mercoledì 26 giugno 2019

Panini Voetbal 93

The Dutch Eredivisie 1992/1993, which was named officially PTT Telecompetitie, was contested by 18 teams. Feyenoord won the championship with 53 points, second place for PSV (51 points) and third for Ajax (49 points). The two stars of the league were certainly Bergkamp (Ajax) and Romario (PSV). They were also the best scorers of the championship with 26 goals (Bergkamp) and 22 goals (Romario).
The official sticker collection by Panini is slightly disappointing. It counts only 255 stickers, with no club badge nor shiny stickers. The Eerste Divisie is also not included. The album opens with a foreword and 5 introductory stickers about the previous season: the title owner PSV (Romario in action), the Euro Cup winner Ajax, the KNVB-Beker winner Feyenoord, and two "revelations" of the season 1991/92 in action: Gaston Taument (Feyenoord) and Michel Kreek (Ajax). Clubs are shown following the classification order of the previous season. The first 5 clubs (PSV, Ajax, Feyenoord, Vitesse and Groningen) have a total of 15 stickers of players displaced over three pages. The following clubs have only 12 stickers on two pages.

The team stickers of the 18 Eredivise clubs are collected on four pages at the end of the album. The last page is dedicated to the 300 top scorers of all times and it includes the sticker of the top scorer 1991/92 in action (Bergkamp).

Best scorers of the Eredivisie 1992/93: Romario (PSV, 22 goals) and Bergkamp (Ajax, 26 goals)

Two famous players of the Dutch National Team: Philip Cocu (Vitesse) and Ronald de Boer (Twente)

Album details
Full name: Voetbal 93
Publisher: Panini
League: Eredivisie (The Netherlands)
Season: 1992/1993
Number of clubs: 18 
Stickers per club: 
  • 15 stickers for Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, Vitesse and Groningen
  • 12 stickers for the others
Other sections:
  • Introduction (5 stickers)
  • Teams (18 stickers)
  • TopscorersTop 300 (1 sticker)

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Total number of stickers: 255

lunedì 17 giugno 2019

Panini Calciatori 2019

The Panini leading album of the season 2018/2019 is a wonderful product that includes more than 800 stickers covering the main leagues of the Italian football. For the third consecutive year an hardcover version of the album was released.
The album opens with an introductory page including four metallic stickers: Serie A logo and trophies of Serie A, Italian Cup, and Super Cup. The album continues with the presentation of Serie A clubs. For each club there are 28 stickers on 4 pages. The first two pages include the metallic stickers of the clubs badge and stadium together with 22 stickers of the squad. In the second two pages there are four more stickers: the team photo and three shinies (the home shirt, players in action, and the coach). Player careers are all grouped together at the end of the album.

The section "Film del Campionato" describes the season 2018/19 with 25 stickers. The first five stickers are included in regular packets, whereas the others were issued with four special packets along the season. Much space is granted to the title winner Juventus and its new leader Cristiano Ronaldo, but here we find also the stickers of amazing performance of the season, like the top scorer Quagliarella or Atalanta qualified to the Champions League.

The 48 stickers released with the update set in March 2019 find place in the section Calciomercato. Here we find players and coaches that moved during the winter market. With the update set there are also the mini stickers "Trasferito" (Transferred) to be applied on the players that left the club during the season.

In the season 2018/19, Serie B was composed by 19 clubs. A sticker with the Serie B logo is included on the first club page (Ascoli). Each club includes 6 stickers of players (three players per sticker for a total of 18 players), the team photo sticker and the badge sticker (half metallic sticker). The three clubs promoted to the Serie A 2019/20 are Brescia, Lecce, and Verona. 

Women football is a growing movement in Italy as well and Panini dedicates again a double page with the team photo stickers of the 12 Serie A clubs.  

Last section with stickers of the album is dedicated to the Women and Under 21 Italian National teams. Here we find a total of 10  metallic stickers with players (three players per sticker).

The hardcover album Calciatori 2018-2019

Two of the most promising young Italian players of the National team: Nicolò Barella and Federico Chiesa

Transferred players in January ("Trasferito"): Piatek from Genoa to Milan and Higuain from Milan to Chelsea

Club badge and home shirt stickers

First Calciatori stickers for Cristiano Ronaldo (regular and shiny)

The stickers of the top scorer of the league: Fabio Quagliarella (regular sticker and "Film del Campionato", celebrating his achievement)

Rookie stickers of rising Italian football stars: Nicolò Zaniolo (1999, Roma) and Sandro Tonali (2000, Brescia, Serie B)

Album details:
Full name: Calciatori 2018-2019
Publisher: Panini
Release: December 2018
League: Italian (Serie A, Serie B, Women)
Season: 2018-2019
Hardcover album: Yes
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Seria A (20 clubs, 28 stickers)
  • Serie B (19 clubs, 7.5 stickers)
  • Seria A Women (12 clubs, 1 sticker)
Other sections:
  • Introduction (4 stickers)
  • Film del Campionato (25 stickers)
  • Calciomercato (48 update stickers)
  • Serie B introduction (0.5 stickers)
  • Women National Team (5 stickers)
  • Under 21 National Team (5 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 802