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Panini Chile Campeonato Petrobras

Album Apertura 2011

"Campeonato Petrobras" is the official Panini album of the Apertura 2011, the Chilean League. It includes all the teams of the first and second division. The first page of the album, behind the cover, has one silver sticker to celebrate the 50 years of Panini (1961-2011) and one silver sticker with the cup for the winner of the Apertura 2011.

All the 18 teams of the first division are included. These are: Audax Italiano, Cobreloa, Colo Colo, Cobresal, Deportes Iquique, Deportes la Serena, Huachipato, Nublense, O'higgins, Palestino, Santiago Wanderers, Union Espanola, Union San Felipe, Union la Calera, Universidad Catolica, Universidad de Concepcion, Universidad de Chile.
Each team is placed on two pages and has 16 stickers: 1 team badge (silver) 14 stickers of players, 1 silver sticker for the star player of the team. 
Some interesting players appear on this album. Among them Bryan Carrasco of Audax Italiano, who is a young prospect (born 1991), playing for Dinamo Zagreb in 2012. In Universidad Catolica we find the Argentinian Marcelo Canete (now playing for Sao Paulo), Lucas Pratto (who moved to Genoa and then Velez Sarsfield) and Felipe Gutierrez, an attacking midfielder that is playing for Twente in the Eredivisie during this season 2012/2013. In Universidad de Chile we find Felipe Seymour, who moved to the Italian Serie A (Genoa, Catania and now Chievo) and Eduardo Vargas, a Chilean rising star who moved to Napoli (without great success) and now is playing for Gremio.

Before the second division, there are two pages with 11 stickers dedicated to the best 11 players of the previous season ("Oncena Ideal 2010") and two pages with 6 stickers dedicated to the National team of Chile and its road to the Copa America 2011 ("Chile Camino a la Copa America 2011").

The second division has 14 teams: Antofagasta, Coquimbo Unido, Curico Unido, Deportes Concepcion, Deportes Copiapò, Deportes Naval, Deportes Puerto Montt, Everton, Lota Schwager, Magallanes, Rangers, San Luis, San Marcos de Arica, Union Temuco. 
Each team is placed on one page with 5 stickers: one team badge (silver) and 4 stickers containing 16 players (4 players each sticker).

 Album Details:

Name: Campeonato Petrobras Album Apertura 2011

Editor: Panini

League: Chile (First and Second division)

Number of teams: 18 First Division
                            14 Second Division

Stickers per team:  16 stickers (First Division)

                               5 stickers (Second Division)

Special Stickers: 1 sticker 50 years Panini (silver)
                          1 sticker Trophy of Apertura 2011 (silver)

                          11 stickers "Oncena Ideal 2010"
                            6 stickers "Chile Camino a la Copa 

                                             America 2011"

Total number of stickers: 377

Interesting Players:

Bryan Carrasco, Mauro Olivi (Audax Italiano), Ezequiel 

Miralles (Colo colo), Enzo Gutierrez (O'Higgins), Rodrigo 

Riquelme (Palestino), Marcelo Canete, Felipe Gutierrez, 

Lucas Pratto (Universidad Catolica), Gustavo Lorenzetti (U. 

de Concepcion), Felipe Seymour, Gustavo Canales, 

Eduardo Vargas (U. de Chile).

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