giovedì 30 marzo 2017

Panini Barcelona Sporting Club 2016 (Ecuador)

In 2016 Panini released an official sticker collection of Barcelona Sporting Club of Ecuador. The album includes the squad of the season 2016 and other sections about the club. 
After the table of contents and the foreword, there is an introductory section of the club, with club logos (2 shining stickers), mottos (4 normal stickers and 2 shining), and the stadium (a puzzle of 4 stickers).

The album continues with a gallery of the Barcelona teams that won the Serie A title in the past. Here we find 14 team photo stickers of the winners and 14 shining stickers of the corresponding t-shirts.

"Galeria de Chilenas" is a particolar section which includes four stickers of acrobatic goals in the history of the club. "Galeria Noche Amarilla 2016" shows 14 stickers of pictures captured during a special celebratory night organized by the club.

The squad section starts with a team photo puzzle composed by 6 stickers. Then the staff is included (6 stickers) and each player has two stickers (profile and in action).

The top 10 best scorers of the club are included with 10 special metallic stickers in the middle of the squad section.

The album continues with a gallery of "goleadas" (wins with a large goal difference) and club legends. The album concludes with a page dedicated to the supporters (Fiesta Monumental) and two pages for the sponsors (12 shining stickers).

Back cover of the album

The three youngest players of the squad: Erreyes (1997), Aleman (1996) and Lino (1997)

Album details
Full name: Barcelona Sporting Club - Album oficial de cromos
Publisher: Panini
Country: Ecuador
Year: 2016
Sections of the album:
      -Galeria Institucional (12 stickers)
      -Galeria de campeonatos (14 stickers)
      -Galeria de camisetas de oro (14 stickers)
      -Galeria de chilenas (4 stickers)
      -Galeria noche amarilla (12 stickers)
      -Plantilla 2016 (72 stickers)
      -Top 10 goleadores (10 stickers)
      -Galeria de goleadas (36 stickers)
      -Galeria de leyendas (48 stickers)
      -Fiesta monumental (6 stickers)
      -Sponsors (12 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 240

venerdì 24 marzo 2017

Panini Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol 2012

I have the honour to present here one of the rarest Panini collections. Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol 2012 includes the 12 clubs of Primera Division and celebrates 55 years of history of the competition. The album is high quality, with brilliant design and thick paper for all the pages. 
The first page describes how to read the stickers of the album and includes the first shining sticker: the Panini logo "Una pasion que se pega!". Before showing the clubs of the league there are some special sections in the album. The first is one page about the national football federation of Ecuador. Here we find 5 stickers: the federation logo, the president (Chiriboga), the vice-president (Villacis), the house of the National Team, and the head office. Then there is one page with the history of the championship of Ecuador (no stickers) and one page with the 8 clubs that won the championship (8 stickers): Barcelona SC, El Nacional, Emelec, LDU Quito, SD Quito, Cuenca, Everest, and Olmedo. 

The top scorers of the history of the competition are represented with 10 stickers. Best scorer of all times is Ermen Benitez with 191 goals.

The roll of honour of the competition is shown in one page, together with the Trophy of the league 2011 (2 stickers). The records of the championship are included with 21 stickers on three pages. 

The last section before the clubs is a wonderful double page with all the stadiums of the league: 10 stickers from the Estadio Monumental of Barcelona SC to the Estadio Ruminahui of Independiente José Teràn.

Each club of Primera Division is displaced over two pages with a total of 18 stickers: the club badge, the team photo (2 stickers), and 15 players.

The Second Division clubs are included with 12 stickers of the club badges displaced on two pages. The last sections of the album are about the two best Ecuatorian scorer in continental tournaments (2 stickers of Alberto Spencer and Otilino Tenorio), the players that represented Ecuador in the World Cup (26 stickers, among them Ivan Kaviedes and Antonio Valencia), National teams of Ecuador qualified in the past for world cup tournaments (7 stickers), and the Ecuador selection for the World Cup Brazil 2014 (team photo composed by four stickers). 

Back cover of the album Panini Ecuatoriano 2012

Club badges of Panini Ecuatoriano 2012 

Two young players of Ecuatoriano 2012: José Ayovi and Walter Chala

This album includes also the sticker of Antonio Valencia (Manchester United) and Ivan Kaviedes (who played in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and England)

Album details
Full name: Campeonato Ecuatoriano de Futbol 2012
Publisher: Panini
League: Ecuador
Season: 2012
Number of team: 12
Stickers per team: 18
      -Introduction (1 sticker)
      -Federacion Ecuatoriano de Futbol (5 stickers)
      -Los equipos campeones (8 stickers)
      -Los maximos goleadores (10 stickers)
      -Clasificacion historica de los equipos (2 stickers)
      -Records (21 stickers)
      -Stadiums (10 stickers)
      -The 12 clubs of Serie B (12 stickers)
      -Los dos maximos goleadores en torneos continentales (2 stickers)
      -Jugadores en los mundiales (26 stickers)
      -Selecciones que han clasificado a los mundiales (7 stickers)
      -Rumbo al Mundial Brasil 2014 (4 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 324

venerdì 17 marzo 2017

Topps Premier League 2017

Topps celebrates 25 years of Premier League sticker albums with a collection that does not reach the standard of its expectations for quality of album and stickers. 
The collection starts with the table of contents, the foreword and four introductory stickers: the trophy (two shining stickers) and the Premier League logo (two shining stickers). Premier League clubs are shown in alphabetical order one after the other. Each club has two pages and 16 stickers: the shining club badge, the team photo (two sticker), the star player in action (shining sticker) and 12 players. Details of each player are printed on the album.

In the center of the album Topps celebrates 25 years of the Premier League with 4 pages over the history of the competition. Here we find 20 stickers in total about best players and records: three players with most appearances (Giggs, Lampard and Barry), the most clean sheets (Cech), the fastest goal (King), the most successful manager (Ferguson), goals in consecutive matches (Vardy), goals in debut season (Philips), fastest hat-trick (Mané), most assists (Giggs), most titles (Manchester United), and 9 stickers of best goalscorer (with Shearer on top at 260 goals). Six stickers in this section are shining. 

Manchester United trio with three new entries on Premier League albums: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marcus Rashford, and Paul Pogba

Three of the best players of the season 2016/2017: Kanté (Chelsea), De Bruyne (Manchester City) and Dele Alli (Tottenham)

Album details
Full name: Merlin's Premier League 2017
Publisher: Merlin (Topps)
League: English Premier League
Season: 2016/2017
Release: December 2016
Number of clubs: 20
Stickers per club: 16
Other sections:
      -Introduction (4 stickers)
      -25 Years of the Premier League (20 stickers)
Updates: No
Checklist: click here

Total number of stickers: 344