domenica 24 agosto 2014

Panini Brasileiro 2014

The new collection Panini Brasileiro is out!

Album cover

Just yesterday Panini Brazil released its traditional Brasileiro collection  for the current season 2014. First pictures can be found on the facebook page (Torcida Panini) and on mercadolivre. 

The album starts with two introductory stickers (sticker 0 and sticker 00), then there are 36 shining stickers of the best player of the Brazilian League (A1 to A24 and B1 to B12). Serie A teams have 16 stickers each: club badge (shining), mascot (shining), and 14 players. Serie B teams have 8 stickers: club badge (shining), mascot (shining) and 6 stickers with double players (two players per sticker for a total of 12 players). The album has a total of 518 stickers out of which 118 are special shining stickers.

It is expected also a hardcover version of the album as it has been in the last three years. Moreover, Panini will launch an application (Panini App Collectors) for smartphones and tablets to help the collector organizing and controlling missing and double stickers.

The sealed packets of Brasileiro 2014

An interesting video on youtube shows stickers and album:

Album details:
Full name: Brasileiro 2014
Publisher: Panini
Album size: 235 x 300 mm
League: Brazilian Serie A and Serie B
Number of teams: 20 Serie A teams
                             20 Serie B teams
Stickers per team: 16 for Serie A teams
                                8 for Serie B teams
Special sections: -Introductory stickers (0 and 00)
                           -"Eu vim aqui so pra te ver" (A1 to A24)
                           -"Craques do Brasileirao" (B1 to B12)

Total number of stickers: 518

venerdì 22 agosto 2014

Eredivisie 2006-2007 - Plus

For the season 2006/2007, the Dutch company Plus presented an album of the Eredivisie similar to the previous season, with the difference that the player stickers are "in action".
For each of the 18 teams there are 16 stickers: the club badge, the coach and 14 players. PSV won again the title, but only for a better goal difference than Ajax. The club of Amsterdam showed the talent of Sneijder and Huntelaar, whereas PSV could count on stars like Cocu, Kluivert, Afellay and Farfan.

Wesley Sneijder, last season at Ajax

Album details
Full name: Eredivisie Spelersalbum 2006-2007
Publisher: Plus
League: Eredivisie
Number of teams: 18
Stickers per team: 16

Total number of stickers: 288

mercoledì 20 agosto 2014

Album Eredivisie 2005/2006 - Plus

Panini published the album of the Eredivisie for many years, until the season 2004/2005. Starting from the season 2005/2006 we have the first album not published by Panini, but released by the Dutch company Plus. This album includes 16 stickers for all the 18 teams of the Eredivisie: the club badge, the coach and 15 players.

Many well-known players in the Ajax team: Stekelenburg, Heitinga, Nigel de Jong, Sneijder, Pienaar, Babel and Charisteas. Ajax got only the 4th place at the end of the season.

A young Sneijder with Ajax shirt

Van Gaal was the coach of AZ during the 2005/2006 season

Dirk Kuyt was the rising star at Feyenoord

PSV Eindhoven won the Eredivisie 2005/2006. They could count on players like Reizinger, Alex, Afellay, Cocu and Farfan, with Guus Hiddink sitting on the bench.

A young Huntelaar with the Heerenveen shirt

Album details
Full name: Eredivisie Spelersalbum 2005/2006
Publisher: Plus (NL)
League: Eredivisie (Dutch Premier League)
Number of teams: 18
Stickers per team: 16

Total number of stickers: 288

venerdì 15 agosto 2014

Premier League Shoot Out 2006-2007 (cards)

Magic Box Int. published for few years a collection of the English Premier League for a trading card game under the name "Shoot Out". We present here the collection of the season 2006/2007. It includes 18 cards for each of the 20 Premier League teams, for a total of 360 cards. The binder includes also the checklist (behind the cover and the back-cover) of all the cards included.
The cards of the best players are shining, among these we can mention Fabregas, Henry, Shevchenko, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney.

