickers)
  • 2.Bundesliga 2020/2021 (6 stickers)
Extra: Lewandowski and Haaland "Limited editions" (2 stickers)
Update: No
Poster: No
Hardcover album: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 486

martedì 20 dicembre 2022

Panini Copa America 2021


The Copa America 2020 was postponed to the following year due to the pandemic. Panini published a preview collection in 2020 and the actual Copa America album in 2021. The tournament was supposed to be held in Argentina and Colombia, as stated on the cover and contents of the albums, but it was eventually moved to Brazil.

The album was produced in the softcover and hardcover versions. The latter was released also in a limited golden edition that we present here. In the introductory page there are the first three stickers: the official logo, ball, and locations of the competion. Then the venues and stadiums of the tournament that was supposed to take place in Argentina and Colombia are shown with three stickers for each venue (the city name and two stickers of the stadium).

The 10 competing teams are then shown following the group division. For each team there are 29 stickers over four pages: the shiny federation logo, the team photo (two stickers), 20 player portraits, the star player in action (shiny sticker), the home and away kits, fans, celebrations, and identity stickers.

The last part of the album includes some special sections. "Masters" are "Bombers" show some of the most talented players and best strikers of the competition, with a total of 36 stickers, out of which two shiny stickers (Messi and Guerrero). "Legends" includes 13 stickers of some of the most legendary players of the tournament (Valderrama, Francescoli, Maradona,...). The album ends with the roll of honours and the last three stickers dedicated to the trophy (two stickers) and the mascot of the tournament.

Back cover of the album

Golden hardcover album Copa America 2021

Shiny badge stickers

The regular and shiny sticker of Messi from this collection

The talents Darwin Nunez and Neymar

Maradona's legend stickers

Argentina Campeon: Maxi Poster + 36 stickers
To celebrate the victory of Argentina in the Copa America 2021, Panini released after the tournament a special poster with a complete set of 36 celebratory stickers. Here we find all the stickers of the players, the manager, the federation logo, and the key moments of the tournament for Argentina, who won the final against Brazil in the Maracanà stadium (1-0).

Stickers of Messi and Lautaro from the commemorative set "Argentina Campeon"

Album details:
Full name: CONMEBOL Copa America 2021
Publisher: Panini
Tournament: Copa America 
Year: 2021
Number of teams: 10
Stickers per team: 29
Other sections:
  • Introduction (3 stickers)
  • Venues and Stadiums (24 stickers)
  • Masters (18 stickers)
  • Goleadores (18 stickers)
  • Legends (13 stickers)
  • Roll of Honour (3 stickers)
Hardcover album: Yes (also in a limited golden edition)
Updates: No
Extra: Poster - Argentina Campeon (36 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 369