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Panini Colo-Colo Eterno (Chile)

In 2013, Panini released an official sticker album of the Chilean club Colo-Colo, going through the history of the club and the present team. The album opens with the table of contents and the introduction. Here we have the first stickers: the shining club badge and the Colo-Colo 2013 team photo (composed by 4 stickers).

The album shows then the history and success of the club from the beginnning to the present days. This first part of the album is divided in 9 sections. The first is "Albores" with 12 stickers about the creation of the club and its first titles. Then "Colo-Colo 73" goes around the "equipo inolvidable" (unforgettable team) with 12 stickers, "Los '80" (6 stickers) is about the titles obtained in the 1981, 1983, 1986, and 1989. The album continues with one page dedicated to the stadium Monumental (6 stickers), the Copa Libertadores success in 1991 (12 stickers), and the Colo-Colo "Tetracampeon" (12 stickers) with the four titles obtained in 2006 and 2007. "Museo Colo-Colo" includes 12 stickers with the trophies of the club, "Escudos" and "Camisetas" show 12 shining stickers with the evolution of the club logo and the team jersey.

Luis Mena is the captain of the club in 2013. He gets a special section with 6 stickers:

The second part of the album goes through the players of the 2013 squad. For each player there is a page with 6 stickers, one of which is a shining portrait. The least relevant players have only two stickers (one action and one shining portrait) and thus there are three players per page. 

The album ends with one page dedicated to the youth team of Colo-Colo, "La Cantera Alba", with a big photo composed by 9 stickers of seven players between 16 and 20 years old.

The two stickers that compose the legendary stadium Monumental

The unforgettable team Colo-Colo 1973

Album details:
Full name: Album Oficial Colo-Colo Eterno
Publisher: Panini
Team: Colo-Colo (Chile)
Year: 2013
Sections and stickers: Introduction (5 stickers)
                                    Albores (12 stickers)
                                    Colo-Colo 73 (12 stickers)
                                    Los '80 (6 stickers)
                                    Estadio Monumental (6 stickers)
                                    Copa Libertadores (12 stickers)
                                    Tetracampeon (12 stickers)
                                    Museo Colo-Colo (12 stickers)
                                    Escudos (6 stickers)
                                    Camisetas (6 stickers)
                                    Capitan Multicampeon (6 stickers)
                                    Players of the 2013 squad (90 stickers)
                                    La Cantera Alba (9 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 194

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