giovedì 28 dicembre 2017

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2016/17 - Chile

The official sticker collection of the Chilean league for the season 2016-2017 was issued by Panini in November 2016, later than the edition 2015, which was released in the month of August. In fact, this album covers both the Apertura 2016 and Clausura 2017 tournaments. 
The album opens with the calendar of the season and one page dedicated to the winner of Clausura 2016, the Club Deportivo Universidad Catolica. In this page we find five stickers: the logo of Universidad Catolica (transparent sticker), the Goleador of the team (Castillo), and a celebration photo (composed by three stickers).

The second section of the album (Bicampeones!) is dedicated to the Chilean National team that won the second Copa America in a row. Here we find 33 stickers out of which 24 are shining metallic stickers: the Chilean federation logo and 23 players in action. The other 9 regular stickers compose a puzzle with a celebratory picture of the team.

Each team includes the club badge sticker printed on transparent foil and 11 players. Therefore only the regular players are included in this album. These pages are enriched by statistics, photos and tactics of the teams and the stadiums.

The Primera B section starts with a tribute to the previous season champions, Club Deportes Temuco. Here we find 5 stickers: the transparent club badge, the goleador, and celebrations (three stickers). Then the Primera B clubs are shown in alphabetical order with a total of three stickers each: the club badge and the team photo composed by two stickers.

Three rookies of this collection: Angelo Quinones, Francisco Sierralta and Brian Torrealba

Young players included (1996 or younger)
Misael Cubillos (1996, Iquique), Sebastian Diaz (1996, Temuco), Dilan Zuniga (1996, Everton), Simon Ramirez (1998, Huachipato), Brian Torrealba (1997, O'Higgins), Benjamin Vidal and Francisco Sierralta (1996 and 1997, Palestino), Luis Garcia and Angelo Quinones (1996 and 1998, Santiago Wanderers), Pablo Galdanes (1996, Union Espanola)

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2016-2017
Publisher: Panini
Release: November 2016
League: Chile (Campeonato Nacional and Primera B)
Season: 2016-2017
Number of teams: 16 of Camp.Nacional and 15 of Primera B
Stickers per team: 12 for Camp. Nacional and 3 for Primera B
Other sections:
  • Campeon Clausura 2015-2016 (5 stickers)
  • Bicampeones! (33 stickers)
  • Campeon Primera B (5 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 280

domenica 17 dicembre 2017

Panini Confederations Cup - Russia 2017

Russia 2017 is the second album of the Confederations Cup released by Panini, after Brazil 2013. The albums starts with five introductory metallic stickers with the logos of the competition and the logo of Panini. Before the 8 participating teams are shown, there are two special sections. The first is "Venues and Stadiums" with 12 stickers of the four hosting cities. Each location includes three stickers with a view (two stickers) and the logo of the city. The second is "Passion and Pride" with 8 stickers (one per team) of celebrations/supporters.

The teams are shown following the group order. Each group includes an introductory double page with 8 metallic stickers (logo and star player of each team). For each team there are 27 stickers displaced over four pages: celebrations (two stickers), team photos (three stickers), and 22 players in action.

Last part of the album includes two more sections. The "History" of the competition with 28 stickers over four pages about the previous editions of the competition started in 1992. The last page of the album includes the calendar with the metallic stickers of the official ball and trophy (two stickers) of the competition.

Back cover of the album Panini Confederations Cup 2017

Stickers of Dzagoev, Cristiano Ronaldo and Leroy Sané

Album details
Full name: Confederations Cup Russia 2017
Publisher: Panini
Competition: Confederations Cup
Year: 2017
Number of teams: 8
Stickers per team: 29
Other sections: 
  • Introduction (5 stickers)
  • Venues and stadiums (12 stickers)
  • Passion and Pride (8 stickers)
  • Match schedule (3 stickers)
  • History (28 stickers)
Updates: No
Extra: Poster with 13 stickers (only released in Russia)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 288