martedì 26 marzo 2013

Panini Chile Campeonato Petrobras

Album Apertura 2011

"Campeonato Petrobras" is the official Panini album of the Apertura 2011, the Chilean League. It includes all the teams of the first and second division. The first page of the album, behind the cover, has one silver sticker to celebrate the 50 years of Panini (1961-2011) and one silver sticker with the cup for the winner of the Apertura 2011.

All the 18 teams of the first division are included. These are: Audax Italiano, Cobreloa, Colo Colo, Cobresal, Deportes Iquique, Deportes la Serena, Huachipato, Nublense, O'higgins, Palestino, Santiago Wanderers, Union Espanola, Union San Felipe, Union la Calera, Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Concepcion, Universidad de Chile.
Each team is placed on two pages and has 16 stickers: 1 team badge (silver) 14 stickers of players, 1 silver sticker for the star player of the team. 
Some interesting players appear on this album. Among them Bryan Carrasco of Audax Italiano, who is a young prospect (born 1991), playing for Dinamo Zagreb in 2012. In Universidad Catolica we find the Argentinian Marcelo Canete (now playing for Sao Paulo), Lucas Pratto (who moved to Genoa and then Velez Sarsfield) and Felipe Gutierrez, an attacking midfielder that is playing for Twente in the Eredivisie during this season 2012/2013. In Universidad de Chile we find Felipe Seymour, who moved to the Italian Serie A (Genoa, Catania and now Chievo) and Eduardo Vargas, a Chilean rising star who moved to Napoli (without great success) and now is playing for Gremio.

Before the second division, there are two pages with 11 stickers dedicated to the best 11 players of the previous season ("Oncena Ideal 2010") and two pages with 6 stickers dedicated to the National team of Chile and its road to the Copa America 2011 ("Chile Camino a la Copa America 2011").

The second division has 14 teams: Antofagasta, Coquimbo Unido, Curico Unido, Deportes Concepcion, Deportes Copiapò, Deportes Naval, Deportes Puerto Montt, Everton, Lota Schwager, Magallanes, Rangers, San Luis, San Marcos de Arica, Union Temuco. 
Each team is placed on one page with 5 stickers: one team badge (silver) and 4 stickers containing 16 players (4 players each sticker).

 Album Details:

Name: Campeonato Petrobras Album Apertura 2011

Editor: Panini

League: Chile (First and Second division)

Number of teams: 18 First Division
                            14 Second Division

Stickers per team:  16 stickers (First Division)

                               5 stickers (Second Division)

Special Stickers: 1 sticker 50 years Panini (silver)
                          1 sticker Trophy of Apertura 2011 (silver)

                          11 stickers "Oncena Ideal 2010"
                            6 stickers "Chile Camino a la Copa 

                                             America 2011"

Total number of stickers: 377

Interesting Players:

Bryan Carrasco, Mauro Olivi (Audax Italiano), Ezequiel 

Miralles (Colo colo), Enzo Gutierrez (O'Higgins), Rodrigo 

Riquelme (Palestino), Marcelo Canete, Felipe Gutierrez, 

Lucas Pratto (Universidad Catolica), Gustavo Lorenzetti (U. 

de Concepcion), Felipe Seymour, Gustavo Canales, 

Eduardo Vargas (U. de Chile).

giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Mexican Liga - Panini Superfutbol 2009

Panini Superfutbol 2009 is the official sticker collection of the Mexican League, including all the 18 teams of the First Division. This album is famous because it contains the sticker of  a young Javier Hernandez, playing for Chivas before his transfer to Manchester United.
All the main teams are placed on three pages. These teams are: Atlante, Atlas, Chivas, Cruz Azul, Indios, Jaguares, Monarcas, Monterrey, Pachuca, Puebla, Pumas, Santos, Tecos, Tigres and Toluca. Each team has a total of 22 stickers: 1 silver team badge, 18 players and 3 update stickers from the transfer market ("Actualizaciones"). Three minor teams (Leon, Queretaro and Veracruz) are on the other hand placed one page. This teams have 10 stickers each: 1 silver team badge and 9 stickers for 18 players (2 players on each sticker).

