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Panini NBA Sticker Album 2010-11

The official sticker album of the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the season 2010-11 was published by Panini. The album opens with four introductory stickers: NBA logo, All-star logo, Playoffs logo, and the Finals logo. These are special fabric stickers. Then there is a double page showing the Western and Eastern Conference teams. Here we find the stickers of the Western Conference logo, the Eastern Conference logo and 30 mini-stickers of the 30 participating teams. The mini-stickers are 1/4 of a sticker, thus the total amount of stickers of this page is 9,5. All these stickers are also made of a special fabric material. Then all the teams are shown, starting from Eastern Conference teams. Each team is displayed over two pages and includes 9 or 10 stickers of players plus a fabric sticker with the team logo (half sticker). Teams that have 10 stickers are Boston, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, San Antonio, Denver, Oklahoma, Utah, Golden State, Los Angeles Lakers, and Phoenix. The star player of each team has a shining silver sticker.

In the last part of the album there are four special sections. The first is "Kobe's Final Rivals" and it is about the opponents that Kobe Bryant found in the previous 10 years when he participated in 7 NBA finals, winning five rings. In these two pages there are 13 stickers. Then "NBA Global" with 13 stickers about NBA games played around the world, "2010-11 Rookies" with 24 stickers of rookie players of the season, and "NBA 2010 Awards" with six stickers of awarded players in the previous season.

Back cover of the album

Album details:
Full name: NBA Sticker Album 2010-11
Publisher: Panini
Sport: Basketball
League: NBA
Season: 2010-2011
Number of teams: 30
Stickers per team: 9.5 or 10.5
Special sections: Introduction (4 stickers)
                            Conferences (9.5 stickers)
                            Kobe's finals rivals (13 stickers)
                            NBA global (13 stickers)
                            2010-11 Rookies (24 stickers)
                            NBA 2010 Awards (6 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 378

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