sabato 17 agosto 2013

Topps Fussball Bundesliga 2013

Official sticker collection

The official sticker album of the German Bundesliga has been published by Topps also for this season 2012-2013. This album is similar for graphics and style to the English Premier League 2013 album, also published by Topps. 
Opening the album, we find the table of contents on the left and the first two stickers on the right page: a shining Bundesliga logo celebrating the 50 years of the competition and a shining sticker dedicated to Franz Beckenbauer (in action).

The 18 Bundesliga teams are presented one after the other in alphabetical order, starting with Augsburg and closing with Wolfsburg. For each team (distributed on two pages) there are 17 stickers: 1x team logo (shining sticker), 1x star player in action (shining sticker) and 15x player portraits. No team stickers are included this year.
German football experienced a great 2013 season, with two teams reaching the Champions League final (Bayern and Dortmund).
The league was easily conquered by Bayern Munchen; we find on this album all its best players (Ribery, Robben, Muller, etc...). In Dortmund we must highlight Gotze (now just signed by Bayern) and Lewandowski. In Hamburg we find a young korean forward, Heung Min Son, who was transferred to Bayer Leverkusen at the end of the season. In Leverkusen team we find the sticker of Schurrle, who signed for Chelsea for the coming season. For Moenchengladbach (Luuk de Jong, Xhaka) and Schalke (Huntelaar and the rising star Draxler) it was a disappointing season.

At the end of the album there is a special section dedicated to the 50 years of the competition (1963-2013). In the introduction we have a special signing sticker logo and in the following 6 pages there are 30 stickers dedicated to the most memorable matches of the Bundesliga history, like Hamburg-Bayern of 2001, which decided the title in the last seconds of the match.

The album ends in the last page with another sticker of Beckenbauer, this time as a commentator for Sky.

Album Details

Full Name: Topps Fussball Bundesliga Offizielle Sticker Sammlung 2012-2013
Publisher: Topps 
League: German Bundesliga
Number of teams. 18
Stickers per team: 17
Special sections: - Bundesliga logo (1 stickers)
                           -  Franz Beckenbauer (2 stickers)
                            - Bundesliga story (31 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 340

domenica 11 agosto 2013

Topps Premier League 2013

Official Sticker Collection

We present here the official sticker album of the English Premier League for the season 2012-2013, published by Topps. The style of the album is very similar to the Topps Bundesliga 2012-2013 album. When we open the album, we find on the left the contents (with all the teams included) and the first two stickers on the right page: the premier league logo and the trophy cup (both are shining stickers).

This album includes all the 20 teams of Premier League. Each team is placed on two pages and contains 16 stickers. Two of these stickers are shining: the team logo and the star player (in action). Then we have 2 stickers for the squad picture and 12 stickers of players portraits. The star player of the team has thus 2 stickers, one portrait and one in action.

We can find all the best players of the Premier League in this album. The title was won by Manchester United, where we find among the others Van Persie (star player), Rooney, Nani and Giggs. Manchester City, which finished at the second place, includes stickers of Balotelli (who moved to Milan in January), Tevez (star player, now at Juventus), Aguero and Silva.
Inside the album there are two special sections. The first is dedicated to the team kits (uniform for home and away matches) with a total of 10 stickers (two kits on each sticker) on 2 pages. Another section is the "International Stars", which includes 20 stickers (one per team) on 4 pages. Here we find international players like Podolski (Arsenal), Ivanovic (Chelsea), Touré (Manchester City), Kagawa (Manchester United), Julio Cesar (QPR)


The most wanted Tottenham player Gareth Bale has two stickers on this album: a shining action and a portrait.


The sticker of the Belgian rising star Romelu Lukaku. He plays for Chelsea but last season he was at West Bromwich on loan.

Album Details

Full Name: Topps Premier League 2013 Official Sticker Collection
Publisher: Topps 
League: English Premier League
Number of teams. 20
Stickers per team: 16
Special sections: - Premier League Logo and Trophy (2 stickers)
                           - 2012/13 Kits (10 stickers)
                           - International Stars (20 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 352

Star players (shining stickers):

Cazorla (Arsenal), Benteke (A.Villa), Hazard (Chelsea), Jelavic (Everton), Berbatov (Fulham), Suarez (Liverpool), Tevez (Manc.City), Van Persie (Manc.United), Ben Arfa (Newcastle), Holt (Norwich), Park (QPR), Pogrebnyak (Reading), Lambert (Southampton), Crouch (Stoke City), Johnson (Sunderland), Vorm (Swansea), Bale (Tottenham), Odemwingie (West Bromwich Albion), Carroll (West Ham), Al Habsi (Wigan).