 Checklist and Arsenal

 Arsenal and Aston Villa


 Fulham and Liverpool

 Liverpool and Manchester City

Manchester City and Manchester United 

Manchester United

 The cards of Fabregas, Shevchenko, Gerrard and Cristiano Ronaldo

The rookie card of Carlitos Tevez at West Ham United

The back-cover

Collection details
Full name: Shoot Out 2006-2007 - F.A. Premier League
Publisher: Magic Box Int.
League: English Premier League
Number of teams: 20
Cards per team: 18

Total number of cards: 360

For the complete checklist you can open the following pictures:

giovedì 7 agosto 2014

Panini Calciatori 2013-2014

Panini Calciatori is the king sticker collection of Panini, published since 1961. Nowadays, Panini Calciatori is a massive album with almost thousand stickers(!) distributed among all the professional leagues of Italian football (including updates, special sections etc...). 
The Album 2013-2014 has a high quality cover with writing and logos in relief. Opening the album we find two stickers behind the cover: the official balls and the sticker number zero ("Topolino" - Mickey Mouse). On the right page nine stickers with all the trophies and the competition logos. Then all the Serie A teams are showed in alphabetical order. Each team is displaced over 4 pages with a total of 34 stickers: club badge, team photo, coach,  20 players, 5 updates, and the young squad. A special characteristic of the 2013-2014 edition is the fabric material on which the club badge sticker of each club is printed. The team photo is a big puzzle composed by six stickers. Also, a sticker of the young team is included. For each Serie A team there are 5 update stickers with 5 players that were either transferred to the team in the winter market or that were not included in the 20 players of the base set. With the update set there are also mini stickers to be attached in correspondance of the substituted coach or transferred player with the word sostituito or trasferito, respectively.

The special material (fabric) of the Serie A and B club badges 

Carlos Tevez was at his first season in Italy

The evergreen Miroslav Klose

The best scorer of the season was Ciro Immobile

After the Serie A team are showed, there are four special sections. The first is a double page dedicated to Topolino (Mickey Mouse) with 20 mascot stickers, one per team. This is due to the recent acquisition of Disney rights for Italy by Panini.

The second special section is dedicated to the Italian League "Derby": Juventus-Torino, Inter-Milan, Lazio-Roma, Genoa Sampdoria, Chievo-Hellas Verona. A total of 10 special smooth stickers over three pages. Then, there is one page with four stickers with all the referees of Serie A and Serie B.

Last section before Serie B teams is the Film of the Season 2013-14, with a total of 16 extra stickers about the best teams and players of Serie A and Serie B. These stickers were distributed separately in Italian newspapers (8 stickers in January and 8 stickers in June).

Each of the 22 Serie B teams is displaced over one page with a total of 8 stickers and a half: a fabric club logo (half sticker), the team photo, 18 players (3 per sticker), the coach (half sticker), and the young squad (half sticker). Palermo, Empoli and Cesena were the three teams that got promoted to Serie A for the 2014/2015 season.

The Lega Pro I Division teams have a shining club badge (a quarter of a sticker) and a team photo (half sticker), whereas the Lega Pro II Division have only the shining club badge (one quarter of a sticker). The Women's League (Serie A) is included with a team photo (half sticker) of each club.
Finally, the last section is a double page about the football technique ("Essere Calciatori") with 8 stickers of ex-player Zambrotta in action.

 Serie A teams special fabric club badges

A sealed packet of Panini Calciatori 2014

Album details

Full name: Calciatori 2013-2014
Publisher: Panini
League: Italian
Number of Teams: 20 for Serie A
                               22 for Serie B
                               34 for Lega Pro I
                               36 for Lega Pro II
                               16 for Women Serie A
Stickers per Team: 34 for Serie A
                               8.5 for Serie B
                               0.75 for Lega Pro I
                               0.25 for Lega Pro II
                               0.5 for Women Serie A
Special sections: - Introduction 11 stickers (trophies and logos)
                           - "Topolino" 20 stickers
                           - "Derby" 10 stickers
                           - "Arbitri" 4 stickers
                           - "Il Film del Campionato" 16 stickers
                           - "Essere Calciatori" 8 stickers
Total number of stickers: 991 (including updates)