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Panini Champions League 2008-2009

Official sticker album

The Panini Champions League Album of the season 2008-2009 is pretty similar to the previous season. As an introduction there are 8 stickers, four of which are printed on a silver foil. These special stickers are the champions league logo, the ball of the final and the cup (2 stickers).

The team appearance starts again with the title holders, in this case Manchester United. Among the team we find some legendary players (Ryan Giggs, Scholes, Rooney) and Cristiano Ronaldo, who will move to Real Madrid at the end of the season. Again there are 17 stickers for each team: logo (silver foil) and 16 players.

Manchester reached again the final, but this time they lost against Barcelona (2-0). The catalan team had great young talents and thus a glad future for the coming years. This is the Barcelona team as it appears on the album:

The last part of the album contains other 12 stickers:
3 dedicated to the player appearances (Raul, R.Carlos and Maldini)
3 to the goalscorers (Raul, van Nistelrooy, Shevchenko)
3 to the Legend (title holder Manchester Utd)
3 to the Final  2009 (Rome logo, stadium and coliseum)

 Album Details:

Name: Uefa Champions League 2008-2009

Publisher: Panini

League: Champions League

Number of teams: 32
Stickers per team:  17 

Sticker size: 5.4 x 6.8 cm
Special Stickers: 8 stickers of introduction
                            3 stickers of "Player appearances"
                            3 stickers of "Goalscorers"
                            3 stickers of "Legend"
                            3 stickers of Final 2009 in Rome 

Total number of stickers: 564

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