martedì 31 maggio 2016

Panini Liga 2015/2016 - Spain

The official collection of the Liga was released as usual by Colecciones Este (Panini Edition). The album was released in Spain in August 2015, even before the season started, and update stickers were released along the season. There is also a collection for the South America but with a completely different format.
The album starts directly with Liga teams (no introductory stickers). Each team is displaced on four pages with a total of 22 stickers always numbered from 1 to 22: the club logo (shining sticker), the coach and 20 players (the star player is a shining sticker). The last two stickers of each team (number 21 and 22) were released later during the season.

For the Liga Adelante only club badges are included. There are two badges on each sticker for a total of 11 stickers of 22 clubs displaced over two pages.

New players signed during the season are included at the end of the album in the section Ultimos Fichajes. There are a total of 56 stickers with players like Aleix Vidal and Arda Turan (Barcelona), Danilo and Kovacic (Real Madrid), Vietto and Jackson Martinez (Atletico Madrid). Also young prospects Halilovic (property of Barcelona) and Marco Asensio (property of Real Madrid) are included. 
Last section of the album is Viva el Futbol. It is about good values and fair play, including five stickers: effort, clean game, no to racism, respect, and solidarity.

Except the last signings, the collection includes also 27 update stickers to replace players that left the team. These stickers can be partially glued on the album to hide (but not cover) the sticker below. This technique is shown in the picture below (we suggest for this specific album to glue the sticker on the left side).

Oliver Torres is a 'coloca' sticker to replace Mario Suarez

 Cristiano Ronaldo and Bale stickers: the Real Madrid duo won the Champions League 2016

Luis Suarez and Messi stickers: the Barcelona duo won the Liga 2016

Young prospects included (1995 or younger)
Unai Lopez (1995, Athletic Club), Gimenez, Correa, and Lucas (95,95, and 96, Atletico Madrid), Sandro and Munir (both 1995, Barcelona), Dani Ceballos (1996, Betis), Ruben, Bongonda, Drazig, and Borja Fernandez (all 1995, Celta de Vigo), Duarte (1995, Espanyol), Emi (1996, Getafe), Salva Ruiz and Isaac Success (1995 and 1996, Granada), Bardajì (1995, Real Sociedad), Meré and Castro (1997 and 1995, Real Sporting), Gayà and Bakkali (1995 and 1996, Valencia), Nahuel (1996, Villarreal)
Ultimos Fichajes: Santi Mina (1995, Valencia), Samu Castillejo (1995, Villarreal), Danilo (1996, Valencia), Sanabria (1996, Real Sporting), Marco Asensio (1996, Espanyol), Halilovic (1996, Real Sporting)

Album details
Full name: Liga 2015-16 - Liga BBVA
Publisher: Colecciones Este (Panini)
League: Spanish Liga (Primera and Segunda Division)
Season: 2015-2016
Number of teams: 20 teams of Primera Division
Stickers per teams: 22 + update stickers
Special sections:-Liga Adelante (11 stickers)
                           -Ultimos Fichajes (56 stickers)
                           -Viva el Futbol! (5 stickers)
Update stickers ('Coloca' stickers): 27

Total number of stickers: 539

domenica 15 maggio 2016

Panini Foot 2016 (Hardcover album)

Panini and French League have a long history together, since the first album was published in 1976. The collection has been released every year for the last 40 years. The album of the season 2015/2016 is thus a special event and Panini released an hardcover version of the album to celebrate the 40 years anniversary. The album has a different cover picture and there are four introductory pages about the history of Ligue 1, but for the rest it is the same of the softcover version and the stickers of the collection are also the same.
Ligue 1 teams are as usual shown in alphabetical order. Each team is displaced over four pages with a total of 24 stickers: the club logo (metallic sticker), the coach, the top player (metallic sticker), the top recrue ("top purchase", metallic sticker), the top espoir ("top young promise", metallic sticker), and 19 player portraits. As usual since 2007 the collection is updated with a transfer set released in the spring with the players arrived during the winter market. For each team there is space up to four update stickers.  
PSG had no rivals during the season, confirming the title ownership of the previous years.

The section about Ligue 2 teams starts with the calendar of the season. Teams are then shown in alphabetical order with two teams on one page. Each team includes two stickers: the metallic club badge and the team photo. Details about the squad, palmares and results of the last seasons are also included. 

Nancy, Metz and Dijon are promoted to Ligue 1 for the next season, whereas Evian, Créteil and Paris FC are relegated to the National League.

