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Bundesliga Chrome 2013/2014 (cards)

Topps releases cards and sticker collections of the Bundesliga. The cards series is called Bundesliga Chrome. We present here the collection of the season 2013/2014. The binder (Sammelordner) includes the complete checklist of the collection. The base set is composed by 232 cards of players and club badges plus the Bundesliga record cards (B1 to B10) with the log of the competition and 9 cards to compose the trophy. Each team includes 11 players cards, except the main teams that have 15 players. For each team there is one star player with a shining card. Extra cards of this collection include 16 original autograph cards and 20 original jersey cards. There are also four limited editions cards (L1-L4).
The complete checklist can be found on Football Cartophilic Info Exchange: Bundesliga Chrome 2014

The shining card of Ribery

Back of the card includes statistics and details of the player

The back cover of the collection binder

Collection details
Full name: Bundesliga Chrome 
League: German Bundesliga
Season: 2013/2014
Number of teams: 18
Cards per team:  12 to 16
Special cards: Trophy puzzle (B1-B9), Bundesliga logo (B10)
Extra cards: Autograph (16) Original Jersey (20), Limited edition (4)

Total number of cards (base set): 242

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