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Panini Liga 2011-12

Album Liga España 2011-12 - Este Colecciones (Panini)

This album is the official sticker collection of the Spanish Liga for the season 2011-12. On the cover we see the two main players of the League (Messi and Ronaldo) and probably the two best players of the world.
Each team of the Liga is distributed on two pages and it has one sticker for the team logo, one for the coach and a variable number of stickers for the players (at least 16). In fact, there are 16 spaces for the team players, but some of them are double. In order to place two stickers on the same space it is suggested to glue the top part of one sticker above the other (but not on top), as shown on the pictures below (Benzema/Adebayor). It is a particular choice that allows to save space. This technique is explained on the album.

Two stickers corresponding to the same space are placed one on top of the other (in the example below Benzema and Adebayor of Real Madrid):

For the second division (called Liga Adelante), only the team badge (Escudo) of each team is represented (one sticker per badge). As the album appeared at the beginning of the season (August 2011), in the last part of the album there are 5 pages containing 60 stickers of players signed after the release of the album (Ultimos Fichajes). Among these 60 players there are important players like Falcao (Atletico Madrid) and Cesc Fabregas (Barcelona), who were signed in September.

Album Details:

Name: Coleccion Oficial de Cromos LIGA 2011-12

Editor: Colecciones Este (Panini)

League: Spanish League (Liga and LIGA BBVA)

Number of teams: 20 Liga and 22 Liga adelante

Stickers per team:  - Liga 18+ (1 badge, 1 coach, 16+ players)
                                  - Liga adelante 1 (team badge)

Extra Stickers: Ultimos Fichajes (60 stickers)

Total Number of stickers: 482

Relevant Players: Llorente, Falcao (Athletic Club), Messi, Xavi, Iniesta (Barcelona), Osvaldo (Espanyol), van Nistelrooy, Cazorla (Malaga), Ronaldo, Ozil, Di Maria (Real Madrid), Navas, Kanouté (Sevilla), Mata, Banega (Valencia), Rossi (Villarreal),

Young prospects (1992 or younger): Muniain (Athletic Club), Koke, Courtois (Atletico Madrid), Wellington (Levante), Varane (Real Madrid), Juanmi (Malaga)

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