venerdì 28 gennaio 2022

Panini Pro League 2021


The official sticker collection of the Belgian football for the season 2020-2021 was released by Panini in December 2020, continuing the series started with the album Football 1972/73. Pro League 2020-2021 is therefore the 49th album of the series. The collection includes all the clubs of Pro League, First Division B and the Women's league. There are no other sections, but an update set with a total of 128 stickers of players was released in the spring 2021. In the update set there are many young prospects (El Hadj, Daniel Perez, Marco Kana) and some well known players like Tahith Chong and Bas Dost.

The album shows first the 20 clubs of Pro League with 21 stickers per team: the shiny club badge, the team photo (two stickers), the coach, and 17 players. For the 8 clubs of First Division and for the 10 clubs of the Women's league there are 11 stickers on one page: the shiny badge, the team photo, and 9 stickers with the coach and the players (two players per sticker).

Club Brugge won the Pro League title and the Nigerian striker Paul Onuachu was the top goalscorer with 33 goals. In the following, we show pictures of the album with the complete loose set of stickers and the update set.

Back cover of the album

The 128 stickers included in the update set

Album + complete loose set + update set

The five packet versions Pro League 2020-2021

VIncent Kompany (manager) and the Danish Joakim Maehle, who moved to Atalanta in 2021

In the update set we find also the stickers of the Dutch players Tahith Chong (on loan from Manchester United) and Bas Dost (ex Wolfsburg)

Young Belgian prospect from Anderlecht: Anour El Hadj and Marco Kana (both from the update set)

Album details:
Full name: Pro League 2020-2021
Publisher: Panini
Release: December 2020
League: Belgian (Pro League, First Division, Women's League)
Season: 2020-2021
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Pro League (18 clubs, 21 stickers)
  • First Division (8 clubs, 11 stickers)
  • Women's League (10 clubs, 11 stickers)
Other sections: No
Hardcover album: No
Updates: Yes (128 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 576 (+128 update stickers)

martedì 25 gennaio 2022

Panini Brasileiro 2011 (hardcover album)

Campeonato Brasileiro 2011 is the official sticker collection of the Brazilian football for the season 2011. For the first time Panini released a hardcover version of the album, in a limited edition that became immediately very rare. This is the first ever hardcover album released by Panini for a national league. Other countries (Italy, France, England, Spain, and Belgium at last) will follow some years later, with the first Calciatori hardcover in 2016/17 or the Premier League in 2019/20.

Campeonato Brasileiro 2011 includes all the clubs of Serie A and Serie B. The album begins with the table of contents and an introductory page including the sticker number zero: 50 years of Panini (1961-2011). Then the 20 Serie A clubs are shown with 18 stickers each over two pages: the shiny club badge, the home kit, the shiny mascot, the star player in action (PCV sticker), and 14 players. Serie B clubs are included with 8 stickers each: the shiny badge and mascot, and 6 stickers of players including a total of 12 players (two players per sticker). There are no other sections in the album, but the collection features also 8 autograph stickers, which are the same as the regular stickers but with the autograph of the player on it. Those 8 stickers published in the two versions (regular and autographed) are: Ricardinho, Maicosuel, Julio Cesar, Deco, Valdivia, Ganso, Rivaldo, Juninho Pernambucano. 

In addition to those famous names, the Brazilian Serie A included some remarkable players like Ronaldinho, Neymar, Adriano, Casemiro, Alex Sandro, Paulinho, Lucas Moura. Corinthians won the 2011 Campeonato Brasileiro with 71 points, two points more than Vasco da Gama. The striker Borges (Santos) was the top goalscorer with 23 goals. In the following, we present the hardcover album with a complete loose set of stickers.

Back side of the softcover album

Hardcover album + full set Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2011

The hardcover album Brasileiro 2011

Brazilian legends: Adriano and Ronaldinho

The rising stars Neymar and Lucas Moura are included in this collection with a PVC action sticker

Alex Sandro moved to Porto in 2011; Deco played for the same club from 1999 to 2004

The experienced Rivaldo and the young talent Casemiro together in Sao Paulo

Album details:
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2011
Publisher: Panini
League: Brazilian (Serie A and Serie B)
Season: 2011
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Serie A (20 clubs, 18 stickers)
  • Serie B (20 clubs,  8 stickers)
Other sections: Introduction (1 sticker)
Extra: Autograph stickers (8 stickers)
Hardcover album: Yes
Updates: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 521

martedì 18 gennaio 2022

Esselunga - Super Champs Tokyo 2020

Super Champs is the official sticker album of Team Italy for the 2020 Olympic Games held in Tokyo in August 2021. It is produced by the supermarket chain Esselunga and it consists of a sticker book with 180 stickers. For Rio 2016, the sticker album of the Italian team was published by Panini, whereas in 2021 Panini printed the album of Team Germany designed by Just Stick It.

