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Panini Brasileiro 2010

The Panini saga of the "Campeonato Brasileiro" continues and improves every year. Besides, an extra sheet of update with 10 new transferred player has been added to the collection. 
Opening the album, the first page includes the table of contents, the description of the league and the first sticker (actually sticker 000), which is the logo of "Campeonato Brasileiro 2010".

Sticker number 000 

 Each team of Serie A has two pages with a total of 18 stickers: team logo (silver sticker), mascotte and 16 players. Details of players are present under each sticker (full name, age, previous club, position etc...). Many details of each team are also included (previous seasons, records, stadium etc...).

As usual we find great talents and rising stars. In particul the trio of Santos: Ganso-Robinho-Neymar. In 2010 Robinho was back to Brazil after the experience in Premier League (and before going to A.C. Milan), Neymar was already an accomplished player eyed by the richest teams in the world and Ganso an appreciated midfielder with many estimators. 
In this album we find also Jonathan (now playing for Internazionale) and a very young Roberto Firmino (now at Hoffenheim in Bundesliga).

Each Serie B team is composed by 8 stickers: 1 team logo (silver), 1 mascotte and 12 players (two players per sticker). Same details of team and players of Serie A are included also for the Serie B teams.

As mentioned there is also an update sheet where is possible to stick each team name to the corresponding position at the end of the season. Details about transfers of each team are included together with the stickers of the 10 best transfers. These stickers are: Rever (Atletico Mineiro), Maicossuel (Botafogo), Edcarlos (Cruzeiro), Renato Abreu (Flamengo), Deco (Fluminense), Gabriel (Gremio), Valdivia (Palmeiras), Keirrison (Santos), Ilsinho (Sao Paulo), Eder Luis (Vasco da Gama).


The teams included in the album and the final standings of Serie  A and Serie B 2010 can be found here:

 Album Details:

Name: Campeonato Brasileiro 2010

Editor: Panini

League: Brazil (Serie A and Serie B)

Number of teams: 20 Serie A
                               20 Serie B

Stickers per team:  18 stickers for Serie A teams

                                    8 stickers for Serie B teams

Sticker size: 4.9 x 6.4 cm
Special Stickers: 1 sticker (Campeonato Brasileiro logo)
Extra stickers: 10 stickers of update sheet ("Os Craques dos Brasileirao 2010")

Total number of stickers: 521 + 10 of update

Remarkable Players:

Diego Tardelli (Atletico Mineiro), Loco Abreu (Botafogo), Jonathan (Cruzeiro), Fred (Fluminense), Fabio Rochemback (Gremio), D'Alessandro (Internacional), Marcos Assunçao (Palmeiras), Ganso, Robinho, Neymar (Santos), Rogerio Ceni, Hernanes (Sao Paulo), Firmino (Figueirense).

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