domenica 25 ottobre 2015

Panini Brasileiro 2009

Panini Campeonato Brasileiro 2009 is the sticker album of the Brazilian Serie A and Serie B. For reasons of copyright four teams playing in Serie A are not included: Atletico Paranaense, Botafogo, Corinthians and Santos.
The album opens with an introduction with contents and description including the first sticker of the album: Campeonato Brasileiro 2009 logo with the Panini benchmark (football player in acrobatic action). 

Before the Serie A teams are shown, there is an introduction about the championship Brasileirao 2009. This four page section includes rules, new features, anecdotes, and geographical location of the teams. There are also 16 miniature stickers (one per team) with the colors and logo of each team. These are special stickers with the drawing in relief.

The album continues with the 16 Serie A teams included in this collection. Each team is displayed over two pages and includes 18 stickers: the silver shining club badge, the mascot (special transparent sticker), and 16 players. The two pages are filled with statistics of the last years and player details.

Also before the Serie B teams there is a four page introduction about the championship with 20 stickers of team miniatures (also in relief like for the Serie A teams).

Each Serie B team is displayed on one page with 8 stickers: the silver club badge, the mascot (transparent sticker), and 6 stickers of players (two players per sticker for a total of 12 players).

After an important career in Europe, Fred and Adriano are back to Brazil

Rookie sticker for Douglas Costa (now at Bayern Munchen) and Leandro Castan (Roma). The 18 year old Douglas Costa played 22 matches with 1 goal for Gremio and at the end of the season he signed for Shakhtar Donetsk

Miranda and Hernanes together at Sao Paulo. Now rivals in Italian Seria A playing for Inter and Juventus, respectively.

Young prospects included (20 years old or younger):
Serie A: Werley, Renan Oliveira and Kleber (Atletico Mineiro), Renatinho (Coritiba), Thiago Heleno, Rafael and Bernardo (Cruzeiro), Joao Paulo, Maicon, Mauricio and Tartà (Fluminense), Rafael Toloi, Wendell, Jael and Valmir (Goias), Douglas Costa (Gremio), Sandro (Internacional), Anderson Lessa and Dinda (Nautico), Ricardo Goulart (Santo André), Ciro (Sport), Victor Ramos (Vitoria)
Serie B: Paulo Roberto (Bahia), Aderlan, Henrique and Jailton (Campinense), Anderson Pico (Figueirense), Bismarck and Bambam (Fortaleza), Cicinho, Douglas, Zezinho and Tiago Renz (Juventude), Rodolfo, Vinicius, Bruninho and Elvis (Paranà), Tinga and Guilherme (Ponte Preta), Luan (Sao Caetano), 

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2009
Publisher: Panini
League: Brazilian (Serie A and Serie B)
Season: 2009
Number of teams: 16 Serie A
                              20 Serie B
Stickers per team: 18 for Serie A
                                8 for Serie B
Special sections: Introduction (1 sticker)
                            Brasileirao 2009 (16 stickers)
                            Serie B (20 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 485

mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015

Panini Ajax 2000

Ajax 2000 is a Panini sticker album dedicated to the club of Amsterdam for the season 1999-2000. The collection includes 96 stickers on a 36 pages album. Even if it is not a large collection, the quality of the stickers is high. The stickers have a large size and there are many shining stickers in the collection. 
The album starts with a foreword and the Ajax club badge on a shining sticker. Then the team is presented with a large team photo composed by four shining stickers. The coach Jan Wouters is included with one personal sticker.

The album continues with the squad players of the season 1999/2000. The 15 main players have two pages each with description, statistics, and five stickers: player portrait, player in action (shining sticker), private life photo, and a double sticker in action.

The rest of the players is displaced over three pages and players have one portrait stickers and only some of them also a shining action sticker.

back cover of the album

In this collection we find also the rookie stickers of a young 19 years old Cristian Chivu

Album details
Full name: Ajax 2000
Publisher: Panini
Season: 1999/2000
Club: Ajax (Netherlands)
- Club badge (1 sticker)
- Team photo (4 stickers)
- Coach (1 sticker)
- Players with 5 stickers: Fred Grim, Ferdi Vierklau, John Nieuwenburg, Frank Verlaat, Jan van Halst, Aron Winter, Tim de Cler, Richard Witschge, Dani, Richard Knopper, Brian Laudrup, Wamberto, Shota Arveladze, Nikos Machlas, Jesper Gronkjaer
- Players with two stickers: Cristian Chivu, Mitchell Piqué, Martijn Reuser, Kevin Bobson
- Players with one sticker: Stanley Menzo, Ole Tobiasen, Tom Sier, Jason Culina, John O'Brien, Pius Ikedia, Tijjani Babangida

