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Panini Brasileiro 2020


Panini Brasileirao 2020 is the official sticker collection of the Brazilian Serie A and Serie B for the 2020 season. Once again, since 2011 and with the exception of 2015, the album was released also in a hardcover version with a spectacular cover depicting the trophy, the badges of the 40 clubs, and pictures of Brazilian football on the background.

The album begins with an introduction including three shiny stickers: the sticker number 00 ("Eu faço parte do jogo", I'm part of the game), the Brazilian federation logo and the cover of the album. Before the presentation of the clubs, there are also two introductory pages about the Brazilian Serie A. Here there are four additional shiny stickers: the "craque" Bruno Henrique, Serie A badges, trophy, and the official ball. Serie A clubs have 17 stickers over two pages: the shiny logo, the shiny mascot, and 15 players. After the Serie A section, the album proposes a section with the avatars of the 40 Brazilian clubs of Serie A and Serie B. Those stickers are displaced over five pages. Also the Serie B section is introduced by two pages with four shiny stickers (the "destaque" Claudinho, badges, trophy, and the official ball). Each club of Serie B has 8 stickers: the shiny badge, the shiny mascot, and six stickers of players (two players per sticker). The album ends with no further sections.

Flamengo won the 2020 Serie A with just one point more than International. Claudinho (Bragantino) and Luciano (Sao Paulo) were the top scorers with 18 goals. The league featured some promising young prospects (for example Kaio Jorge and Talles Magno) and some Brazilian legends (like Diego, Felipe Luis, Luiz Adriano and Dani Alves).

The hardcover album Brasileirao 2020

Brazilian stars back home: Diego and Dani Alves

Rising stars born in 2002: Kaio Jorge and Talles Magno

Album details:
Full name: Brasileirao 2020
Publisher: Panini
Release: September 30, 2020
Leagues: Brazilian (Serie A and Serie B)
Season: 2020
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Serie A (20 clubs, 17 stickers)
  • Serie B (20 clubs, 8 stickers)
Other sections: 
  • Album introduction (3 stickers)
  • Serie A introduction (4 stickers)
  • Liga dos centenarios (40 stickers)
  • Serie B introduction (4 stickers)
Hardcover album: Yes
Updates: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 550

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Panini Fussball 97 (Austria)

Fussball 97 is the official sticker collection of the Austrian football for the season 1996/1997. The collection produced by Panini includes 274 stickers with all the clubs of Division 1 and Division 2. 

The album begins with an introductory page including three shiny stickers: the Bundesliga logo and the celebrations of the Bundesliga (Rapid Wien) and the Austrian Cup winners (Sturm Graz) of the 1995/1996 season. The album shows first the clubs of Division 1 following the standing order of the previous season, starting therefore with Rapid Wien. For each club there are six pages and 25 stickers, except for Admira Wacker (24 stickers) and Linz (23 stickers). The first club page includes three shiny stickers: the club badge, the supporters, and the team photo. The following three pages include the coach and 16 players, and the last two pages five shiny stickers of players in action.

Clubs of Division 2 are also included in the collection but just with two stickers: the shiny club badge (half sticker) and the team photo. In the collection we find some of the best Austrian players of the period (Ivica Vastic, Mario Haas) and some International players, like the Italian Giuseppe Giannini, who is a legend in Rome for playing 318 games in 15 seasons, or the Bulgarian Trifon Ivanov. Austria Salzburg won the 1996/1997 Bundesliga with 69 points and Réné Wagner (Rapid Wien) was the topgoalscorer with 28 goals.

Back cover of the album

Italians from Fussball 97: Enzo Gambaro (ex Sampdoria, Parma, Milan) and "The Prince" of Rome Giuseppe Giannini, who played for Roma from 1981 to 1996 (318 caps and 49 goals)

Austrian strikers: Ivica Vastic and Mario Haas

International players from Fussball 97: The goalkeeper Čerčesov (39 caps for Russia) and Trifon Ivanov (67 caps and 5 goals for Bulgaria)

Album details:
Full name: Fussball 97
Publisher: Panini
League: Austrian (Division 1 and Division 2)
Season: 1996/1997
Number of clubs and stickers per club:
  • Division 1 (10 clubs, 25, 24 or 23 stickers)
  • Division 2 (16 clubs, 1.5 stickers)
Other sections: Introduction (3 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 274