The Super Champs album begins with an introduction about Tokyo including three stickers of the city and the flag. Then, the Italian team is introduced with the overall medal table divided per sport and five stickers: the Italian flag, the logo, and the three shiny stickers with the medals (gold, silver and bronze).

The album continues presenting all the olympic disciplines and the Italian athletes that would take part in the competitions. The list of sections with stickers is reported in the album details at the end of this page. Stickers of some major Italian sportstars are included: Filippo Ganna and Vincenzo Nibali (cycling), Tortu, Jacobs and Tamberi (athletics), Ivan Zaytsev (volleyball), Federica Pellegrini (swimming), Berrettini, Fognini, and Sinner (tennis).

Team Italy was very successful in Tokyo. They set a new record in number of medals won with a total of 40 medals: 10 gold, 10 silver, and 10 bronze medals. Sensational results were achieved in athletics with the gold medals in the 100 m (Jacobs), 4x100 relay (Jocobs-Tortu-Desalu-Patta), high jump (Tamberi), men's 20 km walk (Stano) and women's 20 km walk (Palmisano).

Back cover of the album

There are two versions of the packets: regular and volleyball special

Italian superstars at the 2020 Olympic Games: Marcell Jacobs won the 100 m and the 4x100 relay, whereas Gianmarco Tamberi got the gold medal in the high jump.

Gold medals in Tokyo: Antonella Palmisano (20 km) and Luigi Busà (Karate)

Album details:
Full name: Super Champs
Publisher: Esselunga
Release: June 2021
Competition: Olympics Games - Tokyo 2020
Team: Italy
Sections and stickers:
  • Introduction (3 stickers)
  • Team Italy (5 stickers)
  • Climbing (4 stickers)
  • Athletics (19 stickers)
  • Canoe (6 stickers)
  • Rowing (11 stickers)
  • Cycling (6 stickers)
  • Mountain Bike (2 stickers)
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics (13 stickers)
  • Golf (5 stickers)
  • Judo (6 stickers)
  • Karate (4 stickers)
  • Wrestling (2 stickers)
  • Basketball (1 sticker)
  • Volleyball (7 stickers)
  • Beach Volley (3 stickers)
  • Pentathlon (1 sticker)
  • Weighlifting (4 stickers)
  • Fencing (12 stickers)
  • Skateball (4 stickers)
  • Softball (3 stickers)
  • Water sports (21 stickers)
  • Equestrian (6 stickers)
  • Taekwondo (2 stickers)
  • Tennis (6 stickers)
  • Shooting (10 stickers)
  • Archery (3 stickers)
  • Triathlon (5 stickers)
  • Sailing (6 stickers)
Updates: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 180

giovedì 13 gennaio 2022

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 93

Campeonato Brasileiro 93 is the fourth album of the Brazilian league produced by Panini under the label Abril-Panini. It is a large collection including 580 stickers with all the 32 clubs competing in the Brazilian Serie A. 

The album begins with an introductory page including the tournament rules and four stickers composing the championship trophy. The clubs are then shown one after the other. For each club there are 18 stickers over two pages: the club badge, the mascot, and 16 players. For each player there is a detailed description printed on the album. There are no other sections in this collection.

The 1993 Serie A was contested by 32 clubs divided in four groups of eigth teams. The top eigth teams qualified for a second group phase and the two group winners of this second phase (Vitoria and Palmeiras) qualified for the finals. Palmeiras defeated Vitoria in both games (0-1 Edilson, 2-0 Evair and Edmundo) becoming Brazilian champions for the season 1993. The album includes important Brazilian players: Roberto Carlos, Edmundo, Evair, Cesar Sampaio (Palemeiras), Dida, Vampeta (Vitoria), Leonardo, Cafu, Cerezo (Sao Paulo), and the rookie sticker of Rivaldo (Corinthians).

Back cover of the album

Toninho Cerezo and Cafu (Sao Paulo)

Young Brazilian talent: Rivaldo (rookie sticker) and Leonardo

Roberto Carlos and Edmundo, Brazilian champions in 1993 with Palmeiras

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 1993
Publisher: Abril/Panini
League: Brazilian Serie A
Season: 1993
Number of clubs: 32
Stickers per club: 18
Other sections: Introduction (4 stickers)
Updates, extra: no
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 580