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Panini Calciatori 2004/2005

The season 2004/2005 was the first with expanded Serie A league from 18 to 20 clubs. Juventus finished as champions, but the title was not awarded due to involvement in the Serie A scandal of 2006. 
The album Calciatori covers with stickers all the four professional leagues (A, B, C1 and C2). It begins with the calendar of the season and the shining sticker of the Calciatori emblem (half sticker that comes together with the emblem of Acireale from Serie C1). Serie A clubs are then shown in alphabetical order with four pages and 24 stickers each: the team photo, the supporters, the club badge (shining sticker), the coach, and 20 players. On these pages there is space for up to 6 update stickers per club, which were released in an update set including a total of 104 stickers. The mini stickers "Trasferito" (=transferred) can be placed in correspondence of the replaced player/manager. 

In the middle of the album there is a section dedicated to the winners of the season 2003-2004. These 10 stickers could be found in Ringo products and not in regular packets. Here we find stickers of Shevchenko (top scorer Serie A), Luca Toni (top scorer Serie B) and the winners of the season's titles. 

Serie B clubs have a total of 8.5 stickers each: the team photo (full sticker) the shining club badge (half sticker) and 14 players (half sticker each). Palermo won the Serie B championship 2004/2005 and got promoted to the Serie A. 

The third professional league (Serie C1) is divided in two groups (A and B). The first group includes 19 clubs and the second 18 clubs. For each club the collection includes a team photo (full sticker) and a shining club badge (half sticker). There are in total 56 clubs divided in three groups (A, B, and C).

The last professional league (Serie C2) is included with just a shining club badge (half sticker) per club. The last section of the album is dedicated to the Women's Serie A and it includes a team photo and club badge sticker for each of the 12 competing clubs.

Three Italian legends in the season 2004/2005: Buffon, Maldini and Vieri

Super attackers of Serie A 2004/2005: Ibrahimovic, Shevchenko, and Totti

Super attackers of Serie B 2004/2005: Diego Milito, Ravanelli, and Quagliarella

Album details
Full name: Calciatori 2004-2005
Publisher: Panini
League: Italian
Season: 2004-2005
Number of clubs: 
  • 20 from Serie A
  • 22 from Serie B
  • 37 from Serie C1
  • 56 from Serie C2

Stickers per club: 
  • 24 for Serie A
  • 8.5 for Serie B
  • 1.5 for Serie C1
  • 0.5 for Serie C2

Other sections: Women's Serie A (18 stickers)
Update Set: 104 stickers (A1-A104)
Extra Stickers: Ringo "Winners 2004" (R1-R10)
Checklist: Click here

Total number of stickers: 883

giovedì 11 ottobre 2018

Sealed packets - Mexican League Panini

The first Mexican album released by Panini is Superfutbol 1997, which is a simplistic and small collection including only some players of the league. More albums have come since 2007 with improved graphics and layout, however it is only starting from the season 2013/14 that the albums were officially released every season.

The list of Mexican league albums up to date:
  • Superfutbol Mexico '97
  • Superfutbol 2007
  • Superfutbol 2009
  • Apertura 2010
  • Primera Division Profesional 2011
  • Liga Bancomer 2013/14
  • Apertura 2014
  • Clausura 2015
  • Apertura 2015
  • Apertura /Clausura 2016/2017
  • Apertura/Clausura 2017/2018

Photo gallery of all the sealed packets (from my collection):

Superfutbol Mexico '97

Superfutbol 2007

Superfutbol 2009 

 Apertura 2010

 Primera Division Profesional 2011

 Liga Bancomer 2013/14

 Liga Bancomer Apertura 2014

 Liga Bancomer Clausura 2015

 Liga Bancomer Apertura 2015

 Apertura 2016/ Clausura 2017

Apertura 2017/ Clausura 2018

martedì 2 ottobre 2018

Sealed packets - Chilean League Panini

Sticker collections of the Chilean league have been released regularly every year by Panini since 2011. Previously the company Salo released some 'Futbol' collections of the championship from the 80's until 2008.

This is the list of Panini collections released up to now:
  • Campeonato Petrobras - Apertura 2011
  • Campeonato Petrobras - Apertura 2012
  • Campeonato Nacional - Apertura 2013/14
  • Campeonato Nacional 2014/15
  • Campeonato Nacional 2015/16
  • Campeonato Nacional 2016/17
  • Campeonato Nacional 2017/18
  • Campeonato 2018/19

Here below pictures of all the sealed packets (from my collection)

Campeonato Petrobras - Apertura 2011

Campeonato Petrobras - Apertura 2012

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2013-2014

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2014-2015

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2015-2016

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2016-2017

Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank 2017-2018

Campeonato Scotiabank 2018-2019