martedì 27 dicembre 2016

Panini Rio 2016 - Italia Olympic Team

Panini Rio 2016 is a large album entirely dedicated to the Italian Team participating to the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro. The album includes the participating athletes of each sport and an update set with the athletes that were not included in the album. The collection starts with a foreword of the Olympic Team President and three stickers: The president Malagò, the Olympic team logo (shining sticker) and Federica Pellegrini (chief of the delegation). The album continues with an introduction of 9 stickers about Rio 2016 (logo, mascot, stadiums and more). Then each sport is presented separately in alphabetical order. For each sport there is a special shining sticker of the mascot and a variable number of stickers of the athletes in action. At the end of the album there is a section to host 35 stickers included in the update set. In parallel, there is also a set of 45 cards with the logos of the Olympic Sports. Each sticker packet includes one card. 

Update Set
The collection includes also an update set released in August 2016 with the participating athletes that were not included in the original album. The set contains a total of 60 stickers: 35 of them have a special section at the end of the album, 22 of them are replacing athletes that were not participating at the Olympic Games (these stickers can be either glued in place of the original sticker or kept separately), 2 of them are stickers that correct errors of the original sticker and one is an extra sticker with the cover of the album.

The update set Panini Rio 2016 with 60 stickers

The 25 stickers of the update set that have no space in the album: 22 of them can replace the not participating athletes (each sticker has on the back the name of the sticker to be replaced), 2 stickers replace errors of the original sticker and one is an extra sticker with the cover of the album

Two stars of the Italian Cycling Team: Vincenzo Nibali and Fabio Aru

 Gold medals of Rio 2016: Fabio Basile (Judo) and Gregorio Paltrinieri (1500m Swimming)

Zaytsev (Silver medal with the Volleyball team) and Campriani (2 gold medals in shooting)

The original (on the left) and the correct sticker (on the right) of Alessandro Nora. The correct sticker could be found in the update set

Album details
Full name: Italia Olympic Team - Rio 2016
Publisher: Panini
Event: Olympic Games Rio 2016
Release: June 2016
      -Il saluto del presidente (3 stickers)
      -Tutto Rio 2016 (9 stickers)
      -Atletica Femminile (11 stickers)
      -Atletica Maschile (9 stickers)
      -Beach Volley (7 stickers)
      -Canoa (6 sticker)
      -Canottaggio (17 stickers)
      -Ciclismo (17 stickers)
      -Ginnastica Artistica (7 stickers)
      -Ginnastic Ritmica (7 stickers)
      -Judo (5 stickers)
      -Lotta (3 stickers)
      -Nuoto Fondo (4 stickers)
      -Nuoto Femminile (11 stickers)
      -Nuoto Maschile (11 stickers)
      -Nuoto Sincronizzato (10 stickers)
      -Pallanuoto Femminile (14 stickers)
      -Pallanuoto Maschile (13 stickers)
      -Pallavolo Femminile (13 stickers)
      -Pallavolo Maschile (12 stickers)
      -Pentathlon Moderno (5 stickers)
      -Pesi (3 stickers)
      -Badminton (2 stickers)
      -Pugilato (6 stickers)
      -Scherma Femminile (8 stickers)
      -Scherma Maschile (10 stickers)
      -Sport Equestri (8 stickers)
      -Tennis (7 stickers)
      -Tiro con l'arco (5 stickers)
      -Tiro a volo (10 stickers)
      -Tiro a segno (5 stickers)
      -Triathlon (5 stickers)
      -Tuffi (9 stickers)
      -Vela (12 stickers)
      -Golf (4 stickers)
      -Atleti Olimpici Plurimedagliati (27 stickers)
      -Aggiornamenti - Updates (35 stickers)
Update set: 60 stickers
Extra: 45 cards

Total number of stickers: 315 + update set

giovedì 22 dicembre 2016

Panini Futbol Argentino 2014

Futbol Argentino 2014 is the official collection of the Argentinian championship 2014. The tournament of 2014 is transitional from 20 to 30 teams, therefore there were no relegations and the tournament lasted only four months (from August to December) with a total of 19 rounds. Racing Club of Diego Milito won the tournament. Top scorers with 11 goals were Lucas Pratto (Velez), Maxi Rodriguez (Newell's) and Silvio Romero (Lanus).
The album includes all the teams of Primera Division and B Nacional (First and Second division). The album opens with the calendar of the season and a page dedicated to the National team (Celeste y Blanca) that reached the final of the World Cup 2014 in Brazil. In this page there is a large team photo composed by 6 stickers and two metallic stickers of Messi and Mascherano.

The 20 clubs of Primera Division are displaced over two pages with stickers of club badge (metallic), home shirt, and players in action. The number of players in action is 13 for all clubs excepts for 6 clubs that have 14 players (Boca Jrs, Independiente, Racing, River, San Lorenzo, and Velez). Besides, one player sticker of these six clubs is metallic; the players with special stickers are Orion, Montenegro, T. Gutierrez, Milito, Romagnoli, and Pratto.

The sticker of Augustin Orion has an error: he is not born in 1994, but in 1981

Racing Club of Diego Milito is the winner of the Primera Division 2014

The Primera B Nacional includes 22 teams. Each team has one page and a total of 8 stickers: the metallic club badge, the home shirt, the team photo, and five players.

The back cover of Panini Futbol Argentino 2014

Club badges of Futbol Argentino 2014

Special metallic stickers of Messi and Mascherano 

Two glorious players of Futbol Argentino 2014: Diego Milito and Juan Roman Riquelme

Young players in this album (born in 1994 or later)
Jorge Rodriguez (1995, Banfield), Brian Fernandez (1994, Defensa y Justicia), Joaquin Correa (1994, Estudiantes), Ezequiel Bonifacio (1994, Gimnasia La Plata), Nestor Breintenbruch and Lucas Villalba (1995 and 1994, Independiente), Mauricio Tevez (1996, Newell's), Tomas Martinez and Lucas Boyé (1995 and 1996, River Plate), Hector Villalba (1994, San Lorenzo), Lucas Janson (1994, Tigre), Facundo Cardozo, Leonardo Rolon, Lucas Romero, and Yamil Asad (95, 95, 94, and 94, Velez), Gaspar Iniguez (1994, Argentinos Jrs)

Album details
Full name: Futbol Argentino 2014
Publisher: Panini
Leauge: Argentina (Primera Division and Primera B Nacional)
Season: 2014
Number of Clubs: 20 of Primera Division and 22 of B Nacional
Stickers per Clubs: 15 or 16 for Primera D. and 8 for B Nacional
Special section: Celeste y Blanca (8 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 490