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Panini Campeonato Petrobras Apertura 2012 (Chile)

Panini Campeonato Petrobras Apertura 2012 is the second consecutive album that Panini dedicates to the Chilean Championship (Primera Division and Primera B). The album opens with the first two stickers on the back page of the cover: the Panini logo and the shining trophy of the Primera Division.
Then the 18 teams included are shown in alphabetical order. We find here historical teams like Colo Colo, Universidad Catolica, and Universidad de Chile. For each team there are 17 stickers on two pages: the shining club badge, the uniform in action (silver sicker), the star player (transparent action sticker) and 14 players.

At the end of the Primera Division teams there are two pages with the ideal team of the previous season ("Oncena ideal 2011"). Here we find 11 stickers of players in action, including Eduardo Vargas of Universidad de Chile.

The 14 teams of Primera B are displayed on 14 different pages. Each team has 7 stickers: the shining club badge and 12 half-sticker players.

a detail of the shining badge and the star player sticker

Album details:
Full name: Apertura 2012 Campeonato Petrobras
Publisher: Panini
League: Chile (Primera Division and Primera B)
Season: 2012
Number of teams: 18 of Primera Division and 14 of Primera B
Stickers per team: 17 for Primera Division and 7 for Primera B
Special Sections: Introduction (2 stickers)
                            "Oncena ideal 2011" (11 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 417

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