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Huuhkajat cards - Series 3 (Finland)

The third series of the Finnish eagles has been released in Finland in the summer 2015, following the release of Series 1 in 2011 and Series 2 in 2013
As in the previous editions, also Series 3 includes 123 cards of the National team of Finland (with enumeration from 247 to 369). We present here the complete Series 3 which includes 9 sections: Men's National team, Women's National Team, Hall of Fame, Star Players, Players of the year, Gladiators, Rising Stars, Old Stars, Captain's Ball.

Pohjanpalo (Men's National Team), Heroum (Women's National Team) and Suhonen (Hall of Fame)

Roman Eremenko (Star Player), Jari Litmanen (Player of the Year and Gladiator)

Alho (Rising Star), Lius (Old Star) and Peltoniemi (Captain's Ball)

Collection details: 
Full name: Huuhkajat - Kerailykorttikansio
Publisher: Funfair
Series: 3
League: Finnish National Team
Binder with checklist: Yes
Sections: -Huuhkajat (Men's National Team) 40 cards
                -Naisten Maajoukkue (Women's National Team) 30 cards
                -Hall of Fame - 11 cards
                -Tahtipelaaja (Star players) 10 cards
                -Player of the Year - 9 cards
                -Gladiaattorit (Gladiators) 7 cards
                -Rising Stars - 7 cards
                -Old Stars - 7 cards
                -Captain's Ball - 2 cards
Checklist: click here

Total number of cards: 123

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