A new entry in Panini Foot, the club Red Star FC from Saint-Ouen (north of Paris)

The back cover of the hardcover album

Update stickers of this collection are included in a transfer set released in March. In the transfer set there are a total of 40 stickers to be glued on each team page, with a maximum of 4 stickers per team. In the set there are also 6 corrections stickers to update the original stickers that had small mistakes in the player details. Mini-stickers "Joueur Transféré" (for players) and "Nouveau coach" (for trainers) are also included and they can be glued in correspondance of the coaches and players that left the club during the winter market session. After consulting online websites with the list of transfers during the winter session, these are the players that require the ministicker "Joueur Transféré" (I suggest that the mini-sticker is glued below or above the original sticker, but not on top):
Dia (Ajaccio), Butelle, Mohsni, and Camara (Angers), Saivet (Bordeaux), Bègue (Guingamp), Meité and Guirassy (Lille), Koné and Bouanga (Lorient), Bisevac and Beauvue (Olympique Lyonnais), Boschilia (Monaco), Bangoura (Nantes), Rafetraniaina, Vercauteren, and Benrahma (Nice), Lavezzi (PSG), Doucouré and Habibou (Stade Rennais), Ahamada and Aguilar (Toulouse), Bernardoni, Petric, Ayasse, and Cabot (Troyes).

Six correction stickers included in the Set Transferts.
In the original stickers there were mistakes in the player details.

The rookie goalkeeper Bernardoni has two stickers in this album: with Troyes and with his new club Bordeaux (update sticker) 

Cavani and Ibrahimovic next to each other on the album. Surprisingly Pastore was chosen as top player of PSG.

Three interesting prospects of Foot 2016: Maxwell Cornet (1996, Lyon), Augustin (1997, PSG) and Nkoudou (1995, Marseille)

Young prospects included in the album (1995 or younger)
Biancardini (1997, Ajaccio), Fofana, Houri, and Kamano (95, 96, and 96, Bastia), Prior, Crivelli, and Gajic (95, 95, and 96, Bordeaux), Le Joncour (95, Caen), Coco (96, Guingamp), Maignan, Pavard, Guillaume, and Guirassy (95,96,95,96, Lille), Cornet and Kalulu (both 1996, Olympique Lyonnais), Sparagna and Nkoudou (both 1995, Olympique de Marseille), Bahlouli, Boschilia, Lemar, Rony Lopes, and Pasalic (95,96,95,95,and 95, Monaco), N'Diaye and Bensebaini (both 95, Montpellier), Kwateng (1997, Nantes), Hassen, Koziello, Refetraniaina, Benrahma (95,95,96, and 95, Nice), Kimpembe, Rabiot and Augustin (95,95, and 97, PSG), Kyei and Siebatcheu (95 and 96, Stade de Reims), Cavaré and Boga (95 and 97, Stade Rennais), Maupay (96, Saint-Etienne), Bodiger and Ben Ali (both 1995, Toulouse), Bernardoni and Corentin Jean (97 and 95, Troyes)
Update Set: Benrahma (1995, Angers), Bernardoni, Arambarri and Malcom (97, 95, and 97, Bordeaux), Rémi Walter (1995, Nice)

Album details
Full name: Foot 2015-16 (40 ans, 1976-2016)
Publisher: Panini
League: French (Ligue 1 and Ligue 2)
Season: 2015-2016
Number of teams: 20 of Ligue 1 and 20 of Ligue 2
Stickers per team: 24 for Ligue 1 teams + up to 4 update stickers
                                2 for Ligue 2 teams                      
Hardcover album: Yes
Update stickers: Set Transferts 

Total number of stickers: 520 + 40 update stickers

mercoledì 4 maggio 2016

Panini Foot 93

Foot 93 is the official album of the French Division 1 and 2 for the season 1992/1993. This album is characterized by very large stickers and it includes lots of big names: Zidane, Deschamps, Weah, Djorkaeff, Desailly, Lizarazu, Klinsmann, Karembeu, Boksic, Rui Barros. 
Marseille won the season with 55 points, second place for PSG and Monaco with 51 points. Boksic was the top scorer of the league with 22 goals. 
The album opens with the game fixture of the season, the table of contents and the foreword (no stickers). Then the 20 teams of Division 1 are shown in alphabetical order, from Auxerre to Valenciennes. Each team has three pages, two with 13 player stickers and one with the club badge (shining sticker) and the team photo (no sticker). There are thus 14 stickers per team and the album includes details of the club and a short description of each player. 

In the center of the album there is a poster with a photo of the French National team. It includes 11 stickers with the faces of the players

One part of the poster staple in the center of the album

The section about Division 2 is a double page including all the club badges of the 36 teams divided in Group A and Group B. There are two badges per sticker, therefore this section includes a total of 18 shining stickers.

Three ex-players of Internazionale: Djorkaeff, Cauet and Klinsmann

Three young players now coaches: Zinedine Zidane second appearance on a Panini album (first one is in Foot 92 with Cannes), Deschamps, and Laurent Blanc

Other three players that got famous in Italy: George Weah with AC Milan, Karembeu with Sampdoria before going to Real Madrid, and Rudi Voller with Roma

Album details
Full name: Foot 93 en images
Publisher: Panini
League: French (Division 1 and Division 2)
Season: 1992/1993
Number of clubs and stickers per club: 
  • Ligue 1 (20 clubs, 14 stickers)
  • Ligue 2 (36 clubs, 0.5 stickers)
Other sections with stickers: No
Poster: French National team (11 stickers)
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 309