sabato 24 marzo 2018

Panini Scottish Premier Division 97

In 1996/1997 Glasgow Rangers won the seasonal battle with Celtic getting the Premier Division title with 80 points (5 more than Celtic). Top scorer was however the Portuguese Celtic player Jorge Cadete (25 goals) and the Danish Brian Laudrup got the second place (16 goals, Rangers).
The Panini sticker album of the league is a large collection of 300 big size stickers. The introduction includes two shining stickers with the logo of the Scottish Football League and the Bell's League Championship. Each club has six pages with a total of 28 or 29 stickers: the club badge (shining), the stadium, the coach, the team photo, 16 player portraits, and 7 or 8 stickers of players in action. The four clubs with 28 stickers are Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Motherwell and Raith Rovers.

In the center of the album there is a special section of two pages with 12 stickers of Scottish Internationals in action. These are players of the league that represented their National team.

Back cover of the album

Celtic Internationals: Paolo Di Canio (Italy) and Van Hooijdonk (Netherlands)

Rangers stars: The English Paul Gascoigne and the Swedish Joachim Bjorklund

Album details
Full name: Scottish Premier Division 97
Publisher: Panini
League: Scottish Premier Division
Season: 1996/1997
Number of clubs: 10
Stickers per club: 29 (except four clubs with 28 stickers)
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • Scottish Internationals (12 stickers)

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Total number of stickers: 300

domenica 18 marzo 2018

Panini Fussball Bundesliga 2001 - Austria

The Austrian Bundesliga 2000/2001 was contested by 10 teams and FC Tirol Innsbruck won the title (68 points). Second place for Rapid Wien (60 points) and third for Grazer (57 points). Best scorer was the Polish player Gilewicz (Tirol Innsbruck) with 22 goals.
The official sticker collection of the season released by Panini begins with an introductory page and two shining stickers in action.  Then the 10 Bundesliga clubs are shown. For each club there are 27 stickers displaced over four pages: the club badge (shiny sticker), 5 players in action (shiny stickers), the stadium, the coach, the team photo (two stickers), and 17 players.

After the Bundesliga clubs, the album includes three special sections. The first with the top-scorers of all time (three action stickers), the second with the Roll of honour of the championship (two action stickers), and the third with Austrian stars playing abroad (5 stickers).

The last part of the album is dedicated to the clubs of Erste Division. For each club there are three stickers: the shiny club badge and two stickers with the team photo. 

Portrait and action sticker of "the genius" Dejan Savicevic (ex AC Milan)

Shiny club badge stickers of Panini Bundesliga 2001

Album details
Full name: Bundesliga Fussball 2001
Publisher: Panini
League: Austria (Bundesliga and Erste Division)
Season: 2000/2001
Number of clubs: 10 of Bundesliga and 10 of Erste Division
Stickers per club: 27 for Bundesliga and 3 for Erste Division
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • Panini-Top-Torjager (3 stickers)
  • Osterreichische Meister (2 stickers)
  • Osterreichische Stars im Ausland (5 stickers)
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Total number of stickers: 312

martedì 13 marzo 2018

Panini Bundesliga 2003 (Germany)

The title of the German Bundesliga 2002/2003 went to Bayern Munchen with large supremacy (75 points) in front of Stuttgart (59 points) and Borussia Dortmund (58 points). Two players were top scorers with 21 goals: Giovane Elber (Bayern M.) and Thomas Christiansen (Bochum).
The official sticker album of the Bundesliga 2002/2003 released by Panini is a large collection of 498 stickers. The introduction includes three shining stickers of the German National team (second place at the World Cup 2002) and Martin Max (best Bundesliga scorer of the season 2001/2002). Then the Bundesliga clubs are shown in alphabetical order. Each club is displaced over six pages with a total of 27 stickers. The first two pages include details about the club and six stickers: the shiny club badge, the team photo (two stickers), two shiny players in action, and the stadium. In the other four pages we find 21 stickers of players (18 portraits and 3 shinies in action).

In the last part of the album we find still three pages of stickers. Finale Special includes three shiny stickers of the Champions League finalist 2002 (Bayer Leverkusen), UEFA Cup finalist 2002 (Borussia Dortmund) and DFB-Pokal winners 2002 (Schalke 04). Firo-Saison Hohepunkte includes four stickers with the highlights of the season 2001/2002. The last two stickers of the album are the shiny Panini logo and the Panini idol 2002 Oliver Kahn. 

Stadium stickers are part of the collection

Club badge stickers Bundesliga 2003

Shiny action stickers of Lucio and Thomas Hassler

Three young Bundesliga stars 2002: Tomas Rosicky, Miroslav Klose, and Dimitar Berbatov

Album details:
Full name: Bundesliga Fussball 2002-2003
Publisher: Panini
League: German Bundesliga
Season: 2002-2003
Number of clubs: 18
Stickers per club: 27
Other sections:
  • Introduction (3 stickers)
  • Finale special (3 stickers)
  • Firo-saison hohepunkte (4 stickers)
  • Panini logo (1 sticker)
  • Panini idol 2002 (1 sticker)
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Total number of stickers: 498