domenica 30 agosto 2015

Torneo Inicial Primera Division 2012/2013 (Argentina)

We present here a sticker album released by Futbol Para Todos (Industria Argentina) about the Torneo Inicial (Copa Evita Capitana) of the Argentinian Primera Division for the season 2012/2013. As the previous editions, the album includes all the 20 teams of the Primera Division with a variable number of stickers per team. At the end of the album there are also four teams of the Second Division: Independiente Rivadavia, Instituto Cordoba, Rosario Central, and Gimnasia La Plata. The album opens with the calendar on the left and the first team on the right page, Club Atletico All Boys. Each sticker includes a photo of the player in a yellow frame and underneath a box with player details (full name, place and date of birth). This album includes only stickers of players and no club badges, stadium or team photo. The background of each team page is divided in two parts. The upper part has the colours of the team and the lower part shows a photo of the club stadium.

The back cover of the album

Two old friends of Juventus: Mauro Camoranesi and David Trezeguet

Album details
Full name: Torneo Inicial - Primera Division 2012/2013 - 
                  Copa Evita Capitana
Publisher: Futbol Para Todos - Industria Argentina
League: Argentina (Primera Division)
Number of teams: 20 teams Primera Division + 4 teams Primera B
Stickers per team: 14 for Boca Jrs and River Plate
                              13 for Independiente, Newell's
                              12 for Belgrano, Racing, San Lorenzo
                              11 for Godoy Cruz
                                7 for Arsenal, Estudiantes, Santa Fe
                                6 stickers for the 13 remaining teams
Special sections: No

Total number of stickers: 200

lunedì 17 agosto 2015

Panini Women's World Cup Canada 2015

After the great and unexpected success of the album for the Women's World Cup 2011, Panini decided to publish a sticker album also for the 2015 edition, this time released in many more countries. The collection has a design that somehow follows the albums of the Men's World Cup. The album opens with the contents and the roll of honour. In these two introductory pages there are 5 shining stickers: the logo, the official ball, the trophy, and the poster (2 stickers) of the competition. Then a double page with the six venues and stadiums of the competition located on a map of Canada for a total of 12 stickers. Before presenting the teams divided by groups, there are still 5 stickers about the fair play trophy, the young player award, the mascot, and the slogan "To a Greater Goal" in English and French. In the following we present the composition of the groups. For each team there are 19 stickers displayed over two pages: the shining team badge, the team photo, and 17 players.

Group A: Canada, China, New Zealand, Netherlands

Group B: Germany, Ivory Coast, Norway, Thailand
Germany reached the semifinals, defeated by USA they got the third place against England.

Group C: Japan, Switzerland, Camerun, Ecuador
The title owner Japan reached again the final, but this time lost 5-2 against USA.

Group D: USA, Australia, Sweden, Nigeria
Here we find the winner of the World Cup 2015, USA. They did a splendid tournament winning against Germany 2-0 in the semifinals and 5-2 against Japan in the final.

Group E: Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Costa Rica
Brazil was disappointing, out in the round of 16 against Australia.

Group F: France, England, Colombia, Mexico
Good tournament for England that lost the semifinal with Japan at the last minute. Fourth place for them at the end.

Two of the most famous lady players: the Dutch Anouk Hoogendijk and the Brazilian Marta

Album details
Full name: Canada 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup
Publisher: Panini
Competition: Women's World Cup
Year: 2015
Number of teams: 24
Stickers per team: 19
Special sections: -Introduction (5 shining stickers)
                           -Venues and stadiums (12 stickers)
                           - Trophies, Mascot, Slogan (5 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 478

giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Panini Copa America Chile 2015 (Hardcover album)

Panini Copa America is the third official album dedicated by Panini to the Copa America after the editions 2007 and 2011, the first with the hardcover album. The album opens with an introduction about the program of the competition. This page includes four stickers: the Copa America logo (two stickers), mascot and stadium of the final. Then the locations of the Copa America 2015 (Chile) are presented in a double page. For each of the 8 locations there is a sticker of the venue and a sticker of the stadium. Then the 12 teams included are shown based on the three groups of the competition. Each team is displayed over three pages with a total of 23 stickers: the team photo (2 stickers), the shining national badge, and 20 players.

Group A: Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia
Chile hosted the competition and also won the trophy defeating Argentina in the final. Bolivia passed the group and lost in the quarter finals against Peru (1-3).