Album details:
Full name: Superfutbol 2009
Publisher: Panini
League: Mexican
Season: 2009
Number of teams: 18
Stickers per team: 
      -10 stickers for Leon, Queretaro, and Veracruz
      -22 stickers for the other teams
Update stickers: Yes

Total number of stickers: 360

mercoledì 13 marzo 2013

Brazilian League - Brasileiro 2008 Panini

Campeonato Brasileiro 2008 Panini

The "Panini Brasileiro" is a legendary saga dedicated to the Brazilian Championship, where fascinating football teams and well-known Brazilian football stars (especially at the beginning of their career) appear. In this edition of 2008 all teams of first division (Serie A) are represented, except four teams (Atletico Paranaense, Botafogo, Cruzeiro and Santos), for which the rights were held by the editor "Abril".
In the first four pages, together with data and description of the Serie A, we have the stickers of the badges of the 16 Seria A teams present on this album.
Each team of Serie A is distributed on two pages. Many team data are included, like palmares (titulos), stadium, audience and previous seasons statistics. One silver sticker for the mascotte (as tradition), one textile sticker for the main uniform and 16 stickers for the football team players.

19 teams of the second division (Serie B) are included, all except Corinthians. The team badges are all grouped on four pages (total of 19 stickers) before the Serie B teams. Each Serie B team is on one page, with one sticker for the uniform (textile), one for the mascotte (silver) and 6 stickers for 12 players (2 players on one sticker). 
There is one special sticker for this album, called number zero sticker (Figurinha Zero) with a CB 2008 logo, to be placed on the first page of the album.

Album Details:

Name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2008

Editor: Panini

League: Brazilian League (Serie A, Serie B)

Number of teams: 16 (Serie A) + 19 (Serie B)

Stickers per team:  19 (1 badge, 1 uniform, 1 mascotte, 16x players) for Serie A
                                    9 (1 badge, 1 uniform, 1 mascotte, 6x players) for Serie B                                  
Special Stickers: 1 (Figurinha Zero)

Total number of stickers: 476

Interesting players: Keirrison (Coritiba), Renato Augusto (Flamengo), Thiago Silva (Fluminense), Nilmar (Internacional), Kleber and Denilson (Palmeiras), Rogerio Ceni, André Dias and Hernanes (Sao Paulo), .

sabato 9 marzo 2013

Peruvian Football League

Fùtbol Perù 2006 - Copa Cable Màgico - Panini

This Panini album is dedicated to the Peruvian League for the year 2006. On the first page we can admire the Trophy of the League (Copa Cable Magico), which is formed by 8 stickers. On the same page, on the right, three stickers are dedicated to the previous champions and three to the Peruvian football federation and associations.
The next two page are dedicated to the previous season (Apertura 2006) celebrating the best teams, players and actions of the League with a total of 18 stickers.

The 12 teams of the league on the album are: Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal, Universitario de Deportes, Bolognesi, Cienciano, Universidad San Martin de Porres, Alianza Atletica de Sullana, Sport Ancash, Union Huaral, Sport Boys, José Galvez, FBC Melgar.
For each team, there are 18 stickers on two pages: 1 team badge, 2x team squad, 1 team uniforms and 14 players. After the teams, the last part of the album (three pages) is a tribute to the Peruvian players around the world, with a total of 20 stickers. Seven players (Pizarro, Farfan, Guerrero, Mendoza, Solano, Palacios, Hidalgo) are composed by two stickers, whereas one stickers is dedicated to other six players (Vargas, Aguirre, Comingues, Acasiete, Chavez, Vigil).

Album Details:
Full name: Futbol Peru 2006
Publisher: Panini
League: Peruvian 
Year: 2006
Number of teams: 12
Stickers per team: 18 (1 badge, 1 uniforms, 2 team photo, 14 players)
Other sections: 
      -Trophy and Champions (14 stickers)
      -Apertura 2006 (18 stickers)
      -Peruanos en el Mundo (20 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 268

Best peruvian players: Pizarro (Bayern Munchen), Farfan (PSV Eindhoven), Guerrero (Hamburg), Solano (Newcastle), Manuel Vargas (Colon de Santa Fé), Daniel Chavez (Brugge).

domenica 3 marzo 2013

Argentina Football League

Torneo Inicial 2012-2013

This album edited by Panini is the official sticker collection of the AFA (Argentinian Federation) for the season 2012-2013. It represents the teams in both the first and the second division.
The first two pages are dedicated to the winners of Apertura (Boca Juniors), Clausura (Arsenal de Sarandì), Copa Argentina (Boca Juniors) and Primera B (River Plate) of the previous season (2011-2012). There are two stickers per each winner and hence giving the total of 8 stickers for the first two pages. Each sticker of this album is narrow and long capturing the player in action, showing almost the entire body.

