mercoledì 27 marzo 2019

Panini Fussball 2017/2018 (Austria)

The album Fussball 2017/2018 is very similar to the recent Austrian league collections released by Panini, both in terms of graphics and layout. New feature of this season is a page dedicated to the mascots of some clubs. However, this section includes only three mascot stickers (RB Salzburg, Austria Wien, and Rapid Wien). 
The album introduction includes a foreword and five stickers: the Bundesliga logo and trophy (metallic stickers), the top scorer 2017 (Kayode), and the Bundesliga winners 2017 (RB Salzburg, two stickers).

The 10 Bundesliga clubs are shown following the classification order of the previous season. For each club there are 27 stickers displayed over four pages: stadium (two stickers), badge (metallic sticker), team photo (horizontal puzzle of four stickers), coach, and 19 players.

After the Bundesliga clubs, there is a page with 12 mascots of Bundesliga and Erste Liga. Out of them only three are stickers and the rest are printed on the album. 
The introductory page of the Erste Liga includes four stickers: logo and trophy of the championship (both metallic stickers), the topscorer (Eler) and the winner of the previous season (Lask Linz).

Erste Liga clubs have stickers of the badge (metallic) and the team photo (a puzzle of three stickers).

International players of RB Salzburg

International players of Austria Wien

A new feature of Fussball 2017-18: mascot stickers

Album details
Full name: Fussball 17-18
Publisher: Panini
Release: October 2017
League: Austria (Bundesliga and Erste Liga)
Season: 2017/2018
Number of clubs and stickers:
  • Bundesliga (10 clubs, 27 stickers)
  • Erste Liga (10 clubs, 4 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Introduction Bundesliga (5 stickers)
  • Masckottchen (Mascots, 3 stickers)
  • Introduction Erste Liga (4 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 322

venerdì 22 marzo 2019

Panini FIFA 365 2016/2017 (South American Edition)

This is the second edition of FIFA 365, after the first released for the season 2015/2016. There are three variations of this album: International, Eastern Europe, and South American. 
Here we present the South American edition that compared to the International edition includes 8 extra teams (Alajuelense, Saprissa, Alianza Lima, Universitario de Deportes, Millonarios, Universidad de Chile, San Lorenzo, Club Olimpia) replacing the following clubs: Olympique Lyonnais, Standard, Basel, Roma, Legia Warszava, Steaua Bucarest, Fenerbahce, CSKA Moscow. Just for the South American edition there is also an hardcover version of the album.
The first page shows the contents of the album with the list of clubs included. Here we find the first stickers: the FIFA 365 and the Panini's logo.

The first special section is Golden Sticker, awarding the most voted sticker 2016. Here we find the artistic stickers of the first five positions (Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Navas, Buffon) and the stickers of the edition 2016 for the first 10 classified. 

Football Heritage is a two page section about the FIFA World Football Museum (shiny sticker of the World Cup) and the Hall of Fame, with special stickers of four legends: Ancelotti, Raul, Klinsmann, and Simeone. 

The American clubs are the first shown on this edition, followed by European clubs. Each club has one page with 14 stickers: the club badge (shiny), a celebration (shiny) and 12 players.

Goal Machines include 18 stickers on two pages of the best strikers of the years 2013 to 2016. 

Next Generation is the section dedicated to the rising stars of the world of football. Here there are 8 stickers for a total of 16 players with some of the best football promises.
On the same page there are four shiny stickers dedicated to the FIFA Under 17 World Cup, won by Nigeria in 2015.

FIFA Women's World Ranking includes ten stickers of women's National teams based on the FIFA ranking. 

Key players is a section with 14 stickers for a total of 19 relevant players. The stickers of Modric, Koke, Reus, and Mahrez are shiny. 

Golden Winners include 10 stickers of players awarded by the FIFA since 2005 for the Golden Ball, Golden Boot or Golden Glove. Among them the shiny sticker of a young Messi with Argentina in 2005. 

Football Icons is another section dedicated to the most popular players. Here there are 12 stickers of player faces in action.