Group B: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Jamaica
Argentina was expected as one potential winner. They reached the final, but lost at penalties against Chile. Uruguay was out in the quarterfinals, whereas Paraguay defeated Brasil and reached the semifinals before losing against Argentina.

Group C: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela
Brasil was a big disappointment as they lost in the quarterfinals (against Paraguay) same as Colombia (against Argentina). Much better tournament for Peru, who reached the semifinals and lost 2-1 with Chile.

The last part of the album includes the best players in action. There are a total of 50 stickers of players in action out of which 12 are shining. The last page of the album presents the roll of honour of the Copa America and two stickers to compose the trophy of the competition.

The two stickers of Arturo Vidal: portrait and action

The two stickers of Messi of the Panini Copa America 2015

Album details
Full name: Copa America Chile 2015
Publisher: Panini
Competition: Copa America
Year: 2015
Number of teams: 12
Stickers per team: 23
Special sections: -Programme (4 stickers)
                            -Venues and stadiums (16 stickers)
                           -In action (50 stickers)
                           -Roll of honour (2 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 348

sabato 8 agosto 2015

Santos 100 Anos (Brazil)

To celebrate 100 years of the legendary Football Club Santos, Panini Brazil released in 2012 a spectacular sticker album. The collection is one of the best ever issued for quality of the album, graphics and stickers. The same style of the album was later re-used by Panini for the collections Brasil de Todas as Copas and Santa Cruz 100 anos.
The album has a fancy black cover with the golden club logo in relief and it begins with an introduction about the club and the first sticker: a fabric club badge celebrating the 100 years of the club

 Introduction and first fabric sticker: the club logo

The album shows then a page with the four club badges used during the history of the club. These four stickers are also made of fabric material. This page has an extension that compose a triple page with the summary of the club history. Here we have two fabric stickers (club flag and mascot) and three transparent foil stickers (with the three actual uniforms). This triple page is also a table of content of the album, indicating pages of each section along the history of the club. The album continues then with sections covering the history of the club since its origin. The first section (Concordia...Brasil Atletico...Santos!) describes the foundation of the club with stickers of old pictures and the first cup won by the club: Campeonato Santista 1913. Then there is a double page dedicated to Vila Belmiro, the stadium of Santos (O Templo Sagrado). In the following sections more facts, events, results, historical players are shown until we reach the time of the great Pelé. He has a total of four pages with action stickers and shining portraits. 

 The triple page dedicated to Pelé

In the most recent history of the club we find players like Robinho, Diego and in particular Neymar. The latter is now a star of Barcelona, but he grew up in Santos and leaded the team to the conquer of its third Copa Libertadores in 2011. In the album there a large section dedicated to Neymar (Linhagem Real) with stickers of him in action, including a caricature and two shining stickers.

The last part of the album covers the most recent achievements of Santos: Libertadores 2011, Paulistao 2012, and Recopa 2012.

The back cover of the album

 The beginning of Neymar at Santos: 
this is his youngest sticker ever

Pelé, a legend of FC Santos, 
where he spent the largest part of his career

Album details
Full name: Santos 100 anos, livro ilustrado oficial
Publisher: Panini
Team: Santos F.C. (Brazil)
Year: 2012
Sections: -Parabens, Santos! (1 sticker)
                -Santos logos (4 stickers)
                -Table of contents (5 stickers)
                -Concordia...Brasil Atletico...Santos! (9 stickers)
                -O templo Sagrado (12 stickers)
                -Apito inimigo (5 stickers)
                -A primera vez (6 stickers)
                -Un esquadrao começa a surgir (3 stickers)
                -20 anos depois (7 stickers)
                -Enchendo a sala de troféus (13 stickers)
                -O dono do mundo (11 stickers)
                -O maior de todos (11 stickers)
                -Quinteto Santastico (9 stickers)
                -Pelé (19 stickers)
                -O Brasil é nosso (11 stickers)
                -O dia em que a guerra parou (11 stickers)
                -Os craques nao param de chegar (15 stickers)
                -Os meninos da Vila (14 stickers)
                -Chulapa Neles (16 stickers)
                -Passado e presente so de glorias (12 stickers)
                -O raio cai pela 2a vez (17 stickers)
                -Linhagem real (11 stickers)
                -Sempre Santos! (15 stickers)
                -Centenario com taça (6 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 244