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Peru Torneo Clausura 2003

The first official collection of the Peruvian league has been published by Navarrete in 2003 for the Clausura Tournament. Other albums of the leagues were released by Panini in the following years (2005, 2006, 2009, and 2010).
The collection includes the 12 teams of the tournament in alphabetical order: Alianza Lima, Alianza Atletico, Atletico Universidad, Crnl. Bolognesi, Cienciano del Cusco, Deportivo Wanka, Estudiantes de Medicina, FBC Melgar, Sport Boys, Sporting Crystal, Union Huaral, Universitario.
The number of stickers is not the same for all the clubs. The five main teams (Alianza Lima, Cienciano del Cusco, Sport Boys, Sporting Crystal, and Universitario) have a total of 22.5 stickers displaced over four pages. In the first two pages we find 9 stickers: the club badge (half sticker), the home kit (half sticker), an historical team photo (two stickers), supporters photo (two stickers), celebratory photo (two stickers), and the team photo 2003 (two stickers). In the second two pages we find 13.5 stickers: the coach (half sticker) and 13 players in action. The other seven clubs have 14.5 stickers over two pages: the badge (half sticker), the coach (half sticker), the home kit (half sticker), the team photo 2003 (two stickers), and 11 players in action. 

Back cover of the album

In this album we can find the rookie sticker of one of the most famous Peruvian players: Jefferson Farfan. The player born in 1984 spent his career in Europe with PSV and Schalke 04 and he is still a vedette of the national team.

Rookie stickers of Jefferson Farfan

Club badge of Peru Clausura 2003
Home kits of Peru Clausura 2003

Album details
Full name: Torneo Clausura 2003
League: Peru 
Year: 2003
Publisher: Navarrete 
Number of teams: 12
Stickers per team: 22.5 for five teams and 14.5 for seven teams
Extra sections: No

Total number of stickers: 214

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