All 20 teams of the first division and the 20 of the second division are represented in the album. For the first division, the teams are distributed on two pages including team badge (1 sticker), team uniform (1 sticker) and one sticker per player. The main teams (Boca Jrs, Independiente, Racing, River, San Lorenzo and Velez Sarsfield) have a total of 16 stickers and the others a total of 14 stickers.

Teams of the second division are placed each on one page with a total of 7 stickers: the squad, the badge, the uniform and the main four players (1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 forward).

Album Details:

Name: Torneo Inicial 2012-13

Editor: Panini

League: Argentinian League (Primera and Segunda Division)

Number of teams: 20 Primera and 20 Segunda Division

Stickers per team:  - First Division 14 or 16 (1 badge, 1 uniform, 12 or 14 players)

                                  - Second Division 7 (1 badge, 1 team, 1 uniform, 4 players)

Special Stickers: Team Winners season 2011-12 (8 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 440

Young prospects (1991 or younger): Laba (Argentinos), Hugo Nervo (Arsenal), Mugni (Colon), Jara, Carrillo (Estudiantes), Insùa, Sevillano (Godoy), Benitez (Lanus), Centurion, Zuculini (Racing), Lanzini, Cirigliano, Ramiro Funes Mori, Rogelio Funes Mori, Gonzalez Pirez (River), Kannemann (San Lorenzo), Santander (Tigre),Allione, Gino Peruzzi, Facundo Ferreyra (Velez) 

Panini Liga 2011-12

Album Liga España 2011-12 - Este Colecciones (Panini)

This album is the official sticker collection of the Spanish Liga for the season 2011-12. On the cover we see the two main players of the League (Messi and Ronaldo) and probably the two best players of the world.
Each team of the Liga is distributed on two pages and it has one sticker for the team logo, one for the coach and a variable number of stickers for the players (at least 16). In fact, there are 16 spaces for the team players, but some of them are double. In order to place two stickers on the same space it is suggested to glue the top part of one sticker above the other (but not on top), as shown on the pictures below (Benzema/Adebayor). It is a particular choice that allows to save space. This technique is explained on the album.

Two stickers corresponding to the same space are placed one on top of the other (in the example below Benzema and Adebayor of Real Madrid):

For the second division (called Liga Adelante), only the team badge (Escudo) of each team is represented (one sticker per badge). As the album appeared at the beginning of the season (August 2011), in the last part of the album there are 5 pages containing 60 stickers of players signed after the release of the album (Ultimos Fichajes). Among these 60 players there are important players like Falcao (Atletico Madrid) and Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona), who were signed in September.

Album Details:

Name: Coleccion Oficial de Cromos LIGA 2011-12

Editor: Colecciones Este (Panini)

League: Spanish League (Liga and LIGA BBVA)

Number of teams: 20 Liga and 22 Liga adelante

Stickers per team:  - Liga 18+ (1 badge, 1 coach, 16+ players)
                                  - Liga adelante 1 (team badge)

Extra Stickers: Ultimos Fichajes (60 stickers)

Total Number of stickers: 482

Relevant Players: Llorente, Falcao (Athletic Club), Messi, Xavi, Iniesta (Barcelona), Osvaldo (Espanyol), van Nistelrooy, Cazorla (Malaga), Ronaldo, Ozil, Di Maria (Real Madrid), Navas, Kanouté (Sevilla), Mata, Banega (Valencia), Rossi (Villarreal),

Young prospects (1992 or younger): Muniain (Athletic Club), Koke, Courtois (Atletico Madrid), Wellington (Levante), Varane (Real Madrid), Juanmi (Malaga)