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Premier League Shoot Out 2006-2007 (cards)

Magic Box Int. published for few years a collection of the English Premier League for a trading card game under the name "Shoot Out". We present here the collection of the season 2006/2007. It includes 18 cards for each of the 20 Premier League teams, for a total of 360 cards. The binder includes also the checklist (behind the cover and the back-cover) of all the cards included.
The cards of the best players are shining, among these we can mention Fabregas, Henry, Shevchenko, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney.

 Checklist and Arsenal

 Arsenal and Aston Villa


 Fulham and Liverpool

 Liverpool and Manchester City

Manchester City and Manchester United 

Manchester United

 The cards of Fabregas, Shevchenko, Gerrard and Cristiano Ronaldo

The rookie card of Carlitos Tevez at West Ham United

The back-cover

Collection details
Full name: Shoot Out 2006-2007 - F.A. Premier League
Publisher: Magic Box Int.
League: English Premier League
Number of teams: 20
Cards per team: 18

Total number of cards: 360

For the complete checklist you can open the following pictures:

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