The last part of the album is dedicated to the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2015. The first page is about the final Barcelona - River Plate = 3-0 (10 stickers with photos of the game). In the following pages the participating clubs (except Barcelona) are included with four stickers each (team photo and three stickers of 12 players). Also River Plate and Club America are included in this section, even if they had already a club page previously in the album. 
After all, this second edition of FIFA 365 is a rich collection including a large number of clubs worldwide. However, some sections result redundant, repeating several times stickers of the same players. The amount of stickers of this collection is thus probably excessive. 

back cover of the album

The shining stickers of Messi in this collection

More Messi with the two face stickers of this collection

Shiny club badges of FIFA 365 2016/2017

Album details:
Full name: FIFA 365 2016/2017
Publisher: Panini
Season: 2016/2017
Hardcover: Yes
Number of clubs: 39
Stickers per club: 14
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • Golden Sticker (10 stickers)
  • Football Heritage (5 stickers)
  • Goal Machines (18 stickers)
  • Next Generation (8 stickers)
  • FIFA-U17 World Cup Chile 2015 (4 stickers)
  • FIFA Women's World Ranking (10 stickers)
  • Key Players (14 stickers)
  • Golden Winners (10 stickers)
  • Football icons (12 stickers)
  • FIFA Club World Cup (9 stickers)
  • Teams of Club World Cup (24 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 672

martedì 12 marzo 2019

Panini Brasileirao 2018 (Hardcover album)

Panini Brasileirao 2018 is another excellent sticker collection of the Brazilian championship. There are however a couple of major flaws, like the two club badges per sticker and the disappearance of the mascot stickers, a classic of this collection. This year the album is again released with an hardcover version and the name changed from Campeonato Brasileiro to Brasileirao. A new feature of this collection is the presence of big size stickers (one per packet) and regular stickers (four per packet).
The collection opens with a foreword and two (half big size) metallic stickers: the album cover and the Brazilian Federation logo. Then the Serie A is introduced with a double page and the metallic stickers of the logo and trophy (half stickers of a big size sticker). In these pages there are details about the champions 2017 and the best scorers of the previous editions. 

Badge stickers of Serie A clubs are collected in two pages before the club pages. Each badge sticker is a half big size metallic sticker. Therefore, there are 10 metallic stickers covering the 20 badges of this section.

Serie A clubs are displaced over two pages with a total of 16 stickers: two big size stickers with the team photo and a celebration, and 14 regular stickers of players. Mascots and home/away kits are only printed on the album.

The Serie A section is closed by the Destaques (highlights) stickers. Here we find 10 metallic big size stickers including 20 star players of Serie A (one per club). Each player is half of a big size sticker. 

The Serie B is introduced by two pages with the half size stickers of the trophy and cup of the championship. Here there are as well details about the champions 2017 and best scorers of the previous seasons. 

Like for Serie A, also for Serie B there is a section with 20 half size metallic stickers of all club badges. Then the clubs are shown in alphabetical order, two per page with 6 stickers each (12 players). 

The section Destaques Serie B is the last of the album: 20 half size metallic stickers of Serie B star players. 

Back cover of the album

Brasileirao 2018 - Hardcover album

Familiar faces of Milan: Lucas Paquetà (10 goals with Flamengo in Serie A 2018) joined AC Milan in January 2019. Gabriel Barbosa "Gabigol" of Inter Milan on loan to Santos was the best scorer of the Serie A 2018 with 18 goals

Familiar faces of Europe: the Argentinian Lucho Gonzalez (ex Porto and Olympique Marseille) and Fred (ex Olympique Lyonnais)

Album details
Full name: Brasileirao 2018
Publisher: Panini
Release: August 2018
League: Brazilian (Serie A and B)
Season: 2018
Divisions, clubs and stickers:
  • Serie A (20 clubs, 16 stickers)
  • Serie B (20 clubs, 6 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Album introduction (1 sticker)
  • Serie A introduction (1 sticker)
  • Serie A club badges (10 stickers)
  • Serie A star players (10 stickers)
  • Serie B introduction (1 sticker)
  • Serie B club badges (10 stickers)
  • Serie B star players (10 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 483