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Panini Women's World Cup Canada 2015

After the great and unexpected success of the album for the Women's World Cup 2011, Panini decided to publish a sticker album also for the 2015 edition, this time released in many more countries. The collection has a design that somehow follows the albums of the Men's World Cup. The album opens with the contents and the roll of honour. In these two introductory pages there are 5 shining stickers: the logo, the official ball, the trophy, and the poster (2 stickers) of the competition. Then a double page with the six venues and stadiums of the competition located on a map of Canada for a total of 12 stickers. Before presenting the teams divided by groups, there are still 5 stickers about the fair play trophy, the young player award, the mascot, and the slogan "To a Greater Goal" in English and French. In the following we present the composition of the groups. For each team there are 19 stickers displayed over two pages: the shining team badge, the team photo, and 17 players.

Group A: Canada, China, New Zealand, Netherlands

Group B: Germany, Ivory Coast, Norway, Thailand
Germany reached the semifinals, defeated by USA they got the third place against England.

Group C: Japan, Switzerland, Camerun, Ecuador
The title owner Japan reached again the final, but this time lost 5-2 against USA.

Group D: USA, Australia, Sweden, Nigeria
Here we find the winner of the World Cup 2015, USA. They did a splendid tournament winning against Germany 2-0 in the semifinals and 5-2 against Japan in the final.

Group E: Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Costa Rica
Brazil was disappointing, out in the round of 16 against Australia.

Group F: France, England, Colombia, Mexico
Good tournament for England that lost the semifinal with Japan at the last minute. Fourth place for them at the end.

Two of the most famous lady players: the Dutch Anouk Hoogendijk and the Brazilian Marta

Album details
Full name: Canada 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup
Publisher: Panini
Competition: Women's World Cup
Year: 2015
Number of teams: 24
Stickers per team: 19
Special sections: -Introduction (5 shining stickers)
                           -Venues and stadiums (12 stickers)
                           - Trophies, Mascot, Slogan (5 stickers)

Total number of stickers: 478

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