sabato 3 agosto 2013

Panini Brasileiro 2012 - Deluxe Hardcover Edition

Campeonato Brasileiro 2012

Panini Brasileiro 2012 is a complete collection of Brazilian football. It includes Serie A, Serie B and extra update stickers with new transfers and league winners. A limited edition of the album was released, it is an hardcover deluxe book edition.
Opening the book, there is the first sticker (number 0) in the index page, a drawing of "Pelezinho". Then, in the presentation page of Serie A, which shows a picture of 2011 champions (Corinthians), there is space for an extra sticker of the 2012 champions (Fluminense): this is a mega sticker (6.9 x 9.8cm) that was available in a separate magazine together with the sticker of 2012 Serie B champions (Goias).

The 20 Serie A teams are arranged on two pages for a total of 18 stickers: 1x team badge (silver foil), 1x uniform, 1x mascotte (silver foil), 1x player caricature (transparent foil) and 14x player portraits.
Famous players and rising stars are present in this album. Atletico Mineiro, which got a second position at the end of the season, shows stickers of Ronaldinho, Jo and Bernard (a Brazilian talent from 1992). In Bahia we find Amantino Mancini (ex Roma, Inter and Milan), in Corinthians the new Tottenham purchase Paulinho. 


Of course we have to give special attention to the winners of Brasileiro 2012: Fluminense. We have to mention Deco (ex Porto, Chelsea), Weillington Nem (young talent) and in particular Fred, best scoarer of the league with 20 goals.

Internacional has stickers of D'alessandro, Damiao and Oscar (now moved to Chelsea). But the great talent of Brazilian League is no doubt Neymar, who moved to Barcelona at the end of the season. The young Santos star has two stickers, one is the player portrait and the other his caricature (see pictures below).

In Sao Paulo we have to mention players like Denilson (ex Arsenal), Luis Fabiano and the young rising stars Lucas (now at PSG) and Casemiro (just signed by Real Madrid). In Vasco da Gama we find the sticker of Juninho Pernambucano (ex Lyon).

The 20 Serie B teams are placed each on one page and they include 1x team badge (silver foil), 1x uniform, 1x mascotte (silver foil) and 12x player portraits (1/3 of sticker for each portrait).

 The champions mega-sticker dedicated to Goias in the Serie B presentation page.

 The back cover of the album

 This album is a special hardcover edition

Panini released an update of the album, with 40 extra stickers presenting 38 new players, 1 album cover sticker, and 1 Copa do Brasil (won by Palmeiras). In the update we find, among the others, Adriano (Flamengo), Forlan (Internacional), Elano (Gremio) and Ganso (Sao Paulo).

 Album Details:

Name: Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2012

Publisher: Panini

League: Brazil (Serie A and Serie B)

Number of teams: 20 Serie A
                             20 Serie B

Stickers per team:  18 stickers for Serie A teams

                                7 stickers for Serie B teams

Sticker size: 4.9 x 6.9 cm
Special Stickers: 1 sticker ("Pelezinho")
Extra stickers: 2 mega-stickers Champions 2012 

                      (Fluminense and Goias)
                       40 update stickers 
                      (tranfers, copa do brasil and album cover)

Total number of stickers: 501 + 42 extras

Teams and caricature players:

Serie A: Atletico Goianiense (Bida), Atletico Mineiro

(Ronaldinho), Bahia (Gabriel), Botafogo (Loco Abreu), 

Corinthians (Ralf), Coritiba (Rafinha), Cruzeiro (Fabio), 

Figueirense (Jean Deretti), Flamengo (Vagner Love), 

Fluminense (W.Nem), Gremio (Kleber), Internacional 

(D'Alessandro), Nautico (Derley), Palmeiras (Marcos 

Assunçao), Ponte Petra (Marcinho), Portuguesa (Ananias), 

Santos (Neymar), Sao Paulo (Luis Fabiano), Sport (Magrao)

Vasco da Gama (Dedé).

Serie B: ABC, America MG, America RN, ASA, Atletico PR, 

Avaì, Boa, Bragantino, Cearà, CRB, Criciuma, Goias, 

Gremio Barueri, Guarani, Guarantiguetà, Ipatinga, Joinville, 

Paranà, Sao Caetano, Vitoria.

PS: I would like to thank my Brazilian friend Teo, who helped me in finding the extra stickers of this album: the 2 rare champions stickers and the 40 update stickers.