giovedì 30 gennaio 2020

Panini Brasileirao 2019

The sticker album of the Brazilian football 2019 is again an excellent product. The collection covers the two main divisions with special stickers for badges and mascots, and the release of the hardcover version as usual since 2011 (with the exception of 2015). The only drop of style of this album is the cover, which is not up to the standard of the recent Brazilian Panini collections.
The album starts with an introductory page about the collection, including two shiny stickers: the Federation logo and the cover of the album. The following two pages are about the Serie A, with facts and top scorers 2018, and four stickers: Serie A logo, trophy and the winners 2018 (Palmeiras).

The Serie A clubs are shown in the album following the classification order of the previous season, therefore starting with  the champions Palmeiras and closing with the new promoted clubs Fortaleza, CAS, Avai and Goias. For each club there are 17 stickers: the shiny badge and mascot, and 15 players.

This year, for the first time, there is a section with the latest signing. Here we find six shiny stickers of new league players. Among them Rafinha (ex Bayern Munchen) and Ramires (ex Chelsea). The Serie B section is introduced by two pages with the top scorers 2018, facts and four stickers: shiny logo, shiny trophy and the winners 2018 (Fortaleza). Each Serie B club page includes the shiny stickers of the logo and the mascot together with 15 players of the squad (each player is half sticker). 

Another new entry of this year is the Brazilian Women's league. This section is composed by two pages with the recent winners and four introductory stickers: shiny logo, shiny trophy and the winners 2018 (Corinthians).

Back of the hardcover album

Concerning the football season 2019, Flamengo dominated the championship with a total of 90 points, 16 more than Santos and Palmeiras. They had also the top scorer of the league, Gabriel "Gabigol" Barbosa, with 25 goals, but more significantly they won the Copa Libertadores 2019 in a thrilling final against River Plate.

Flamengo strikers Gabigol (top scorer of the league) and Bruno Henrique

Badge and mascot stickers of the winners 2019: Flamengo

The experienced strikers Guerrero and Fred

Young Brazilian prospects of this collection: Alerrandro (two goals in the Serie A 2019) and the 16 years old Miguel Silveira (three appearances with Fluminens in 2019)

The new signings Otero (Atletico Mineiro) and Rafinha (Flamengo)

Familiar faces in Serie B: Michel Bastos (ex Olympique Lyonnais) and Maicon (ex Inter)

The hardcover album Brasileiro 2019

Album details
Full name: Brasileirao 2019
Publisher: Panini
Release: August 2019
Hardcover album: Yes
League: Brazilian (Serie A, Serie B)
Season: 2019
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Serie A: 20 clubs and 17 stickers
  • Serie B: 20 clubs and 9.5 stickers
Other sections:
  • Album introduction (two stickers)
  • Serie A introduction (four stickers)
  • Serie B introduction (four stickers)
  • As novas caras (six stickers)
  • Women's league (four stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 550

sabato 25 gennaio 2020

Abril/Panini Brasileiro 95

The Brazilian championship 1995 was contested by 24 clubs with a regular season followed by a final round with the best four teams. The final was played in two games by Santos and Botafogo, with the latter winning the title (2-1 at home and 1-1 away), confirming the first place in the regular season. Botafogo had also the top scorer of the league, Tulio Maravilha with 23 goals.
The sticker album Campeonato Brasileiro 95 is the sixth and last album published by Abril in partnership with Panini. Starting from the season 1996, the Italian company will publish the album by itself, improving considerably the quality of the colleciton.
The album 1995 has a similar layout to the previous season. It starts with the team stickers of the 24 competing clubs, initially divided in group A and B. In the following pages, each club is shown with 19 stickers on two pages: the badge, the mascot, and 17 players in action. Details of the club and a brief description of each player are printed on the album. After the club pages the album ends with no other sections. It is a complete but simple collection. Some player stickers have low definition.

Sao Paulo star players: Denilson (ex Betis) and Alemao (ex Napoli)

Two future Inter players: Ze Elias (from 1997 to 1999) and Ze Maria (from 2004 to 2006)

Legendary Brazilian goalkeeper of 1995. The world champion Taffarel and the future AC Milan star Dida

Young Brazilian talents in 1995: Cafu (Roma, Milan) and Rivaldo (Barcelona, Milan)

Jardel and Juninho starting their career in Brazil, before a successful career in Europe

Badge and mascot of Santos, second place in the Brasileirao 1995

Badge and mascot sticker of Botafogo, winner of the Brasileirao 1995

Top scorers of the Brasileirao 1995: Tulio (23 goals) and Giovanni (17 goals)

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 95
Publisher: Abril Panini
League: Brazilian (Serie A)
Season: 1995
Number of clubs: 24
Stickers per club: 19
Other sections: Os groupos do brasileirao 95 (24 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 480