venerdì 25 ottobre 2019

Panini Scottish Premier League 2012

SPL 2012 is the last sticker album published by Panini for the Scottish league up to today. The series was continued by Topps with two sticker albums in the seasons 2013/14 and 2014/15. Since then, sticker albums of the Scottish league have not been published.
The album SPL 2012 includes club pages of the 12 competing teams and it features also several special sections (International talents, Star performers, etc..) and a poster with celebrations, increasing the total number of stickers to 468. The album begins with the table of contents and the foreword of the SPL captains, including the first two shiny stickers of the album - the trophy and the logo of the league. Clubs are shown in alphabetical order with two pages and 15 stickers each (except Celtic and Rangers with four pages and 32 stickers each). Club stickers are the shiny badge, the kit, the team photo, two star players in action (one shiny), the captain (composed by two stickers), and 16 players (8 stickers with two players each). The stickers with two players on it are not numbered A and B as usual, but with two different numbers (for example 395 and 396 instead of 395A and 395B). The extra pages of Celtic and Rangers include the action dream team with the starting 11 placed on the pitch and other six action stickers on the side.  

In between the club pages, there are extra sections that focus on the SPL players. The first section is "International Talent", with four pages dedicated to the best International players of the SPL 2012. Here there are 28 stickers out of which 4 shiny. Next to each sticker there are facts of the player and his country of origin.

"Players by numbers" is a section that includes some facts of SPL players based on numbers, with 14 stickers (2 shiny). We find out here for example that 3 is the number of goals that the midfielder Steven Davis scored with his right foot the previous season or that 8285 are the km that separate Celtic full-back Emilio Izaguirre's hometown (Tegucigalpa in Honduras) from Glasgow. 

"Star performers" is a six page section with SPL players in action. There are 42 stickers (6 shiny) divided in "hot stoppers", "midfield masters" and "super strikers". Next to the player stickers there is a brief description of their characteristics. 

"The boot room" focuses on the different boots of SPL players, with 14 stickers in action (2 shiny).

"Premier Puzzles" are four pages of games and quizzes about SPL players and clubs, including a total of 28 stickers (4 shiny). This is an atypical section for league albums and probably unnecessary. 

The last section of the album ("Football funnies") explores the funny side of SPL football games with six stickers of entertaining moments. 

Back cover of the album

The Panini SPL 2012 collection includes also a poster of 24 stickers with celebrations of goals or victories during SPL games.These stickers can be found in regular packets.

Club badge shiny stickers

The collection includes home/away kit and team photo stickers

Star player shiny stickers

Album details
Full name: Scottish Premier League 2012
Publisher: Panini
League: Scottish Premier League
Season: 2011/2012
Number of clubs: 12
Stickers per club: 15 (except Celtic and Rangers with 32)
Special sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • International talents (28 stickers)
  • Players by numbers (14 stickers)
  • Star Performers (42 stickers)
  • The boot room (14 stickers)
  • Premier puzzles (28 stickers)
  • Football funnies (6 stickers)
  • Celebrations (poster with 24 stickers)
Updates: No
Extra stickers: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 372

martedì 15 ottobre 2019

Panini Women's World Cup 2019

WWC France 2019 is the third Panini album dedicated to the Women's World Cup, after Germany 2011 and Canada 2015. For the first time, also the hardcover version of the album was released, but just in Brazil. The collection includes 480 stickers and there are update stickers released in Spain, England and Italy with new players for those teams. 
The introductory page of the album includes 5 stickers: the logo of the competition (two metallic stickers), the official mascot, the trophy (metallic sticker), and the motto "Dare to shine". The album continues with the classic section "Venues and Stadiums". Here the stickers with the logos of the 9 venues are metallic, while the stadiums are regular stickers. 
The competing teams are presented divided by groups. There are 19 stickers per team: the metallic badge, the team photo, and 17 players. For the French team, 5 player stickers (Bouhaddi, Lesommer, Thieny, Renard, Henry) were released also in a silver version in limited editions that could be found in French starter packs. The last page of the album includes the program of the competition and the sticker of the official ball.

GROUP A: France, South Korea, Norway, Nigeria

Group B: Germany, China, Spain, South Africa

Group C: Australia, Italy, Brazil, Jamaica

Group D: England, Scotland, Argentina, Japan

Group E: Canada, Camerun, New Zealand, Netherlands

Group F: USA, Thailand, Chile, Sweden

Last page of the album with the program and the sticker of the official ball

Back cover of the album

The update set of England includes 7 stickers of players and one thick page. The set was sold on the Panini UK website. 

Update page and stickers of the Spanish team. It was sold with the Spanish magazine "Jugon"

The update sheet of Italy includes 8 new players. It was distributed by Panini to all the people that ordered missing stickers WWC 19 in Italy.

Korea and Japan metallic sticker badge

Team USA won the Women's World Cup 2019 defeating the Netherlands 2-0 in the final. Rapinoe and Morgan were the best players of the tournament with 6 goals each. Disappointment for Brazil of the star player Marta, eliminated by France at the round of 16.

The hardcover version fo the album WWC 19 was released only in Brazil

Album details
Full name: FIFA Women's World Cup 2019
Publisher: Panini
Competition: Women's World Cup
Year: 2019
Hardcover album: Yes (Brazil)
Number of teams: 24
Stickers per team: 19
Other sections:
  • Introduction (5 stickers)
  • Venues and stadiums (18 stickers)
  • Program (1 sticker)
Update sets:
  • Spain (9 sticker + page)
  • England (7 stickers + page)
  • Italy (8 stickers)
Extra stickers: French players (5 metallic stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of sticker: 480