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Brazilian League - Brasileiro 2008 Panini

Campeonato Brasileiro 2008 Panini

The "Panini Brasileiro" is a legendary saga dedicated to the Brazilian Championship, where fascinating football teams and well-known Brazilian football stars (especially at the beginning of their career) appear. In this edition of 2008 all teams of first division (Serie A) are represented, except four teams (Atletico Paranaense, Botafogo, Cruzeiro and Santos), for which the rights were held by the editor "Abril".
In the first four pages, together with data and description of the Serie A, we have the stickers of the badges of the 16 Seria A teams present on this album.
Each team of Serie A is distributed on two pages. Many team data are included, like palmares (titulos), stadium, audience and previous seasons statistics. One silver sticker for the mascotte (as tradition), one textile sticker for the main uniform and 16 stickers for the football team players.

19 teams of the second division (Serie B) are included, all except Corinthians. The team badges are all grouped on four pages (total of 19 stickers) before the Serie B teams. Each Serie B team is on one page, with one sticker for the uniform (textile), one for the mascotte (silver) and 6 stickers for 12 players (2 players on one sticker). 
There is one special sticker for this album, called number zero sticker (Figurinha Zero) with a CB 2008 logo, to be placed on the first page of the album.

Album Details:

Name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2008

Editor: Panini

League: Brazilian League (Serie A, Serie B)

Number of teams: 16 (Serie A) + 19 (Serie B)

Stickers per team:  19 (1 badge, 1 uniform, 1 mascotte, 16x players) for Serie A
                                    9 (1 badge, 1 uniform, 1 mascotte, 6x players) for Serie B                                  
Special Stickers: 1 (Figurinha Zero)

Total number of stickers: 476

Interesting players: Keirrison (Coritiba), Renato Augusto (Flamengo), Thiago Silva (Fluminense), Nilmar (Internacional), Kleber and Denilson (Palmeiras), Rogerio Ceni, André Dias and Hernanes (Sao Paulo), .

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