Total number of stickers: 96

martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Panini PSV 2001

Panini PSV 2011 is a sticker album dedicated to the Dutch club of Eindhoven for the season 2000/2001. PSV is the title owner and on the cover of the album there is the forward Kezman.
The album opens with an introduction that includes a shining club badge sticker and a celebration photo puzzle composed by four stickers. Then all the players of the 2000/2001 squad are shown. The 20 main players of the team have all a double page with a total of 5 stickers: a shining action sticker, a portrait, an action photo (2 stickers), and a celebration sticker. Other four players of the team have only one sticker (player in action).
Among well-known players in this collection we can mention Marc van Bommel, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Matija Kezman.

In the middle of the album there is a poster of a team photo. On the back of the poster there is the calendar of the season and space for six stickers (numbered with letters from A to F). These are action stickers including two gold shining stickers.

The last page of the album is dedicated to the supporters (De twaalfde man - The twelfth man). On this page there are 5 stickers: the mascot of the club (gold shining sticker) and a supporters photo composed by four stickers.

Album details
Full name: PSV 2001
Publisher: Panini
Club: PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Season: 2000/2001
-Introduction (5 stickers)
-Main players (5 stickers each): Waterreus, Ooijer, Van der Weerden, Nikiforov, Hofland, Faber, Heintze, Lucius, Van Bommel, Vogel, Van der Doelen, Ramzi, John de Jong, Kolkka, Bruggink, Van Nistelrooy, Kezman, Bouma, Rommedahl, Claudio.
-Other players (1 sticker): Addo, Lodewijks, Kralj, Bogelund.
-De twaalfde man  (the twelfth man): 5 stickers
-Poster-calendar: 6 stickers (A-F)

Total number of stickers: 120

giovedì 15 ottobre 2015

Panini Copa America 2011

Panini Copa America Argentina 2011 is the second official sticker album of the Copa America by Panini, after Venezuela 2007. 
The album opens with the contents and the panini 50 years celebrative sticker behind the cover. On the right page there is the program of the competition and three stickers: the Copa America logo (two shining stickers) and the mascot.

The typical section with cities and stadiums includes all the 8 Argentinian venues. For each venue there are two stickers: the city landscape and the stadium sticker.

Each of the 12 teams is displaced over three pages with a total of 23 stickers: the shining National team logo, the team photo (2 stickers) and 20 players.

Group A: Argentina, Colombia, Japan, Bolivia
Disappointing tournament for Argentina, the host of the competition: second in the group and then eliminated in the quarter finals against Uruguay. Colombia won the group, but it was also eliminated at the quarter finals against Peru. Japan did not take part into the competition, replaced by Costa Rica

Group B: Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela
In this group Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela advanced to the next stage. Paraguay defeated then Brazil in the quarter finals and Venezuela in the semifinals, but lost the final against Uruguay.

Group C: Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Peru
Great tournament for Uruguay, winner of Copa America 2011 with a 3-0 in the final against Paraguay, goals of Suarez and Forlan (2). Peru reached the semifinals (out with Uruguay) and Chile only the quarter finals. 

The last part of the album shows players in action with a total of 50 stickers on 8 pages, starting from the best goalkeepers to the best forwards. 10 of these stickers are shining: Julio Cesar, Lugano, Dani Alves, Mascherano, Robinho, Tevez, Forlan, Santa Cruz, Messi, Ronaldinho.

The album closes with the roll of honour and the last two stickers of the trophy of the competition, won in this edition 2011 by Uruguay.

Update sheet Costa Rica
After the dramatic earthquake events occurred in March 2011 in its country, Japan decided not to participate to the Copa America 2011 and Costa Rica was invited to replace it. 
Panini released an extra sheet of four pages including the 23 stickers of Costa Rica. The structure is the same of the other team pages, with the difference that the National team logo of Costa Rica is not a special shining sticker.

Neymar and Messi portrait stickers

The action sticker of Neymar and Messi

Album details
Full name: Copa America Argentina 2011
Publisher: Panini
Competition: Copa America
Year: 2011
Number of teams: 12
Stickers per team: 23
Special sections: -Introduction (4 stickers)
                            -Venues and Stadiums (16 stickers)
                            -Players in action (50 stickers)
                            -Trophy (2 stickers)
Extra stickers: Costa Rica (4 pages sheet + 23 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 348 + 23 (Costa Rica update sheet)