mercoledì 28 ottobre 2020

Panini Feyenoord Droomalbum (2018)

After the success of the "Dream album" released for PSV Eindhoven, the collaboration between Panini and Jumbo produced an equivalent album for the popular club Feyenoord Rotterdam. The Feyenoord Droomalbum was available in the Jumbo supermarket from September 19 to November 13, 2018. One packet with 3 stickers was given away for each 10€ spent in the supermarket. The album counts a total of 168 stickers. 
The album includes the history of the club, with the main legends and trophies, but it focuses largely also on the season 2018/2019 with all the players of the squad. The album starts with the presentation of the team and the staff. In this first page we find a shiny sticker of the club badge, the team photo stickers and the staff. Then the famous stadium De Kuip is introduced with two pages of stickers and facts about this historical monument of Rotterdam. 

The album shows then all the Feyenoord players of the season 2018/2019, with a total of 80 stickers over 16 pages. Among the most remarkable players we have to mention Robin Van Persie, who was back to Rotterdam for two seasons scoring 21 goals in 37 appearances from 2017 to 2019. There are four stickers of Van Persie on his page: the portrait and three action stickers (one shiny).

Prijzen en Geschiedenis (Trophies and History) goes through the most legendary moments of the club, from the beginnings (1908) to the most recent successes. Feyenoord won 15 times the Eredivisie, one Champions League (1970) and two UEFA Cups (1974, 2002). The album continues with a section about the stadium (De Kuip), a gallery with the trophies, and the legends of the club.

The last part of the album includes three alternative sections: training tips, the fanzone, and the contest to win a dream day with Feyenoord. The album concludes with the checklist and the space for 4 extra stickers (X1-X4) that would be eventually released after the winter market, with new Feyenoord players. 

The last page of the album with the checklist of this collection

Back cover of the album

The four update stickers (X1-X4) can be placed in the last page of the album

Sealed packet

Sticker #1: the shiny Feyenoord badge

Two action stickers of Van Persie (shiny and regular)

Feyenoord celebrating the Champions League victory in 1970

The two stickers composing the legendary stadium "De Kuip"

Album details:
Full name: Feyenoord Rotterdam - Droomalbum
Publisher: Panini/Jumbo
Release: September 2018
Club: Feyenoord
Country: Netherlands
Sections of the album:
  • Team & Staf (4 stickers)
  • Achter de schermen in De Kuip (15 stickers)
  • Players of the season 2018/19 (80 stickers)
  • Prijzen en Geschiedenis (19 stickers)
  • De Kuip (4 stickers)
  • Prijzen (4 stickers)
  • Helden en Legendes (13 stickers)
  • Trainingstips (10 stickers)
  • Fanzone (15 stickers)
  • Win een Feyenoord Droomdag (4 stickers)
Updates: X1-X4 (4 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 168 (+ 4 update stickers)

martedì 20 ottobre 2020

Merlin's Premier League 2005

The Premier League 2004/2005 can be identified with José Mourinho. His Chelsea won the title with a record 95 points, leaving the title owner Arsenal 12 points behind. Top goalscorer of the season was Thierry Henry with 25 goals. 
The official sticker collection of the 2004/2005 season was released by Merlin for the 12th consecutive time (since the first edition in 1994). It is a large and classy collection counting 574 stickers and including autographed stickers of all the players. The album opens with the contents and an introductory page with two large size shiny stickers (the Premier League logo and trophy). Then the 20 Premier League clubs are shown in alphabetical order. Each club counts 28 stickers displaced over six pages. In the first two pages the club is presented with stickers of the badge (shiny), the team photo (large size), the home and away kits, the star player and the captain (both large size shiny stickers). Then in the following three pages the squad is shown with 18 autographed stickers of players. These pages include also player careers printed on the album. The last club page focuses on the team, with the stickers of the manager and three key players. the album includes only one extra section in the center of the album dedicated to new signings. Here we find 12 stickers over four pages, out of which 10 shiny stickers. The collection does not include extra stickers or updates.  

Back cover of the album 

Stickers of two fantastic strikers of the Premier League 2004/05: Thierry Henry (top scorer with 25 goals) and Didier Drogba

Chelsea dominated the Premier League 2004/2005. Lampard and Robben were key players together with Terry, who was awarded Player of the Year

Merlin's PL 2005 includes also manager's stickers. Here José Mourinho (Chelsea) and Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United)

Shiny club badge stickers of this album

Regular autographed sticker and action sticker of Cristiano Ronaldo from the Merlin's PL 2005 album

New signings of Manchester United and Newcastle for the season 2004/05: Rooney scored 11 goals in 29 games and Kluivert 6 goals in 26 games

Album details:
Full name: F.A. Premier League 05
Publisher: Merlin
League: English Premier League
Season: 2004/2005
Number clubs: 20
Stickers per club: 28
Other sections:
  • Introduction (2 stickers)
  • New Signings (12 stickers)
Updates or Extra: No
Hardcover: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 574